Saturday Quote

I have learned as I have gotten older
that my life changes
depending on where and how I set my intentions.

In my youth
one of my very least favorite Disney movie was 

I used to even belittle people
by  calling them a Pollyanna
As in
someone who only saw the good in everything.
was missing reality.

In my youth I thought I was so much wiser than
silly  Pollyanna.
Her bubbling happiness and joy
 ability to see the good in the worst
bothered me to no end.

all these decades later
I can see her wisdom.

So much of our life
is how we choose to view it.

In my youth
I believed I could control my life
through working really, really hard
doing the right things
(Not that I always did by any means
but at least I thought I could get back on track
by excessive effort).

The years have tempered me
now I realize
the only thing I can truly control
is how I choose to see my life
how I 
respond to what happens in my life.

So it is with decided intention
that I choose daily
to focus on 
the beauty and the good in my life.

I choose when hard times come
that I may learn and grow from the situation.
I do
to be able to share any wisdom I may have garnered form 
along the journey of growing my soul.

For me it is a daily
regearing with intention
to focus on the good
learn to
See the Blessings In Everything.

Who knew I would grow up 
to see
Pollyanna had it right the whole time.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. So wise, Tamera. Just letting go and letting life happen and accepting it is so freeing. Happy Summer Days to You.

    1. It really is dear Connie! Thank you for stopping by! xo

  2. Yes very wise but sometimes following circumstances if your life and not living in such a marvellous sunny country, it is very difficult to see the best of the things in my life. Very often ill, I cannot share your wise thinkings dear Tamera. Maybe from time to time.....
    The philosophy of seeing the good everywhere is absolutely what I would like to practice.
    I will try......
    All the best

    1. Aww Jeanne thank your sharing in your comment. I understand the challenges in seeing this way … I just know for me … looking for the best in any situations … helps in my journey … and has been years in the practice.

      Sending you big loving hugs my dear! xo

  3. You are simply beautiful in every way, Tamera...and such wise words, thank you xx

  4. A wonderful message. This mirrors my awakening in so many ways. My experience is definitely my choice and that is very powerful indeed. All love to you, dearest Tamera and thank you for another needed reminder <3

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