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Boho Beach Vibes … And The Power of Accessories

I'm starting 
off with a strong dose of Boho vibes
another example of the
 Power of Accessories
to upgrade inexpensive pieces!

All of the clothing pieces  I am wearing here I have collected from
good ole Target the last couple of months.
The prices there give me an opportunity
to play and experiment with trendy pieces
that at higher price points I might not take a risk with.

These pieces also ended up to be the perfect base to mix in
my beloved accessories!

Like a collection of necklaces
that are a mixture of vintage pieces
smaller necklaces
that at my size
would not usually get a wearing
But massed together
they are the perfect bohemian complement!

No better way to ring Spring in than with a velvet
Flower Crown!

Vest-Target, Cold Shoulder Tunic-Target, Pants-Target, Suede Bag-Rock Etiquette Laguna Beach, Flower Crown-Tamera Beardsley, Necklaces-personal collection, Wooden platform shoes-Target, 

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. You always look so fab. Do you buy from Target online or in the store? Somethings look good in photos but when I receive them the quality isn't there. Maybe I'm expecting too much.

    1. Sandy I completely agree with you about quality! I definitely spend a lot of time searching the racks in the store for pieces that have a great hand, feel. Because I sew I can make alterations with fit when necessary. I look at finding good pieces in Target a bit like flea markets … sometimes you find things … and sometimes you don't … but when you do it's so exciting!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment my dear!


  2. You are so fun. When you said "my size"...regarding small accessories...I can relate. You look very tall and can wear big pieces and lots of layers...lucky you, Tamera! I am shrinking before my eyes and I'm a curvy girl...consequently I wear form fitting clothes and one fabulous "statement" accessory...anything else overwhelms me. Sure wish I could wear clothes like you!

  3. Tamera, you never cease to amaze me with your style and elegant flamboyance. And I couldn't figure out why you look so young with your hair down (not that you don't always look wonderful!) and I've decided it's the bangs! Whether boho or elegant, you've got it figured out!

  4. Loving all your looks. I bought the most gorgeous deep rust red shirt today. This is a colour not seen often in our stores and I am delighted to have something beyond the usual whites/greys/blacks which have been in stores for ever-so-long. I guess most people can wear those colours (winter seasonal colours I think most people fall into this category) so the shops keep stocking them.
    Our coastlines are so similar. I live on east coast Australia and some of your shots could have been taken here.
    Thanks for the lovely post x

  5. Your ensemble looks like a feature in a high end fashion magazine. With your skill and talent, you make these Target pieces shine. I adore your velvet flower crown, which is a piece of art and tops your outfit off with perfection. Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with Hat Attack!