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Adding In Wardrobe Workhorses

I have been working this week on
refining my SoCal style.

I always can pull together 
 special occasion looks with creative ease.

But my day to day ensembles recently
seem to vacillate between all dressed up
workout wear.

So I realized I wanted to add some uniform pieces
to my wardrobe 
so that I can be comfortable and effective in my day to day
still add quick style potential with accessories.

This week I added a really versatile piece
to my daily wardrobe
with this new tunic blouse from

I knew a white tunic would go far in my neutral based wardrobe.
 I added my drawstring silk pants
 kept the look very casual with some slip on sandals.

Adding a white tote, hat and necklace
has the outfit polished enough for running errands.

For a quick sunset cocktail change
my faux fur stole does the trick in an instant.

A change of shoes and purse
make it a perfect outfit for cocktails at the beach.

My favorite weekend look
was made by simply layering my breton stripe over the tunic.

Changing to my leather vans with the sun hat
made for a perfect outfit for early morning beach walks.

This casual/glam outfit was the perfect time to bring out my new
white safari hat.

This weekends outfit
ended up to really encapsulate 
my SoCal Style.

I want my daily clothes to be sporty enough 
that I feel I can still get things done
but with big doses of 
fresh glam!
For me so much of my  personal style is all about 
adding the accessories to some sporty choices!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love the look. Did you buy the tunic on line with out trying it on? Where did you get those pearls? Love them. I need some bold pearls.

    1. Sandra I bought the tunic in the store. I bought a size larger, because I wanted a drapey look similar to the Rows fabulous pieces. For Target, the fabric has a good hand … and it should be an easy throw in the washer situation.

      I designed the pearl necklace and it has become a favorite staple of mine.

      Thank you dear for stopping by to comment! xo

    2. WOW! You are just so adorable! I absolutely love your whole outfit and the scenery is great as well! I want that hat!! I am also jealous you live in SOCAl...ha! I am trying to relocate there..applying for jobs..but at 51..not an easy task..oh well I wont give up!

      Thanks for sharing your great style!


  2. Love how all these pieces support each other, and make gorgeous looks! Thanks for linking, xo


  3. Beautiful looks! The tunic is a great addition to your wardrobe, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of it. And I love the striped top of course!

  4. One word for this look : perfection!
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  5. How interesting to add the striped top over the tunic! You really know how to create a fabulous look!! jodie

  6. Such great looks and the pith helmet adds a fun whimsical touch!

  7. There's something so magical and pure and clean about white, and it looks particularly divine when worn in layers as you've done, Tamera.

  8. What incredible balance you have, Tamera!! White on white is wonderful, and what a great white tunic you have found. Of course your styling is what really elevates it - pure genius!

  9. Love all those white accessories! That fur stole is incredible!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  10. Love your two hats and how you pull together everything so chic-ly! Where did you get your safari hat? Super cool!

    1. I found the safari style hat at a hat shop in Long Beach California. Thank you for visiting!