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demi Century

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to read the style feature
on me!

" Tamera has a line of crowns that she’s coming out with, with the purpose that all women should “crown themselves.” we are all good enough, pretty enough, and worthy enough to honor ourselves."


  1. Tori and I were patiently waiting, maybe not so patiently due to being quite excited to see it. Gorgeous captures of you, my friend. But the meesage the two of you wrote is one for all women to read.

  2. On my way to read the feature about you Tamera!!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. What a great feature and such lovely inspiring words!
    You are teaching me lessons on how to navigate this part of my life.

  4. Hello Beautiful!! Happy Fabulous Birthday to you!!

  5. How lovely! I enjoyed seeing another's take on your world! And different camera angles. Beautiful, just as you are my dear! xo Jazzy Jack

  6. I so enjoyed this post and especially the peek inside your home. It goes so perfectly with your personality and your gorgeous and regal look, art and demeanor. What a sanctuary! Congrats on a wonderful post and interview.
    Accidental icon

  7. Very excited.. I LOVE your crowns! And you are SO right.. every woman should have one! Must look heavenly beatiful!
    Can´t wait to see them :)

    have a great time dear friend and
    see you soon in my WABISABI - Project (next monday)
    Dana :)