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A Summer Crown … and … A Picnic Celebration

I freshened up a maxi dress 
that has been with me for years
with a
Summer Floral Crown!

I think so much of life is
 making the most of
what we have
at any given time.

Dressing and personal style are no exceptions!

Instead of pining away for just  the new
I use my creativity
to fluff what I do have
to give staple pieces new style life.

It was a week to celebrate friends here.
There was a beautiful birthday celebration at the house
also a picnic to celebrate 
a dear friend closing escrow on a lot 
for their new dream home.

I thought packing up a gourmet picnic
 traveling to the lot was a perfect way to mark the occasion!

Those who know me 
I love styling anything
but cooking is not my favorite.
So when I picnic with these two fabulous women
they  always bring their A Game
the food is always perfection for my set up!

There was champagne and sangria
which was the perfect complement for my
Gourmet Trotter Picnic Roll Cart
that I love more every time I take it out!

Watermelon squares topped with feta cheese
were the perfect after hiking appetizer.

How adorable are these individual loaves
brought especially to 
'Break Bread' at the new home lot!

A delicious side salad  served in individual lidded jars!
These dishes are so attractive and functional
I have made sure to add a set to my picnic dishes this weekend
after enjoying them so much!

My favorite part of the picnic though
was really just taking the time 
to mark a moment 
for a dear friend.

The older I get
especially with my children 
Grown and Flown
I am truly realizing the importance
of treasured friends
taking the time to be there
celebrate the good
be a strong support during the bad.

Life's all about
 the very best we can at the time.

Good friends and Family
make it so much more possible.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your  life


  1. LOVE the dress, and the whole picnic styling. Your attitude is just the icing on the cake!

  2. Oh, my. That is so lovely! You, the roll cart, the picnic, the sentiment with friends. Yummy! This looks like Ojai? I was just in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Summerland and Ojai week before last. Good for you! Wonderful!

    1. Leisa thank you for your sweet words my dear! Your recent trip really had you in some fabulous places! Sounds absolutely delightful! xo

  3. That just looks amazing Tamera!! I LOVE your maxi dress and since I've been following you for awhile now....I've seen it several times - which I love because you make each time look different and it's such an inspiration. I also love your styling make everything beautiful ...just a reflection of who you are... A beauty inside and out! ~ Have a great day - Pam Atk

    1. How lovely to hear from you dear Pam! Yes, this dress has certainly been around here … luckily I enjoy the power of accessorizing! I have been looking for another dress like this for years now … I might have to break down and just have some copies made … it is just the perfect summer evening dress to wear!

      May I say again jet how very gorgeous you are looking theses days! Happy New week darling! xo

  4. Honestly, Tamera, nobody does it like you. Absolutely gorgeous, both you and your picnic. Perfection all around.

    1. Dear Connie thank you ever so much my dear for your sweet words! xo

  5. Very inspiring, Tamera! Such beauty in your clothing and in the picnic and you did it on a budget. Love it all!

  6. A LOVELY Idea to pack and celebrate in the NEW LOT!
    FRIENDS are important............checking in, calling, all ADDS UP TO LIVING LIFE to the FULLEST!
    You seem to be doing a GOOD JOB!
    Now, why don't YOU COOK???
    Not to late to start...............NEVER TO LATE!

  7. Pulling this flowing beauty out of your closet and pairing it with a gorgeous floral crown was a brilliant idea. Making friends with what we have brings forth magic. Which is what I see in this post. The photos. The food. The setting. And you!

    Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  8. Love your elegant maxi dress, and the fabulous crown you wear so stylishly, Tamera. A beautiful look for a special picnic. The little individual breads are darling! xo

  9. I love this look on you, Tamera. You are simply glowing in the California sunshine. That picnic 'cart' is such a find. I have never seen anything quite like it. Happy to hear you are making the most out of every summer day with beach time and picnics. I'm feeling the same way. Love that you spent some time with my sister this week.
    Thanks for adding your fabulous style to our #stylefocus Lifestyle Linkup this week my dear!
    xx, Heather

  10. Wonderful pictures. And the food certainly looked yummy. Stopping by from #stylefocus.

  11. You are a wonderful woman Tameta, so refined, this picnic looks such fabulous, foid, presentation,
    Lucky to have so many good friends and family and that you enjoy life with style. Beautiful really.
    Bravo from Europe

  12. Just beautiful! I adore that dress and adding the floral crown is styling genius! I wish I had a good friend who loved 'styling everything' because I love cooking. Maybe one day! Really enjoying your blog. Esther xx

  13. Lovely pictures , BEAUTIFUL you Tamera, so slim, did you loose weight?
    Hum I would be with you at this Fabulous picnic. But very far away from you in the north!
    Happiness with friends you are a special wonderful woman Tamera,

  14. Such a gorgeous dress, on a gorgeous lady, in a gorgeous setting! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday!

    Dawn Lucy

  15. I LOVE your vintage retro style :) and your blog is so cozy and personal

    Check out my new post- 6 sexy coffey tables :)

    have a fab weekend dear

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor