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Wedding Venue Styling … Our Second Walk Through

We were back at the venue
for our daughter's upcoming wedding in May.

It was the first time we had been back since 
we booked the date almost six months ago.

I am ever so happy it was even better than we remembered!
We were revisiting the venue
to get measurements
finalize the flow of the wedding
areas to be addressed and styled!

San Clemente's Casino
is a historic property
which was built in 1937
in the original version of casinos
which were gathering places for people  to be entertained!

With the Casino's opening there was
live orchestra music
big bands
live radio broadcasts 
visiting Hollywood celebrities including
Judy Garland
Vivian Lee
Dorothy Lamour
Mickey Rooney
to name just a few!

These days the Casino has once again
turned into a  gathering destination.

During World War Two
the Coast Guard occupied the facility as a wartime lookout station.
The Casino spent many years
incarnated into various
lodges, restaurants and dinner theaters.

Then it fell out of service for quite some time
with one owner even wanting to demolish the structure to build condos!

Thank goodness for the tireless work of
San Clement's Historical Society
for preventing such destruction
for the Lab Holdings LLC
for the incredible restoration and renewal they have made to the property!
The Sadeghi Family has brought this historic building back to new life!
As soon as I heard the Casino was owned by Lab Holdings
I knew it was going to be a fantastic property!

For those of you familiar with Orange County
this is the same forward thinking company that has done
The Lab Anti Mall
The Camp
The Anaheim Packing District
the reworking of Triangle Square in Costa Mesa!

This company is know for it's unique ability
to honor history while weaving community and culture with commerce
bringing new artistic venues into all of their redevelopment projects!

Now San Clemente's Casino
has be put back into her former glory
once again a destination venue for gatherings and weddings!

Nestled in San Clement's historic old North Beach
it encompasses all the elegance of a bygone era
as well as the natural beauty that makes San Clemente
one of Southern California's most iconic beach towns

The Casino's Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture is perfect example of
what has made San Clemente famous.

Upon entering the building 
the wedding guests will proceed to the left
down a beautifully decorated hall
finished with photos of the buildings esteemed Hollywood history.

Our visit back was to begin the list of arrangements
areas to address.

Up to this point
we will have addressed the 
arrangements for the  entry hall.

The hall leads to the Rock Garden
where the ceremony will be held.

This area provides a lovely and intimate experience.
The layout has been planned
space allocated 
for the instrumental musicians we hope to find.

Measurements for the 'alter focal point'
have been made
as well as notes for the other areas to address.

There is already a lovely flow to the Rock Garden
for the ceremony
but the dirt path 
will have to have a solve
before her long train and veil meet the space.
This has been the only 
drawback to an otherwise perfect venue
but we have no fear we will find a marvelous solve
which will add even more character and soul to the wedding.

While the bride and groom do pictures on the beach
drinks will be passed as well as served from this
most lovely bar.

It is in this area I hope to do two black and white framed art pieces
that are made up of photos of the bride and groom individually
to show their i histories that have gotten them to this point as they join their lives forever.

Guests will enjoy cocktails and appetizers
on the Patio of the Stars
where views of the ocean can be seen.

We want to rent  vintage furniture for this outdoor fireplace
to make it a beautiful focal point
as well as a space for intimate conversations

Cocktail tables have been counted
plans for addressing them are in the works
as well as cushions
for all of the seating that the venue provides.

The bones of this patio space are so great
it won't take much styling 
to really make it sing!

The reception will take place in the historic Ballroom.
Measurements have been taken
space planning done
to bring this large undefined space
into more 'intimate rooms'
to bring in the bohemian feeling that Ellis wants
as well as making sure all the needs of the evening are met.
Form and Function 
at it's best!

I  am so excited to highlight this fantastic honeycombed ceiling
which is one of the only remaining ceilings of this type in California.

The original stage
will be the perfect space for the 
Sweetheart Table
We pulled a table up to try the space on for size
it's perfect!

Styling ideas for this reception focal point are 
well under way.

The Dance floor is already there
form it's original use in the 1930's!

We have space planned for the 
wedding cake table
Photo Booth
lounge area 
all  sorted out.

My main concern with the ballroom reception space
was how to bring it down and cozy
by the time all the areas are addressed
some boxed trees hopefully brought in
I think a cozy bohemian vibe will definitely be achieved.

I even have some ideas to make this delightful bridal suite
where getting ready will take place
even more enchanting.
I believe the whole day should be magical
even the preparation for it!

Our venue walk through was a complete success.
I can now see clearly
spaces that need to be addressed
where we want the visual focal points to be.

Notes were taken and measurements made.

I am finally getting pretty darn excited about the wedding.
We are assembling a wonderful team of amazing vendors
some of which are some of San Diego's best
up and coming talent!

Who knew 
all those times I took the train down to 
shop for wedding venues with Ellis
as we looked all over Orange County and San Diego for over seven months
I was passing the venue each and every time.
I just wasn't looking in the right direction!

Life can unfold so beautifully sometimes
if you can have patience and intent.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. A beautiful historic California building for a beautiful California wedding. How exciting!!

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing. I cannot imagine a more perfect venue. And that last photo positively heavenly!! I hope you posted on instagram!!

  3. The Casino looks like an exceptional venue for a wedding, and with your decor and embellishments, it will look a million dollars! The palm trees and the ocean will make for wonderful wedding photos. Enjoy the preparations Tamera! xx

  4. LOOKS PERFECT....................Love the idea of Vintage the dressing room TOO!
    Happy you are getting EXCITED!
    Now, do you have your DRESS?

  5. Wow! The venue is just perfect and I love the beach view... an extremely romantic touch can be given by just incorporating the venue to the wedding... Best wishes for your daughter's marriage. :) :)

  6. The wedding team was very supportive. These wedding venues had everything a girl might need. I highly recommend getting ready in the bridal suite. They lit the fireplaces and the views from the suite were exceptional.