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Travel Day Wardrobe and Accessoreis

Last weekend I once again took the train down to San Diego!
This time it was to take my eldest son
on a harbor cruise and then to lunch at the Del Coronado!

I absolutely adore taking the train to San Diego
and have written about it often HERE

So I have traveled often enough to know
that good outfit and accessory planning
can make all the difference
when being out and about the entire day
without a hotel room or car for quick changes.

A great bag is always a must for me!
This time I took my new canvas boat bag
that gave me plenty of room for my necessary shoe changes
could easily accommodate carrying outfit layers when need be.

I always try to arrive early enough in the morning
to do my morning walk along the harbor.
I have learned by trial and error
a chic tennis shoe with socks are well worth bringing!
I can then quickly just change back into my 'cute shoes'.

The Amtrak Surfliner train has long expanses
of the most breathtaking ocean views
that never get old!
From South Orange County where I live
it's about a two hour train ride to Downtown San Diego.
I get a seat in Business Class which comes with coffee on the way down
wine and snacks on the way home.

Once at the station the spectacular San Diego harbor is just a few blocks away!
This time I walked to the far south end
had a quick breakfast frittata at the Hilton hotel.
It's about a 45 minute brisk walk
with the most stellar views
it seems like half the time!

I met Slater at the Hornblower dock for a two hour harbor cruise.
I highly recommend this  cruise.
It's about $30 for two hours
or about $25 for one hour.

We had done it for Mother's Day with the family
and found out it's such an easy way to not only get out on the water
but learn a lot about San Diego along the way.
A full bar of offerings can add even more to the experience.

An absolute must accessory in my book
not only for the cruise
but for  being out in sunny San Diego
a wide brimmed sun hat and quality sunblock!

Being out on a boat
is a perfect way to see a new perspective
of the gorgeous San Diego skyline!

There is always something new to see out in the harbor.
This beauty is from the San Diego Maritime Museum.

After the cruise was finished
my husband met us at the dock 
we were off to the Del Coronado for lunch.

We had planned to take the water taxi over
but sadly found out it was out of business.
Which ended up fine
as we got to drive over the spectacular Coronado Bridge!

Once on the island
we headed straight to iconic The Del Coronado for and alfresco lunch.

My tip for the Del Coronado
try to arrive at non peak hours
it is such a widely popular destination
both in the summer and during the Christmas holidays
it can be a bit overwhelming
unless of course
you adore mass crowds.

We had such a lovely Sunday together
I couldn't have been more happy with how my outfit functioned!

I wore a new striped tunic dress from Norma Kmali.
It moved easily during my walk
and was still a strong visual piece
when it warmed up 
I shed my fabulous kimono!

I find kimonos particularly joyful
and ever so fun and dramatic to wear!
This beauty is another of my favorite finds from
Le Bel Age
 in Mission Hills San Diego!

As a side note
Valerie who is the  truly gorgeous owner
of Le Bel Age and several other shops on the street
actually grew up living in the iconic Del Coronado!!

All in all 
I couldn't have been happier 
with my 
travel  day wardrobe for San Diego!

Here's to wardrobe preplanning
to ensure getting the very most form any travels!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera what a fun small getaway. I love your outfit- especially you tote and the kimono. Isn't Coronado the best? We have great memories of taking our boys there when they were small. I hope you had fun. Love the pic of you and Slater! I also have a friend with a son named Slater. Great name. Thanks for sharing about the train too. I have to go oneway. x Kim

  2. :-) Dear Tamera,
    thanks for taking us on a trip to San Diego.
    As it's presently pouring rain here in Vienna, I would love to do the magic twinkle I-dream-of-Jeannie used to do and be in Southern California within a blink of an eye. Well, only 3 weeks to go and I'll be in LA. Hooray!
    Your outfits are always spectacular - as is this one. You wear an eye catching Kimono this size very well.
    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  3. Just send me the kimono . Looks like instant relaxation .

  4. You are so adorable that I can't stand it! I'm loving your blog! Here's a sampling of my adventures in St. Trop. Hope you enjoy: