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Stella Carakasi and Sunset at the Beach

I was recently introduced to 
by none other than than my  gorgeous friend Adrienne of 

I knew when I picked my pieces
they would work wonderfully into my SoCal wardrobe
I couldn't wait to wear them to the beach for cocktails
for our Friday date night.

I have been looking for quite some time now
for a white skirt that could be both
dressy and sporty.
One that I could dress up with heels
still be able to dress down with sandals
even just take out for a walk on the beach.
I have found the answer to all of the above in the
Stella Carakasi
New Wave Skirt!

I knew soon as I saw the
Take Note Vest
it would be my top pick for sure!
It's a tunic length vest with not only a hood
but pockets as well!

This is one piece that will be getting
so much wear this summer
in my wardrobe!
It's the perfect balance of sporty glam for me!
I will be wearing this vest with everything from
shorts and jeans to my cropped ankle pants!

I am so excited to announce
I have been invited by gorgeous Adrienne
to walk in her fashion show event!

Adora Bags
(I posted about these fabulous bags HERE)
 has designed a brand new bag
in a most luscious shade of yellow!

To help celebrate Adrienne's new bag
the Stella Carakasi design that inspired Adrienne's color choice
is having a fashion show at their Berkley Headquarters
Friday May 1st!

You can find all the exciting details on Adrienne's
The Rich Life On A Budget!

I can't wait to go and support my gorgeous friend
the exciting collaboration of these
three stylish brands!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

Deborah Montgomery!
You are the lucky winner of last weeks
bracelet giveaway!


  1. I've browsed her things on her web site a couple of times but it's not within my budget that's for sure. ;) You look beautiful on that beach as usual.

  2. The photos are just gorgeous; I especially love the 3rd one, a closeup of you with the glamorous hat and sunglasses. The outfit is super too. xx

  3. Perfect, perfect choice of items. This entire ensemble speaks Tamera with a capital T. You do know your signature style and are so very true to it. This entire post just made me smile. The event sounds like so much fun, I wish Tori and I could be there just to watch you model, you gorgeous lady you.

  4. What a great hat and ensemble. You look stunning! I'm sure you will have so much fun doing this event.


  5. Stunning photos as guys in CA have so much fun...I confess I am very envious! Enjoy the are the perfect model.

  6. You look gorgeous, like a sea goddess! Wonderful choices from Stella Carakasi; they suit you so well!

  7. I'm in love with your skirt - what a gorgeous piece, with great, interesting detailing. You look fabulous, and your white crown is angelic! xx

  8. Love, love these beach shots and your gorgeous outfit! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  9. Fabulous piece! I have to check the designer out! I just hope that they shop worldwide..

  10. Tamera, a most gorgeous look on you! I adore a Stella tunic I got last year, so soft and flowy!!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. so exciting!!! Yay! Just got your email, and am thrilled to have won those gorgeous bracelets! As I told you, they will look great with my almost all-white/cream summer wardrobe. Which is also why I'm loving this look on you, love all that beautiful white. You look gorgeous. Now I'm going off to check out that skirt. Thanks again for your very generous giveaway. I will certainly enjoy!

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous pieces Tamera! So perfect for SoCal and the beach....look so comfy and chic...have a beautiful week and let's see if we can squeeze in an hour for a little tea! XXOO

  13. Thank you for this post. Always searching for those perfect California threads. Will check out Stella Carakasi today!

  14. you look amazing in them, and they are both beautiful pieces and really "you". Love the pictures, you look radiantly happy - a true sign of how far you've come since you thought of starting this blog. Life is just wonderful isn't it ? Even with the ups and downs along the way.
    much love
    Julie @bohomumma

  15. We Californians are so very fortunate...the weather, the locations, the events, etc. Tamera you look fabulous as always. Now that hat is a definite statement piece. Brava to you!


  16. You look fabulous, Tamera...I love your hat it looks amazing...I'm going to pop across to Adrienne's blog now ;)
    Have a lovely week xx

  17. Gorgeous outfit! Fab photos on the beach!

    Alena &

  18. Gorgeous outfit, thanks for introducing me to this designer! I love the hooded vest and the phot with the crown and beautiful smile is breathtaking.

    Accidental Icon

  19. I love, love, love your whole outfit, but especially the hat! I wish so much I could wear hats - you either have a hat or "crown" head or you don't. You do! I look forward to seeing your posts because you are always so inventive and creative in your style Tamera.
    Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!


  20. You are stunning in this ensemble and your radiance is contagious. Each photo is a piece of art! Will look forward to seeing the photos of Adrienne's show!

  21. Hello, Tamera, I'm glad I have regained your blog, which is still gorgeous, and a benchmark of beauty and good taste. You continue to be, also a reference of elegance and imagination. I follow you again.

  22. How long did it take you to climb that ROCK!
    Lovely.............done with REMNANTS and TASKS in my LIFE.DID I read you are going to be in BERKELEY.............
    Welcome to my HOOD!

  23. Tamera, thank you for sharing your gorgeous headwear with Hat Attack! I treasure your participation!

  24. You look gorgeous! Where is your hat from? I'm off to check out that skirt!

    1. Hello Donna! the hat is from Forever 21 several seasons ago.