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Fluffing Our Empty Nest

It's funny how thoughts just hit you sometimes.
Two weeks ago
on a weekend home with my husband
it hit me that 
 in some places our home was still set up for a family of five
instead of just the two of us.

 I realized we needed to fluff our empty nest
to shake off 
the whats missing
into a joyful celebration of what is Now!

With just my husband and I sitting in the living room
we started talking about simple changes we could make to our space
to freshen it up!

First off was some editing out.

In the past I have been rather dogmatic
in what I wanted in our space.
but at this phase
I am about compromise
creating space that we both enjoy.

So the first to go was the custom console that used to live behind our couch.
Which allowed us to expand the living room
just enough so my husband could sit comfortably legs crossed.
Such a simple edit
that at first had me resistant
now has us both really enjoying the space.
Sometimes it's little compromises and edits that can
make a space feel brand new!

The early mornings have always been one of my favorite times
in our house
especially in the summer
when  the light floods in before 6 am
washing the rooms with golden light
the promises of what the new day can bring.

In this light simple vignettes of useful objects
take on artistic appeal.

Which has me realizing
so much of life
is about
in what light we see our circumstances.

Whether it be seeing and feeling
what is no longer there …


being able to refresh our vision
with new hope
of the future
embrace the beauty of what is yet to be.

Life is about finding the beauty
in each season
taking the time to savor and enjoy
the quiet moments.

And sometimes
a little editing and rearranging
can help you get there.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. Oh yes. I love the early mornng, too. First one up with the birds. It's my mental health time. Your nest is so beautiful.

  2. Sometimes, it is those little changes that makes all the difference. Thank you for this little glimpse of your beautiful nest.

  3. Wow i love your style and it looks so awesome. Really great.
    Greetings from Austria

  4. Beautifully done Tamera!! Sometimes I think ( anyway I have been guilty of this one) we decorate the way we love things to be, and voila, small changes can make things so much more livable and comfortable for the rest of the family, no matter how large or small!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I am always decluttering but I am wanting to do a deep declutter of our home space now that three of our children have left the nest and only one remains until he has enough credits to transfer to UC. I want to embrace our nest with less so we find the happiness of it just being us two again after 25 yrs. living in the light of every season is good...thats what your post spoke to me. xxo