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We Found A Wedding Venue!

We have been on the look out here
for a perfect wedding venue
for our daughter and her fiancé 
for over seven months now
before I reveal the location tomorrow
I wanted to take a look back today
at the process of finding 
the perfect for us wedding venue!

It has been a process
and  a very good and memorable process.

I decided early on 
with only one daughter
I wanted to enjoy the whole process
from  wedding idea conceptions 
to the actually wedding day itself.

I will always remember theses two
hours after this magical moment was captured
sitting in our living room
absolutely beaming with joy and happiness.

Both of them had tears in their eyes 
describing this  perfect proposal.

That weekend we had an enchanting evening dining alfresco
as our two families came together to celebrate
their union.

Their was a champagne brunch
with close friends to celebrate as well!

Next on our agenda 
was planning a gorgeous
holiday engagement party!

As with most parties Ellis and I work on together
it was as much a joy to plan
and execute
as the celebratory party itself!

The new year had us off and running on weekends
in our hunt for the perfect 
for us venue!

Since Ellis and Elliot live in San Diego
that's where we began our search!

There have been so many wedding shows to attend
with the most lavish at San Diego's historic
Grant Hotel. 

Notes have been taken
lists made.

I have taken the train down many occasions
during our wedding research.
Each trip a wonderful memory.

We have seen many gorgeous spaces
along the journey
of finding one with just 
the right aesthetic.

We have been inspired by see some 
really exquisite table setting and ideas.

We have been into the newest of venue spaces
like this one in San Diego's artful redevelopment of
Liberty Station.

We have been fully familiar with all the newest trends in
wedding cocktails
like this hipster Bloody Mary bar!

We have seen and met so many charming 
new entrepreneurs with too many unique offerings 
to do justice to in this post.

Each time out we made sure to aware of the memories in the makings
have had some memorable lunches and conversations along our way.

We have checked out brand new loft openings ...

So many times they had so much of what we were all looking for …
but there was still things missing.

Sometimes what was missing
was something as necessary as parking
when the venue
was right next to Petco Park.

So the search continued
research during the week by Ellis was in full force.

All along the way relationships developed 
with all being on the same quest.
I made a point of soaking up all of these beautiful developments and now memories
of the journey to our perfect venue.

We have been all over South Orange county as well 
in our search
and have witnessed some exciting areas of 
historic building being redeveloped.

We have found some really charming photo op walls to be sure!

We have been to luxurious wedding events all over …

 and I can tell you 
The Villa always does thing top notch!

This historic property was a big contender for me
but  the possibility inclement weather
would ruin the experience
so we kept looking …
it wasn't  the couples first choice anyway
so it was all good!

But they do have the sweetest free standing bar 
that I have ever seen!!

So the search continued
until last month
when like goldilocks
we found an absolutely
perfect for us venue!

After searching for so long 
for a place that just felt right to all of us
we found it!
Just like I knew we would!

Next week I can't wait to show pictures 
of just what we found!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Dear Tamera,
    I loved taking the look back at the process and am so excited to hear more about the wedding plans!!
    The Arts by Karena

    1. Thank you dear Karena for taking the time to visit and comment! So very appreciated! xo

  2. I love this!! They're such a beautiful couple! And your photography is awesome!! So natural!!

    Candid Wedding photography Chennai | Candid Wedding Photography

  3. I am so glad for you, finding the perfect place for the wedding. You have shown us many stylish places; can't wait to see the chosen venue. They are a gorgeous young couple.

    1. Thank you Patricia! We definitely have seen some beautiful venues! We started to feel a little like Goldilock's search by the end … in our quest to find just the right one for us! xo

  4. Hello Tamera - I am enjoying this wedding planning adventure with you! Your daughter is so fortunate to have a Mother with such good taste! I'm sure it will be a wedding filled with love and beauty.

    Warm regards, AnneMarie

    1. Anne Marie thank you for your kind words and following along on this wedding adventure my dear! And yes, a wedding day filled with beauty and love is exactly our quest! Thank you for your visit and comment!

  5. Love the photos of this very special couple. Great photography! Captured their feelings which is very important.
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