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A Little Weekend Recap

After what seems like ages
Jeff and I were able to get out and enjoy the weekend!
And no better place to celebrate the weekend than
The Ramos House Cafe 
located in San Juan Capostrano
for brunch!

The Ramos house Cafe
is my number one brunch pick in Orange County.

With a fixed menu of $40 per person
their brunch comes with a drink
small plate choice …

then one large plate choice.
My favorites are always champagne, the citrus salad and post roast with mash.

The menu choices
let you go all sweet or all savory
or a lovely mix in between.

Each dish is not only delicious 
but artfully presented.

Besides the delectable menu
it is not only the interior that I love
but it's location on the charming Los Rios Street right next to the train tracks.
The Los Rios District is a lovely world unto it's self.

Everything in the Ramos House Cafe
is done to perfection
this garden lover is always so appreciative
of the great care they take with their gorgeous plants as perfect decorating finishings. 

Across the the tiny street
the gardens are in full bloom right now!

We were also able to get in a bit of antiquing this weekend
at the Trading Post 1908
at the Anaheim Convention Center.
I was quite happy with my finds!

We ended our weekend
in Rancho Santa Fe
where as serendipity would have it
we were able to see a most lovely wedding …

Which had Jeff and I 
looking forward to the one we will be doing for our daughter
in less than seven weeks.

It was the first time I have watched a wedding
as a mother of the bride.
I must say it gave a whole new depth to the occasion.
But it was watching the bride and her father  …
walk down the aisle 
that was such a precious life moment to witness.

I am continually amazed
how life moments
have so much more depth and resonance
with age.

It's like having on different glasses
that allow you to see …

Right into the Soul of a Moment.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. Stunning and sumptuous. I must pin this for my "retire" board. Cali is the first place on my bucket list when we retire. (22 months to go for me.)
    My advise to every bride . . . "on that walk down ( or up ) the aisle with your father . . . take it slow and take it all in . . ."
    Ellis is going to be such a beautiful bride. Seven weeks. Where does the time go?

  2. 'More depth and resonance with age' - wonderful words, Tamera. I love your insight, and the way you make me think of these things. Another beautiful post, with a fabulous outfit, attractive food and great antiques. Enjoy the wedding preparations - I'm sure you will :) xx

  3. We love this place!!!!! WE stumbled upon it one night after mass at the mission! A huge Thanks for your post and your beautiful writing Tamera! I can't express to you how much i just love your blog! Keep up the great work! I have one daughter grown and flown and trying to cherish each second with his siter! I love your poignant messages Best! Kathryn

  4. This looks like a perfect spot for brunch, Tamera. I will definitely keep it in my radar for our next trip down (hopefully soon!).
    xx, Heather