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Birthday Crowning

There is no better time to 
Crown Yourself
than a birthday!

So of course that's just what I did!

I Crowned Myself
with joy!

Proud to be one year older at 56 now!

When on my birthday eve
Ari Seth Cohen of
started following me on
it was perfect timing!

Because it reminded me 
of the shift in the idea of aging
that is taking place.

And that shift 
has to begin inside each of us.
We all must realize 
celebrate the great gifts
that come with being one year older.
So that we can not only inspire each other
but remind those coming behind us
that there is honor in getting
older and wiser.

A new beauty that is unfolding.

This year I intend to 
Crown Myself
celebrate my years!

All the time making it a priority
to seek
 out joy in the everyday

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Happy Birthday Dear Tamera! Your birthday crown is extraordinary, and so are you in your colorful and brilliant outfit which is a feast for the eyes. As you state, I believe that the attitudes regarding aging are changing and that you are a catalyst to that shift, along with others who lead the way. Yes, it does begin within, with the support of others who are moving forward with a more kind and gentle culture for all. Hope that your celebration is divine!

    1. Judith my dear, thank you not only for your kind words … but for leading the way … in our cultures shift in regards to aging. you have been such an inspiration to me … for years now. Not only for your beautiful example of grace, style and beauty at any age … but for your grace and courage in during some of life's hardest transitions.

      You are quite right about the shift in aging … beginning inside … and what a difference it makes to have support from others who are moving forward with a more kind and gentle culture for all. Thank you for your support and the path you are blazing.
      Sending you much love my dear. xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday!

    You look like Mother Nature here with that glorious crown.

    Hope your day was wonderful.


    1. Thank you Suzanne! I hear from Trina Grand, you are organizing quite the blogger get together this summer! Huge kudos to you my dear! I am sure it will be fabulous!

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful Tamera. May you be filled with much joy in the coming year.

    1. Thank you Lisa for the kind birthday wishes my dear!

  4. You are just so beautiful! I turn 55 this summer. It's a lot different than when I turned 25, that is for sure. But que sera sera! Peace and very happy birthday! Cheryl

    1. Thank you Cheryl for the kind birthday wishes my dear!

  5. Best crown EVER!
    best wishes for a wonderful year of 56.

  6. you look wonderful and congratulations x

  7. Brightest birthday blessings Tamera! Hope this year is a wonderful one for you!

    1. Thank you very much my dear! Trina tells me you too, will be at the bloggers get together this July. What an incredible gathering that will be! xo

  8. 56 is hard to believe, look at you! I delight in your delight - great crown. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Tamera (fellow Piscean, I'm 55 next week)! That is one magnificent crown, and the majestic look suits you.

  10. Happy birthday! The crown is a beauty and so are you!

  11. Happy birthday! You have such beautiful skin - it looks fabulous! Congratulations on being followed by Ari Seth Cohen! Best wishes, Pamela

  12. Fabulous crown, and you look lovely wearing it and your gorgeous kimono. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  13. THE BEST EVER.................THE BEST.
    The photo of the sunset........AMAZING!

  14. Suzanne said it perfectly, you do look like The Queen of Mother Nature and I can't think of a better kind of Queen to be. You radiate pure joy and happiness and confidence.
    I echo your words and thoughts on aging, it does come from within and when we feel joy, happiness, and confident, each year just gets better. Thank you, my friend, for your incredible inspiration.

  15. Happy Birthday all Month long.
    Beautiful spirit here with your crowns you wear them well.

    Keep inspiring life soulfully.



  16. Va-va-voom.....o-la-la.....Beautiful.....YOU, Tamera! I can't wait to see what your darling husband has planned for your special day!

    You have given me the inspiration to wear my crown and boa for my 65th birthday in Los Angeles on the 26th. My husband and I will stay at the Omni for two days, dress up, listen to jazz, eat fabulous food and go to the Museum of Contemporary Art.....who says getting old isn't fun!!!

  17. Happy Birthday my friend!! You look more and more beautiful all the time and I adore your crown!!
    Thank you for celebrating us women of a certain age!

    The Arts by Karena

  18. Oh Tamera! You are always such an inspiration. Happy Birthday dear friend you are so beautiful--inside and out---and you make 56 look amazing. I'm so excited about the growing success of your crowns, the message of crowning ourselves is so uplifting and so powerful!

  19. Tamera,
    It's your inner beauty that speaks loud and clear to me. Happy Birthday, friend.

  20. Happy birthday! You look amazing in that well-deserved crown. Cheers to you-special person-and as always, thank you so much for your inspiration and the grace you share!