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Pulling My New Favorite Outfit Together … Accessories First

It's still Gray May here in Southern California
I'm still intent on celebrating it to the best of my ability
as I wait for our sunshine days to return.

So with a gray Friday date night to style for
this week I let my new infatuation with
Jo Malone be the outfit's beginning inspiration.
Using fragrance as a jump off point was a first for me.

But since I  had sought out a fragrance to help  support and celebrate my recent splurge on a 
I knew I would have the building blocks for a great outfit!
 I had purchased the pink wrap to  not only highlight 
my newest pink peony crown
but to be a luxurious piece that would help me find the beauty 
in our SoCal May Gray and upcoming June gloom weather.
With such a fabulous accessories to pull out
our gray days have new beauty for this accessory loving woman!

I ended up using my fragrance and accessory inspiration
to style an out fit that is my 
new favorite!

I had worked all day Friday
so I knew I wanted an outfit that way casual and comfy
but with a dose of  my beloved glam as well!

For me I hit the nail on the head when I paired
my J Crew wool sweatshirt
with my by now vintage taffeta ball skirt.
Sporty + Glam 
is always a winning combination in my book!

And to think these two pieces that play perfectly together
had both been in my closet for over a year!
It took some great new accessories to bring these two together
for a fabulous new outfit!
This is  exactly why I am always so often driven by accessories first
when styling my outfits.

I kept my accessories to a minimum (for me)
by just adding my crown and eventually my new wrap
a 'sack lunch' bag from Forever 21 that I used as my evening cloth.
The minimal lines and detail of the skirt, sweatshirt and clutch
let my peony crown have wardrobe center stage.
For me styling an outfit is always about finding a perfect balance of elements
for the occasion. of wear.

I kept my hair down with  beachy textured vibe
to compliment 
the casual ease of the outfit.
My Celine sunglasses that are bold in size
but minimal in detail were the perfect 
ending touch for my 
SoCal sporty glam ensemble.

provided the absolutely perfect finishing touch to the outfit.
Being able to bring it out with a chill in the air
really makes me truly able to 
celebrate our  SoCal grey days!

It is definitely a gift in aging
to learn to celebrate and find beauty
in what we can't change in life!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Love your hair! Love this grey and pink combination. And your making the best of it attitude. The pink touch in the clouds is the perfect match to the wrap and the attitude ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you my dear for your sweet words! Yes, life is so much more joyful … with a "make the best of it attitude". I'm so grateful I have learned this one! xo

  2. This is one of my favourite colour schemes. I love your hair like this and the juxtaposition of the sweatshirt and long skirt, it's dressy but has an ease to it.

    1. Tabitha thank you ever so much you gorgeous woman you! I'm always so happy when you visit here … all the way from Scotland! I so enjoyed checking out the women's shop who you highlighted on Instagram yesterday! What a delight! xo

  3. Such a beautiful, joyful post, Tamera! I love everything here from your smile, the colors, to Catherine's gorgeous wrap! Your hair is beautiful!

    1. Pam thank you so much for not only visiting … but your warm and delightful words as well! xo

  4. Pink and grey is a combination I have loved since I saw my mother do it when I was a child: grey suit, with pink satin scarf! Your outfit brings back nice memories for look stunning in a modern, casual way, and the pink cashmere and peonies are beautiful! xx

  5. Beautiful! I love the pink. What shade is that Tom Ford lippy? It looks gorgeous on you.

    1. Hello Jeanne! The Tom Ford lippy is Nude Blush! xo

  6. celebrate and find beauty what we can change......but for some it took to long to notice this important wisdom, which make life easier and yourself more relaxed and confident. Glad you have got it or it seems you always knew it...the color combi is timeless and it flatters
    every woman.

  7. of course....we CAN'T change....

  8. Thank you Tamera for modelling my cashmere wrap so beautifully...I love your wisdom 'learning to celebrate and find beauty in what we can't change in life' makes for a happy life!
    Have a wonderfully stylish week :) xx

  9. So pretty in your pinks and greys, definately cheering up those grey days. Wise words about learing to accept and celebrate what we can't change.

  10. I love that you had pieces in your closet that came out to play with your gorgeous peony crown, which frames your beautiful face to perfection. The luxurious cashmere wrap is a great addition to your ensemble. Thank you for sharing your crown and your beauty with Hat Attack!

  11. Such a perfect pop of color with the neutral skirt. Love the brighter pink flower in the back. I can't wait to style mine. In progress! XO

  12. Always a vision of loveliness - we have to get ready for the hotter days of California summers. Popped by from Judith's Hat Attack.

  13. I love Jo Malone too! The combination of flax gray and pink are so lovely! Lots of fun finding new blogs through link ups!

  14. I'm so happy to see this beautiful post on our #stylefocus Lifestyle Linkup, Tamera. Thank you for joining us! Isn't it fun to find two pieces that work so perfectly together, as a brand new pairing? The skirt and top are just right together. Your cashmere is just lovely. I purchased the camel poncho last fall from Catherine. It kept me cozy all season. Your hair looks so pretty with the beachy waves.
    Gorgeous post! Have a lovely weekend my friend.
    xx, Heather

  15. You look so cute! I love your flower crown! xo

  16. I found you through the #stylefocus linkup and my, what a beautiful post! We have a lot in common when it comes to loving our beautiful city! I am also located in Southern California! Thank you for sharing and constantly inspiring!