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Laguna Beach Afternoon At The French Basketeer's

Saturday was another magical afternoon at the fabulous
French Food Camp!

 I knew I wanted to wear something equally magical
so this was a perfect opportunity for a new crown!

It was another very warm afternoon here in Southern California
(hard to remember it's November)
so I chose to juxtapose my crown with
a J Crew T and my Anthropologie ball skirt
that I have styled so many different ways over the years.
I was ever so happy with my ensemble for the gorgeous afternoon!
I had even remembered to tuck a grey wrap in my basket
for  later when there was actually a chill in Laguna.

Mary Qvale once again did her magic on the table!
This time it was 20 feet of Southern Magnolia garland
that meandered down the center of the table!

Mixed in was an array of French antiques
including candelabras and the most amazing hat stands.

Bowls of vintage metallic threads added a bit of whimsy to the tablescape.

Intermixed were pans of brand new paperwhites.

I just started planting mine for the season this week in similar containers.
Mine are vintage drawers from the flea market.
I finished mine off with crushed black rock
but I must say Mary's finishing touch of charcoal 
has me giddy with it's inventive use!

At the French Basketeer's classes there seems to be more and more goodies for sale each class!
Like these individual paper white pots tied in thick black grograin ribbon!
I never even made it around everywhere on the patio to check out the other wares.
 The people were all so amazing 
I forgot to shop!

How delicious are the vintage perfectly pressed French linens with a sleek gold vintage curtain ring
to finish off a perfect presentation!

These beauties were also for sale!
Oh what fabulous jewelry are they for any table!

And of course there were cooking demonstrations going on in the kitchen!
I  go for the amazing people that Andrea always attracts to her classes.
But I think I might just  be needing to make this pear desert!

There is always so very much goodness in the  classes at the
  French Basketeer's
Even at five hours long 
time just seems to fly by!
If you ever get a chance to attend
I would highly recommend it!
Whether you are interested in cooking culture
spectacular table settings
 even meeting amazing people
you can experience  all of this
in an afternoon in Laguna Beach
with the most generous of soul that is 

I know I will be counting down to her next fabulous event in January!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful event! And you look stunning!

    I think you mentioned last week on IG that you planted your bulbs, which reminded me that I had to do the same. Still haven't done it. And here is another reminder in this post; I better get to work!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. YOUR PHOTOS areNOT showing up!!!!!
    I will come back later to PEEK....................I want you to WEAR your CROWN the entire month of DECEMBER!I also want YOU To keep track of the COMPLIMENTS!!!!PLEASE COME TO MY FANTASY PARTY and tell me how I LOOKED 27 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!JUst hop over there...........NOW!
    I'll be back.......maybe its me and I'm not connected??!!

  3. Your representation of the afternoon is just beautiful. It was beyond fabulous but you captured it perfectly. YOU looked amazing and I wish everyone could see your crown in person...magnificent! 💕

  4. I love it when you go to the French Basketeer! It is exciting just looking through your pictures, and I can imagine the fun you have being there. It is so inspiring. The magnolia garland is magnificent. Love your new crown and ball skirt: so beautiful! xo

  5. You always look so fabulous Tamera, and you know I can't imagine having an event without you!!!! And next week, we'll be sitting in front of the fire with a coupe of Champagne and finally having more time to visit! Thank you for taking the pics, we were all so busy talking and cooking and blowing out birthday candles, no one took a lot of pics! XXOO

  6. I SEE I SEE NOW.............what a SHINDIG!

  7. Tamera you jyst have a wonderful life, I am almost jealous...I joke... But perfect family, perfect climate, fantastic taste and more of that you are full of joy and beautiful! Europe is less, less, cheerful than where you live. Your pics are really a dream for me.

  8. Thank you for sharing this, Tamera. I so miss Andrea. She is a treasured blog friend.

  9. I am looking out my window at the season's first snow and that lovely photograph of the powdered sugar on the wooden table resembles it! What a wonderful event--simply beautiful (and so are you).

  10. A very captivating post, from the gorgeous table setting with HAT STANDS to the stunning photos of you and your ensemble, Tamera. Your new crown is as beautiful as you are. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!