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Father's Day Backyard Barbecue … SoCal Style

We celebrated Father's Day with our 
annual Backyard Barbecue!

We finally had sun here in SoCal
so I went for a vibrant and colorful palette!
I pulled from my textile collection
used my vintage Mexican serape as the color cornerstone
pulled everything to compliment this fabulous piece!

I mixed my enamelware with plastic baskets, liner papers and plates!

I kept the table very simple 
with my harvested lemons as a centerpiece.
Bunting was clothes pinned onto greenery
for instant party punch!

My Shasta daisies are really putting on a show this year!
They came back stronger than ever
and just in time for our Father's Day festivities!

My lavender is also thriving like never before
and is over four foot tall by now.
I am having to give it major grimes to keep it in it's place!

I set up an additional table by the barbecue
because food was served casually 
buffet style.

Jeff manned the barbecue which consisted of 
build your own gourmet burgers
this year we even added the trending soft fried egg as an option.

I added some sprinkling of color to the other side as well
with some simple bandanas
hanging a striped blanket
to our photo booth
to bring the brights color pallet all the way home
for the family photos!
This year I made a point of remembering before hand
because I have remembered after the fact too many times!

I purposely did my best to keep things simple 
but festive.
Time still got away from me at the end
 I was sans makeup for the event
some big glasses, a hat and
a quick swipe of red lipstick
saved the day!

It ended up to be a beautiful celebrations
of our two wonderful Dad's!
Happy Father's Day
to my Dad
I treasure my relationships with you both!
Much Love!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Look at all those lush, vibrant colors! What a happy post Tamera, I loved seeing your family and drooling over your exotic looking backyard. It looks like a wonderful way to celebrate Father's Day!

  2. Tamera how great that your Dad could be there for the celebration with you and Jeff! Everything looks so festive and fun!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. How gorgeous, in every way Tamera. Happy Fathers Day to all - it looks like you had a wonderful day. You are such an inspiration! xx

  4. I so can identify with the "sans makeup" that is always what we put off to the last! What a wonderful celebration...