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Beach Day

Friday I had the pleasure of a day at the beach
with great girlfriends!
So my date night outfit was all about
coastal ease
setting off the feeling of skin kissed by the sun!

My girlfriends and I got up early
so we could get a hike of the El Morro  hills in before the clouds broke.

After our robust hike we treated ourselves
to a picnic on the beach
a few hours of lazing and just talking.

I packed the  set up
we each brought something for the picnic.
These two brought the most stylish food
I was absolutely ticked with joy
at how lovely it all came together!

Homemade salsa topped with guacamole
served in lidded ramikens  and chips!

Tiny apple pies  baked in individual jars!

I did a colorful vegetable pasta salad
served mimosas
carefully camouflaged in enamel cups!

We had a picture worthy fruit plate for desert!

After we ate we had the most wonderful time
kicking back and lazing in the summer sun!
It felt like vacation mode to be sure!

I have known both of these wonderful women
for over a decade.
We met back when we were homeschooling our children
my life has always been the richer for it!

Now to get to a place in our lives
where we have time
for great girlfriend shares
has  me realizing once again
how true it is …

When one door closes
another door will open.

I have writtten often on my blog
about missing my child rearing days …

but prepping during the week
for our beach day
made me realize
all the  new great times still to come!

To everything there is a season.

When  my life was so child centered for a couple of decades
I missed out on great girlfriend time
but now
I can see it as being of such an important part of life.
It makes my heart happy and full
just thinking of life's new opportunities!

Now not only do I have quality time once again with my husband
time and opportunity
for great girlfriends as well!

There is definitely a feeling of full circle these days
the circle is large and rich.

I let my day at the beach be the inspiration 
for the date night ensemble.

My freshly washed beach hair was tucked easily into a turban.

My clothing choices
were the epitome of Southern California
beachy ease
with wide legged linen pants
topped with a halter cut silk charmuse
shirt by Vince.

I finished the outfit with my newest kimono.
Made of voile  it is light as a breeze 
 perfect for the summer temperatures.

I garnished both arms with bangles.

My earrings were Catherine Baba inspired
 I am finding fans to be a new summer accessory collectible!

As I write this post
my heart is so grateful.

I am so appreciative of where I am in my life.

I am coming to a place where I can see where I have been
I can see where I am heading.

It is a beautiful view.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Awesome and inspirational, as always, Tamera

  2. The richness of a circle friendship is one of the greatest gifts a woman can have. So grateful you are part of mine.

    1. Trina I couldn't agree more my dear! And right back at you darling!

      I have loved following along with you and your girl taking New York City as well! What memories you must be making! xo

  3. Wow! Such lovely pictures! You are such a wonderful poet and artist! Peace! Cheryl

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your kind words my dear! I certainly enjoyed your sharing of your simple pleasures! Happy new week to you!

  4. Every time I visit your blog, Tamera, I leave thinking I HAVE GOT TO FIND A BEACH SOMEWHERE! You look gorgeous and are always inspirational.

    1. Thank you ever so much my dear for your kind words! xo

  5. Your beach picnic looks amazing! (I've decided there must be more picnics in our future...) And your Friday night outfit is so romantic and gorgeous, utterly feminine. Love that kimono!

    1. Thank you Susan for your visit and kind words!

      Picnics are such lovely ways to spend quality time with friends and family outside! A bit of work up front, but always so worth the effort and memory!

      Wishing you a beautiful new week my dear! xo

  6. Another inspirational post, Tamera. A beach picnic with girlfriends is a wonderful idea, and I want to try those tiny pies too. Your kimono is light and beautiful, a perfect item for a hot climate. xo

    1. Patricia thank you for visiting from Australia my dear! I always enjoy visiting your world! Hope you're staying warm these days! Such a lovely collection of snow pictures you shared! xo

  7. Will you please share the source of your lovely kimono?

    1. Jo Anne my kimono is from Le BelAge Boutique in San Diego. They are on Facebook and instagram under LEBELAGEBoutique and can be contacted that way. Valerie doesn't have a website, but I know she has shipped orders via those communications. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking!

    2. Thank you. Your style inspires an other-coaster.Best.

  8. I love seeing your gorgeous face and great style in my Fun Fashion Friday link up! Thanks so much for joining in and I'd be thrilled to have you back every week. You and your gals know how to do a picnic in style!

    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be Fun

    1. Thank you darling! It was my pleasure to join your stylish group! xo

  9. I soooooo look forward to your post! You never disappoint, your kimono is gorgeous! Love the beach pictures too!

  10. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love your outfit and the beach photos! Looks like you guys had a beach picnic in style. You look fab!

  11. Spending time with girlfriends-authentic and genuine-warms the soul doesn't it? I can feel your happiness in this post, Tamera. As we've discussed many times, you are making the most of this new chapter in life. So happy to see you enjoying it to the fullest! We are just back from Riviera Maya and I'm enjoying catching up with all my blog girlfriends.
    Happy summer my lovely friend!
    xx, Heather

  12. What a gorgeous outfit Tamera. One of my favorites. You look positively radiant in your photos. And I'm so happy to hear you had some quality girlfriend time. I bet it was so nice to catch up and you have so much to share with the wedding on the horizon. There's something so special about friends who remember our kids when they were just little things...

  13. What a perfect day and evening Tamera!! Picture perfect Adore your voile kimono, so light and airy!

    The Arts by Karena

  14. Tamera, since moving up to Oregon I haven't visited your blog for awhile. Oh, my! I will be returning often. Your pictures are truly beautiful and inspire us all to get out there and live with more beauty and style. I do miss those Southern California beaches.

  15. Tamera, what a gorgeous post in every way. I love how you describe the circle of life and how rich and full your experiences are unfolding. Your kimono is divine and your turban extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your headwear and your beauty with Hat Attack.