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My InstaGram Inspirations This Week

As I am working on my fall wardrobe
(even though our temps here in SoCal have been nearing 100)
select pieces I want  to add
to get the most fashion style for my money
I thought it would be fun to share 
Instagram images that are inspiring me this week.

First off I am completely taken with 
Fresh New Proportions!

Longer on top
shorter on bottom.

Freshening proportions
is one of the 
quickest ways to stay 
style current!

Longer on top
shorter on bottom.

I for one will be adding even more
cullotes to my wardrobe
will be on the lookout for longer proportioned tunic tops

Just love the varied proportions and silhouettes here
especially the shorter wide legged pants!

I have been in love with 
Rossetta Getty
since she burst on the scene a couple of years ago.

Love her clean architectural lines
fresh proportions.

I especially love anything off the shoulders
as it's one  of the body parts  of mine 
I still love of mine!

Speaking of off the shoulder anything
loving J Crews fresh take
as well some fresh nautical stripe!

 Enjoying the new DKNY direction
and fresh new layers

Intrigued with the idea of all black silhouette
a bold modern pop of color!

Long tulle ball skirt
be still my heart!

I am always on the lookout
for fresh and chic looks
with my beloved denim!

Loving these neutral colors and textures to be sure!!

It's the chic draping that speaks to me here
I could never personally do anything asymmetrical
add a sleeve and it would be absolute style perfection in my book!

Oh a luxurious ball skirt with pockets
is my absolute favorite this week!

I'd pair it with a fresh floral crown
be in my own style heaven!

Loving many bridal crowns
that I want to wear for everyday occasions!
I think we all need more than a day or two in our life to 
Crown Ourselves!!

Such a perfect mix of chic everyday
the perfect crown to top it off!
Just makes my heart happy!

It was fun  to see one of the InstaGram tags I use
ended up making such a fun collage of some of my own IG pictures!

If you haven't jumped on the InstaGram band wagon yet
you will be amazed at the amour of style inspiration there is to be found there!

Just be forwarned
sometimes you can find so much it can become
your own little rabbit hole in a day!

If you want to find me on InstaGram
it's simple:


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What fun, looking at all the latest. I only 'discovered' Instagram this year, and have been enjoying a daily dose of new looks and ideas. Love that black tulle skirt, the fabulous lux ball skirt, and the crown with sweet birds :) x

  2. So many wonderful and inspiring picks! I would happily wear a lot of these outfits although the long top, short bottoms does not work for me at all. At 5.4" I end up looking even shorter than I am. However, I would wear that fabulous ball skirt without hesitation, it's gorgeous! Esther xx

  3. Tamara, Super fun post!! Loved so much that you do including these new proportions. Rosetta Getty is so talented and I adore all she does...Pockets in a ball gown are genius, right? xoxo Kim