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Learning To Appreciate Our SoCal Gloom

It's not always sunny here in our beautiful SoCal.
In fact the  weather in month of May has recently been coined
May Gray
which always proceeds our month of June Gloom
when the marine layer can settle in for most of the day.

For years I have gotten up on these sunless days
disappointed not to see everything bathed in  our usual sunshine.

But this year it is my intention
to learn
to see things differently.

I have decided instead of complaining about what 
I can't change
I will find ways to embrace
appreciate this weather 
as much as our beloved sunshine.

For one thing this weather offers clothing choices
I didn't even have during our unusually warm weather this winter.

For our Friday date night
I decided to play with proportions 
 layer in new ways.

I layered my taffetas dress over a crisp white shirt
topped this over some wide legged pants
heels and layers of necklaces
my new Celine sunnies!

The chilly weather provide the perfect opportunity
to wear my new jacket I bought
when I was in Berkley
at the Stella Carakasi studio.
I love the drama of the light airy fabric
mixed with boiled wool sleeves and front
fabulous pockets!

As I have gotten older
I realize we have little control over  so much of life
that I think 
more happiness comes from 
intentionally  searching for the beauty along the way.

And taking the time to truly savor and enjoy it
when we do !

To help me  fully embrace our gloomy weather  even more
I splurged and purchased another of
  Catherine Robinson's 
cashmere  wraps
This time in warm pink.
It  will be the perfect accessory to highlight
my primarily grey and white wardrobe
the next couple of months.
Catherine's wraps always feel like a luxurious hug
will be a way for me to cherish the morning and evening chill here in SoCal
the next couple of months!

For me having clothes I Want to Wear
is always the best way to not only appreciate the weather
but for me
celebrate it as well!
And I know soon enough we will be back to our 
true SoCal weather !

In another attempt to perk up my wardrobe
I decided to shop for a new scent!

I have been shopping for something I loved for years now!
I had about given up 
was thinking I just must not be a perfume type of woman
until I found a
Jo Malone
scent strip 
in a recent fashion magazine
loved it.

I have walked by Jo Malone for years 
at Neiman Marcus
but the sight of all those bottles and choices
just kept me walking.
Not  knowing much about scents they
had me  too intimidated to stop by
until I found the strip of Peony Blush Suede!

Well long story short
I can't believe I have been missing this all these years!
Their idea of layering scents
to create your own
has me as a newest convert to this fabulous line!

This morning I actually woke up on this once again
drizzly morning
so excited to wear my new fragrance!
Now our June gloom  will even smell beautiful to me!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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The Style Nudge


  1. Dear Tamera I love how you embraced and layered this gorgeous ensemble! When I was in Southern California, the rain was needed so badly, I certainly could not complain and we did get in a couple of beach days!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel : Three Weeks

  2. Maybe it is an age thing , I am sure we learn to so much more as the years pass. The weather is out of our control , so just embrace each day as it comes. We are just entering our Winter here , which I once hated but now relish the time to enjoy my hats, coats , gloves and scarves. I love your black and white look, especially those pants. Enjoy your new fragrance.xx

  3. As always, you write the blog that I want to read. I get lost in your photos, these windows to a beautiful, magical world. There are no words to express how much you inspire me and touch my soul. I know, isn't it annoying when people think they know what you "should" do but.. I think you should design sunglasses. I love every single pair you put on and how you make them a piece of delicious jewelry rather than just something functional.

  4. you look great, your dress looks great as the Celine sun glasses do but most important is the wisdom to enjoy things you can't change.
    Bad weather as many other "uncomfortable" occurrences have so many advantages which we can learn from

  5. Jo Malone Orange Blossom has been my signature scent for nearly ten years, I never tire of its notes of citrus, never cloying, always truly fresh and clean, forever springlike. Regards, Luciana from Edmonton.

  6. I feel the same way you do about Jo Malone. I will now stop by her counter and try your Peony suggestion. Thank you!

  7. Tamera, I never fail to visit your blog without leaving feeling inspired and motivated~ your words here are so beautiful and heartfelt; thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being the gorgeous and generous person that you are~ XXOO