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Pacific City and Some Petals and Pop!

Jeff and I decided to stay in town the 4th of July weekend 
explore 'our own backyard'.
Lucky for us there are some brand new openings in 
Huntington Beach's new

The newest beachfront hotel in Huntington Beach is 
A gorgeous and hip new property
which is part of the Meritage Collection.

We decided to start our weekend at their Tanner's Treehouse Lounge.

I wanted to dress with just a nod to the holiday weekend
so I gave an older ball skirt from Antrhopologie
a fresh new  off the shoulder top from Soft Surroundings
(which happens even to be on sale now).
a new striped cotton hat from my much beloved Juxtoposition in Newport Coast.
Some pointed striped shoes, vintage sunnies, along with all white accessories
 were the finishing touches
 with my basket purse
a textured wrap from Ikea.

A wrap by the beach is always a great idea in Southern California
as even in the midst of  summer night 
a cool wind might decide to blow.

Visiting new hotels and restaurants
with fresh and chic decor
is always so invigorating to me!

How fabulous is this rooftop focal point 'chandelier'
that is a gentle design nod to 
I can only imagine how magical it must look come the night.

The rooftop lounge  view is of the expansive Huntington Beach oceanfront.

I was pretty darn taken with the swing corner.

After cocktails we were off to explore inside Pasea's lobby.

Where I was completely taken with this art piece
made entirely from flip flop soles.
Such a perfect nod
to Huntington Beaches surf culture
that has made the city such a world class destination
when it comes to all things SoCal Culture!

I'm talking big chair love for these two beauties!

Nothing says fresh more than a fabulous collection of macrame hanging shades!

We enjoyed some nibbles out by the pool.

The moving clouds created
a stunningly picturesque changing sky.

Next it was on to poke around 
Pacific City
to see what other noteworthy spaces we could find.

And boy oh boy did we find a great one!

A store like no other I've seen!

The Petals … because it's a stunner of a florist shop …
The Pop … because it's also a champagne bar!!

Pretty much Friday night date heaven in my book!

While my gorgeous husband was buying and arranging a surprise bouquet 
for yours truly ...
I was completely enthralled with the idea of 
champagne and flowers
then to see them served so artistically as well!!
Head blown!

Just look at the vintage glasses
served atop the very best cocktail napkins!!

Champagne being poured and  flowers from my love …
pretty darn Friday fantastic!!

Could the champagne menu
be any more adorable!!

The beautiful owner and creator of 
Petals and Pop.

And if flowers and champagne 
weren't enough to make one giddy …
the products they sell are wonderfully curated from around the world!
A few just had to come home with me!

Even writing about this most lovely shop still makes me giddy!
If you ever find yourself in Huntington Beaches
is a must visit.

It's always so gratifying and uplifting
to meet business owners
truly impassioned with not only their business
but passionate about their artful offerings as well!

It's always the people that make the truest
 Artistic and Style impact!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a gorgeous evening! Those flowers are so beautiful, and they just shout your name. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Such a dreamy evening! Isn't it grand to live near the sea? xox


  3. Happy 4th July. Thanks for sharing the stroll around your hood.
    Love that top you're wearing with the skirt.
    Hope all goes well with you.

  4. Your new top is gorgeous, and perfect with the lovely skirt Tamera. Drinks by that stunning pool, with its attractive swan sounds like date perfection. But then, Petals and Pop was another beautiful spot, one I know I would love too. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  5. I see a Tamera Beardsley and Petals and Pop colab as a style cohesive possibility!

  6. Hi Tamera, it is nice to visit new places via the web. Thank you for letting us know about these places. You always look stunning !