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Travel Wardrobe For Catalina

Well I have returned from a 
fabulous family trip to Catalina!

Those of you who follow along here
with my online journal
know after every trip
I like to do a 
Travel Wardrobe Recap
to decide what worked
what I would do better next trip.

As someone who is highly affected by what I wear
I take packing for a trip seriously.
I have never been one to throw things in a bag
and go.
But I truly admire those who can!

When I pack
I try to think through what I will be doing
the feeling I want to wear when doing so.

This was a family trip
so I didn't want to wear anything too over the top
I still wanted to respect my own style
love of wearing clothes.
I wanted to find a joyful middle ground.

I decided on a neutral palette
with a couple of glam pieces 
for my birthday dinner
plenty of sports clothes
loungewear for the condo
some all purpose clothes for sightseeing. 

Knowing it was a sunny and very warm day
I left in shorts and my spring suede
jacket and booties.

It was a fine outfit
to greet  an island 
with bygone Hollywood glamour.

Once we made it to Hamilton Cove
where we staying literally … right on the beach
I changed into my caftan for a family dinner barbecuing on the balcony.

Excuse the shots that are less than  perfect
I really wanted family time to be the main goal
 just snapped a few shots here and there
to remind myself later. 

My crocheted caftan
worked perfectly for the occasion
of dining on our balcony.
Comfort and glamour in one simple dress.

For a birthday dinner out the next night
my turban
 with my sequin shirt and fringe skirt
with some cork platforms
hit the note I was looking for.
Glam with a casual elegance.

Saturday morning found Ellis and I at 
Descanso Beach.
This is the hat I let her borrow
because hers was in her room.

Because my blog is an online journal
not a fashion blog
I can be a good girlfriend
show you sometimes my travel wardrobe
didn't work as well as as I wanted.

Ellis and I ended up deciding to sun on  the loungers
at the stunning  Descanso Beach.

We had left our condo
with thoughts of paddle boarding
while the boys golfed.
But nothing opens there until after 11:00
so we decided to beach it instead.
Although I had a suit on underneath
I ended up in sport clothes
at this most glamorous destination.
Although I did fit right in.

Later when I went back to change
I came back ever so much happier
especially with my huge straw hat by Frank Olive
that I wore over.
This hat had waited it's whole life for such an occasion!

My huge hat was soon exchanged
for this western version bought from a beach shop.
There was no way I was taking my extra wide brimmed beauty
out kayaking.

This hat that I bought just to kayak
ended up to be what I wore the rest of the trip.
It was the perfect fit for the 
casual island vibe and  sightseeing.

I had no idea that Catalina was primarily
a truly golf cart community.
Each of our condos came with their own golf cart!
Which for the first few days
made getting there half the fun!

Sunday we drove one out to
the Wrigley Botanical Gardens.

It was here I realized a great  tip for pictures
in an outfit you are quite tired of wearing by the end of a travel day …

Is simply to pose in a dramatic setting
it brings instant panache and style
even to an outfit that has seen a whole day!

My fringe backpack from H&M
gets high travel marks form me!
The backpack aspect made it so functional for touring around
the dramatic fringe made it fresh and fashion worthy.

Even though by the end of the day
I might have tired of my outfit
(but I always do what ever the outfit)
this ensemble worked sublimely.

I had brocade ankle pants from Anthropologie
with a linen tunic top
flat sandals
finished it with a wrap
that made the changing weather a non issue.

I travel with just a couple of necessities in my backpack
with of course my phone and glasses.

So there you have it.
All in all I was most pleased with my 
Travel Wardrobe to Catalina.

And I was still ever so happy to get home
to the rest of my wardrobe friends!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life

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  1. What a great place for a family getaway. I lived there when I was 16 years old and your pictures remind me of that time (I'm chuckling to myself because I was so carefree back then...). I love your wardrobe pieces-they look beautiful and comfortable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh Holli Catalina must have been an amazing place to be sixteen! Thank you much for visiting my dear!

  2. Oh my friend, you make packing and styling for a trip look so glamorous and put together. But since I know you, I'm not surprised one little bit. You are the most organized, well thought out and stylish lady I know. Your trip looked amazing and so memorable. Absolutely adore your newest hat purchase and those incredible shots you captured. And why it hit me so profoundly today, I cznt really say but thank you for reminding me that a blog as an online journaling can be so unique and beautiful.
    Hugs to you, my dear friend.

    1. Hugs right back to you my dear! You and your beautiful family trips were one of the inspirations of our family trip to Catalina! that is high style praise coming from you! Your beach outfit in San Diego was absolutely chic beach style spot on!

      Reminding myself my blog is an online journal … rather than a fashion blog … always frees me to tell my style story authentically. Which means I can sometimes use less than perfect pictures to convey my story and never have to feel I can only the perfect. I think sometimes what didn't work, (in life and style), can be just as entertaining and memorable.

      I will always be grateful for my blog … because through it I found you, who is as beautiful inside as out! xox

  3. Welcome home! So glad your time was magical. Love all your choices, even the one you say didn't work for you. I too think carefully about packing and like to feel put together in casual settings, so I know how you feel. The new hat is fun. I wonder if it will find it's place at home? I love the energy and practicality of your backpack. And a wrap is always so useful and glamorous. Those brocade pants are stunning! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank you Jazzy for your kind words! Yes, I am sure my new hat will actually find a place among my collection!

      I tried to comment on your blog, but it wouldn't work. I wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated your revamping a sun dress into the kimono! Well done my dear, especially with your styling!

  4. Catalina looks wonderful, as do you. I love the casual straw hat, so perfect for the setting.

    1. Thank you my dear! I certainly enjoyed following along on your road trip last week!

  5. Looks like it was perfect in every way! Love your looks...and, as always, the best accessories!

    1. Thank you dear Pam! I do think we both have high appreciation of accessories as style players! Thanks so much for visiting darling!

  6. Tamera it has been years since going to Catalina, I loved it though and the way you could run around in the golf cart everywhere!
    Your outfits were perfect for this fun birthday trip!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  7. As I read your post, I realize that I too have an online journal. You have a brilliant way of framing concepts! I love your close-ups and of course the headwear that you took with you on your family trip. Glamour follows you wherever you go. Thank you for sharing your headwear and your beauty with Hat Attack. And happy birthday Tamera!!!

  8. The second photo of you, the one on the dock, just radiates happiness and beauty! If I had to choose an image of how I would love to look and feel that would be it. Breathtaking! Your pictures are my daily beauty pick-me-up. Where did you find the lovely tunic top you wore most often? Ever thought of hosting a weekend retreat, I'd love to just bask in your glow.
    Thank you for being you!

  9. How is it possible for someone to look thus chic while carrying a backpack and sightseeing??? You remind me so much of Grace Kelly xoxo

  10. Looks like you had a fabulous trip. And can I just say...I can only wish to rock a turban half as good as you. You looked so fab with it.