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End Of Summer Natural Home Styling

I could feel the end of summer 
in the morning light today
slipping ever closer to my beloved fall.

Every since my  childhood school days
it is fall that  always feels 
so filled with fresh  promises of new beginnings.

But before I drift off into Autumn's glow
I want to make sure 
I intentionally savor 
summer's last weeks.

For me one of the easiest ways to help savor 
whatever season is upon me
is to bring 
natural style elements into my decor.

Earlier this summer
it was a huge basket of green apples and lilies.

Last month it was stunning sunflowers 
making dramatic appearances.

This August I have kept my palette neutral
with just the addition of natural green elements
bringing a  color  punch to my textured creams
that keep the space feeling calm and open.

I am  still savoring  my found driftwood
topped with shells filled with limes.

Lighting my candles with coffee
every  morning
gives me time to enjoy these monochromatic elements
reflect on the morning light.

I have recently added this
three box succulent planter
to my  seasonal styling arsenal.

Handmade of blackened steel

You can find it

The size and dimension
make it a perfect piece for some of  my quick seasonal styling.

When I found these chartreuse miniature pears at 
Trader Joe's
I new that color would work perfectly into my
End of Summer Styling
this blackened steel piece
would highlight them ever so stylishly!

Raising  simple pears
to still life status!

This is a great example of a styling piece
that can quickly adapt for every season.
I already have some beautiful fall ideas in the woks!

Silver bowls are also a wonderfully easy way
to bring in natural seasonal elements 
into your rooms.

Adding limes to this gorgeous cake stand
enabled me to bring my pop of natural green
onto our bar.

Small orchids in miniature ceramic buckets
are another easy pop of 
late summer color.

In the backyard
a soapstone dish is topped with a shell
for a simple nod to our coastal lifestyle.

I added a flat of white flowers to 
my extra large ceramic bowl that I had a stand made to raise it to 
focal point status.
It brings a garden element up close for 
an entertaining focal point.

Driftwood was notched out and planted with succulents …

for an easy and durable
backyard living room  centerpiece.

Last week my white flowers were exhausted
I was wondering what to replace them with …
when ...
My husband brought home a huge bag of homegrown lemons
in an instant 
a newly revived centerpiece!

And lastly
my planting of  succulents in containers
the last two years
in the courtyard and back
are  all doing wonderfully.

The succulents are hearty garden players
when they out grow one space
I simply rework them into new arrangements.

This means most of my garden is already in place
not only for the
 end of summer styling
already poised to greet fall's arrival!

For me  seasonal home styling is always 
the best
when fluffing a new season
can be as simple as a trip to the market
a walk on the beach!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I could just look at the sun on your living room forever. Such a perfect late summer mood.

    1. Thank you dear Connie! Isn't our late SoCal summer sun fabulous! big hugs to you!

  2. I love your seasonal approach, and your sense of how natural beauty is so wonderful for our homes. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Linda you are most welcome my dear! Thank you for visiting!!

  3. A wonderful collection of stylish natural decor ideas, Tamera. I have always loved the shape of pears, and they look so good in your arrangements. Your succulents always grow so well, too. Mine are very slow, so I am wondering if you fertilize them?
    Thank you for so much serene late Summer beauty. xx

    1. Patricia it's so nice to have you visit! I haven't fertilized my succulents … as they seem to grow so fast without. I think they are just really suited for our arid desert climate here in SoCal.

      I so enjoyed your post on the Catherine The Great exhibit in Victoria. I am now so intrigued to learn more about her … so thank you for that!!

  4. As our emotions change from season to season we are keen to change all around us at least a bit too.
    That's what make my day ...moving. Just little new things give us self and our home a special feeling and
    I really love your bar deco

  5. Mumbai you are quite right! Little seasonal changes to both self and home can provide such joy! Thank you for visiting my dear!!

  6. I'm like you Tanera. I've always felt especially invigorated as I anticipate September. It has been a season that typically brings newness and personal growth and it looks like this year will be similar. I always admire your unique style and your home looks so warm and beautiful !!

  7. Sorry for my spelling I'm on my IPhone :)

  8. Wonderful photos and beautiful arrangements. What a lovely way to start the changing season

  9. I love your decor and your house, it's all just stunning.

  10. Just gorgeous! Your home is so creative and homey looking. I love your mixture of texture and color. It's so rich and inviting. Time for me to spruce up my living room. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous inspiration with us on #stylefocus!

  11. Beautifully done Tamera. I love all of the natural elements. I had a long weekend at the lake, which was so inspiring. Lush green surroundings, natural stone and rock formations, sparkling blue water!

    The Arts by Karena

  12. Simply beautiful. I need to get busy and spruce my living room up a bit for fall.

  13. I love your garden posts and think this all looks perfect and divine x

  14. Not sure if you all have noticed, but Octopus design is still a hot trend in coastal decorating - personally, I can't get enough of it! how to use machine embroidery hoop

  15. Such a beautiful collection of stylish designs. Got some great ideas for my new home. se400