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Road Trip To Las Vegas … What I Wore

My recent extreme penchant for 
Road Trips
had us hitting the road once again
this time  for 
Las Vegas
to meet one of my favorite bloggers

For me a great 
Road Trip 
always calls for
a great  well coordinated

Being as Vegas was the destination
I knew sequins had to be in my mix
my grey sequin top
had me pulling an 
all grey palette for the trip!

  1. After the color pallet for the
  2. Road Trip Wardrobe
  3. was chosen
  4. I knew my vintage grey  cape had to make the trip as well!

Up until now 
I have used this fabulous cape 
my mother made in the 70's 
for dressier looks.

But for this road trip I decided to mix it with sportswear
white jeans 
for a much more casual vibe!

 I then  gathered some other grey separates ...

like this Free People tunic slip
my Lack of Color wide brimmed felt fedora fromAustralia
a new 3/4 long zip sweatshirt from LA's Oak
some of my favorite  over sized baubles
a grey wool shawl
that could work with anything
even play on it's own!

A pair of silver slip on platforms
made for a perfect on and off  pair in the car
as well as making for a comfortable pair to
 visit the 
Las Vegas Strip!

Layering the grey shawl over the extended sweatshirt
not only added another aesthetic dimension to the look
but more importantly
added another warm layer on a brisk 
Road Trip morning!

Sans hat
the exaggerated hood made for an entirely new look
paired with my bold accessory collections!

One of my favorite and most versatile 
Road Trip 
pieces is  always a 

It can be layered up or down
casual or dressy
even the perfect way to protect from a chill in the car!

One of my favorite things to find traveling
is always a new hat!

We found  this one in Pioneer Town
about 30 minutes outside of Vegas.
This new
 Cowboy Hat
already has me dreaming of 
our next 
Road Trip!

Pioneer Town
was one of those finds
that make
Road Trips absolutely magical!

With lore and history
that included the saloon
Clark Gable waited in
while they recovered Carol Lombard's body
after her plane crashed tragically into a nearby mountain peak.

These days on a much lighter note
the town is a mecca for so many TV shows and films
that are continued to be shot!

And how is this for the most charming
primitive serving of a mimosa!
My favorite mimosas are always the ones I can decide the proportions!

The saloon is a must
for any Road Trip to or from Las Vegas!
It's these hidden  treasures off the beaten  road
that always have me
so excited to venture out on the road once again!

Come back and visit my blog this week
when I will be sharing 
where else we went in  Las Vegas
even more exciting
I will be sharing about meeting
her gorgeous daughter Jodi!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a cool place...right out of an old western! Love it, Tamera! And you look always!

  2. Oh this post is so fabulous - I want to go to Vegas with you! Love the hats and the gorgeous wraps. xo


    1. Patti thank you ever so much for your effervescent comment my dear! Big thanks also for hosting another of your lovely Visible Mondays! xox

  3. I'm so happy to see how you and Jeff are embracing the 'empty nest' part of life. These quick weekend road trips are so much fun to see. You are definitely the Queen of traveling in style and organization. This grey color palette was a winner for this trip, that's for sure! I'm still over the top in love with your vintage, momma-made cape. Oh, and great hat purchase!

    1. Thank you my friend! I am definitely trying to embrace this "empty nest" part of life! We both know some days and weeks are easier than others … but road trips for me … are definitely balms for my soul! They remind me not only is there so much more out there in life … but also the beauty in the huge expanses of nature … that there is so much more to life … than I can see!

      Thank you for your visit my dear … and your lovely comment! Love to you! xo

  4. What a terrific stylis road trip. I had to immediately check you shop to see if those are Tamera giant bead necklaces. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Connie! I am definitely working to get the giant pearls to my shop!

      Thank you darling for your visit and comment! xo

  5. Love the gray and white combinations, especially with your silver shoes and beautiful beads. The scenery is fantastic too - like something in a Western movie: of course, your new hat works perfectly in that setting. Wonderful post Tamera. xx

    1. Thank you Patricia! Yes this area is so gorgeous … and still to this day is a back drop for so much filming, in both film and TV. Visiting out there felt like taking a deep visual breath!

      Thank you for visiting my dear! xo

  6. I love all your outfits for this trip! I totally fell in love with the cowboy hat. I grew up wearing them and it just struck a cord. I love your artistic photos! We will be heading to Arizona for a couple of months this winter and we go straight through Vegas so I will be taking notes from you on where to stop and smell the roses along the way! Peace! Cheryl

    1. Thank you for visiting Cheryl! How fabulous to spend a few months in Arizona! I can't wait to see your pictures … Sounds like a fabulous drive to me! I have one more little find on Route 66 that I will be sharing. It's a historic little downtown that was a gem of a find! I so agree with you about "taking the time to smell the roses along the way!". xo

  7. A Lovely photo shoot................
    How long does it take to get to VEGAS from your home?I went once with my SONS and my MOTHER. Don't think I ever need to go back!I would have preferred the history in Pioneer Town.
    NOW, those BAUBLES left my heart going pitter patter..............
    No luck in sourcing..............?

    1. Thank you darling for visiting!! Vegas is about 5 hours from our house. I can understand your view of the city … but meeting Dorrie from Senior Style Bible and her daughter Jodi … made the trip there a very worthwhile adventure!

      I think I have a lead on the pearls finally! xox

  8. Stunning cape - I can't believe your mother made it. I can't wait to see photos of you and Dorrie of Senior Style Bible. She is a new favorite of mine. Also I just wanted to let you know that for some reason, I cannot access your blog directly. I keep getting a red flag message from McAfee Security that it a dangerous site to visit. That is why I will use bloglovin to view your posts.

    1. Rebecca thank you very much for letting me know about the warning! I will definitely need to look into that! Thank you also for your perseverance to find another way in through Bloglovin! I very much appreciate your visit my dear!

  9. Gorgeous outfits! The greys work so well together! You look fabulous! And the cape your mother made is simply stunning! What a treasure!