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Holiday Garden

I was so excited this week when
the always fabulous
 Faux Fuchsia
 commented on my last post
that she "couldn't wait to see how my garden was doing".
As I mentioned on InstaGram 
I couldn't wait to oblige and show her
and all of you
how my garden looks for the holidays!

This Christmas season I am changing things up at our house
doing a simple, neutral pallet 
going all lux in the flowers and trees!

My courtyard shelf
has gotten fluffed with the addition of paper whites planted in terra cotta planters!

I have my courtyard couches dressed in simple textured creams
with plenty of throws on the couch backs to ward off Southern California chills.

I have kept the textiles simple 
as I want the large planting of paper whites to take visual center stage!
I keep six large hurricane candles
on the table shelf below
so I am always ready for impromptu gatherings.
I  also keep a lighter in a  vintage covered metal box
so candle lighting at a moments notice is alway ready to go!
Our market lights triple strung above
means that instant  evening ambiance is as easy as hitting the switch!
Fountains and speakers finish the intimate space.

I am just so happy with this centerpiece arrangement.
I was reminded to 'shop my house'
found these vintage file drawers from  a flea market years ago.
I simply filled them with soil
finished them with polished black rocks
I brought all three together as one 
by placing them on a vintage mirror!

I get so much daily joy walking by my courtyard and seeing
the progress of my paper whites!

I have so much big love for all our gardens
at our little house
we have made them all from scratch
literally from the ground up!
Starting when this little girl was just a wee one!
We have been in our much loved house  now over 21 years
 this baby is getting married next May!

Years ago when we were contemplating to move to a bigger house
I just couldn't do it!
For me this little house is part of the family
I am a consumate nester!

We live in South Orange County
in Southern California
so yards are small
as is our house
but we have over the years made great use of all we have.
We transformed our little front yard
into not only a private courtyard
but also ...

made another whole other  'room' out front
by the addition of a terrace.
It's another perfect space for morning coffee 
or sunset cocktails
talking with neighbors passing by!

After years of all out decorating
I have kept things simple and organic this year.

On the terrace I replaced my Autumnal pumpkins and gourds
with two tiny Christmas trees.

Behind the trees on the table I have another 
'centerpiece' in an oval tin.

The front is planted with ornamental kale
to give some finishing fluff
while more paper whites get going.
Eventually there will be a border of paper whites behind the Christmas trees!

I also added paper whites to a extra large centerpiece in the backyard!
I keep the edges of this huge ceramic dish planted with more succulents
and then just change out the center for seasonal decorating.

I am still loving all of the succulents I am continually adding to my gardens!
They  seem to be  magic plants that thrive here with so little care!
And when they do out grow their spot
they transplant so easily
to brand new spaces!

This season I have switched out the incidental fall color
for more ornamental kale.
The  purple adds just a hint of color to my neutral palette 
they will be just as fitting for the new year!

Now next week I need to be getting my backyard
all fluffed for the season!

Thank you ever so much for stopping by!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, your gardens and decor are so lovely and original. What clever planting ideas!

  2. What a lovely garden - it may be small, but it's gorgeous!

    I love your paper whites drawer! The ornamental kale is a very nice backdrop in the oval container.

    Your courtyard & outside room are great additions to the front of your house! I could see myself enjoying a morning cup of coffee there!

  3. Stunning as always my friend!!!

  4. Brilliant and beautiful. Reminds me of the song Eidelwiess . . . "clean and white . . . warm and bright".
    Happy December, Tamera!

  5. Living in a NYC studio, I love to see these lovely photos. You have created such a lovely living environment.

  6. This post and the photos of your holiday decor are gifts to your readers!

  7. O my goodness!! It is just beautiful - I love it all!!!! You are so creative!!!

  8. OMG this is STUNNING!!!!!! I luff it all you are so clever! It is divine xxxx