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And The Venue For Our Daughter's Wedding Is ….

After months of searching for the perfect venue
for us
we finally found it in San Clemente!
We had searched all of the San Diego area where Ellis and Elliot live
all over the area where Jeff and I reside
ironically ended up with a venue
half way in between!

Ellis and Elliot will be getting married at
Casino San Clemente
next May 27th!

The Casino is a historic property built in 1937
when the word casino was used in it's literal meaning 
as gathering hall.
Just like the iconic casino in Avalon, Catalina
these casinos were designations
for the top bands and entertainment of the day
back when big bands ruled and weekends were danced away!

It was the first property we all four loved from the get go!!
It was what I had been waiting to find for the entire seven months!
A place  that just felt right for us!
I am sure the four of us all respond to the property for different reasons
but I for one love 
it's historic heritage in an iconic beach town.

But even more importantly than the fact it's a half a block from the beach
is the three distinct spaces for the wedding the Casino has!

Most importantly it has an enclosed rock garden 
with a fireplace which will be the perfect space for the ceremony.

The Casino also has another patio in the front 
with  another  fireplace, market lights and a view of the ocean.
This space will  be perfect for cocktails after the ceremony
while the bridal party does photos on the beach.
This venue  is just the feeling and aesthetic we were searching for
without even knowing it existed!

The interior hall is lined with black and white photos
of all the Hollywood stars that not only appeared here
but socialized as well back in 
the San Clemente Casino's hey day.

The ballroom will house the reception
 is one of the only honeycombed ceiling structures that remain in California.
Of all of the three spaces
I think this one will need the most attention
to bring it down to an intimate space for dinner and dancing
but I already have all kinds of design ideas to address the challenge.

Ellis and I can't wait to start designing the space for the ceremony
what a joy it will be since the bones of the rock garden are quite lovely 
all 360 degrees around!

After such a search for the perfect for us wedding venue
it is such a joyful relief that we actually did find it!
Towards the end 
I for one was fearing we might just have to settle
but we kept venturing on month after month
I couldn't be happier with the results
 our choice of 
The San Clemente Casino
for our girl's wedding!

What a fantastic memory it will be for both 
Ellis and Elliot
all of our family and friends!

So now that we finally have the perfect venue
and date secured
let the joyful planning begin!!

And if we weren't sure this was the perfect venue
the fact that the Casino also owns the adjacent
Ellie's Table
was just another sign that this was the perfect venue
Ellis and Eliot's wedding.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. What a gorgeous venue Tamera! I know why you chose it as a backdrop for your wedding. What a relief, now you can get to the fun stuff.

    1. Thank you Leslie! You are so right! It is truly a relief … and now we can go onto the fun planning! xox

  2. Oh my gosh!
    This place is perfect, Tamera!
    Earth tones...sea and sky tones...nature's complimentary beautiful...
    Splendid history!
    I love the intimacy of the rock garden.
    Thank you and Ellis for sharing this journey.

    1. Lynn, yes our venue does have all of that for sure! Thank you my dear, ever so much for following along on our wedding journey! xox

  3. It looks wonderful!
    You have such a gift for decorating and entertaining that it will be a beautiful and memorable event!
    Now have you bought your outfit yet? Has Your daughter bought a gown? Such exciting times for you all :-)

    1. Thank you my dear! And yes, I do so enjoy working on events with my daughter!

      I have designs for my dress in the works. I will be having it made and am excited to travel to Los Angeles for the fabric. We have yet to begin the search for her dress … but we can't wait to do so!! xox

  4. It really does look perfect! San Clemente is my favorite SoCal beach town. My Aunt used to live there in a beach house with a view of the ocean. I body surfed in the largest waves ever in my life while visiting her while I attended SDSU. I think you will make the wedding breathtakingly beautiful.

  5. I attended a few company events here and I must say that I was impressed every time. The place was aesthetically pleasing with very good decorations and seats. The SF event venues had a great layout overall, and was at a comfortable temperature.

  6. I'm tearing up already, thinking of Ellis walking in a white dress toward her groom in this beautiful space. What an excellent choice of location, and I hope to be there to celebrate this beautiful day of a lovely young lady who has been just so, since a very little girl.

  7. Very elegant wedding venue! It's an amazing choice for wedding. So perfect for your beautiful daughter. Thanks Love xoxo