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A Surprise Turning 50 Tea Party!

Last week I was lucky enough
to be invited to a 
Surprise Tea Party
for my wonderful friend Sue
who just turned a very gorgeous 50!

The surprise party took place in Costa Mesa at

The big table in back set the stage
for a most remarkable tea.

The table was chicly set by the surprise party hostess!

This lovely party was thrown by one of Sue's best friends
Dorie Swanson.

The fact that I know Dorie
is another
magical meeting and friendship
that came to be because of my blog!

Dorie is the sister of Heather
from the always chic blog

I had invited Heather and her husband Scott
to a fall brunch
 when they were down south here visiting a couple of years ago.
Heather asked it she could bring her sister Dorie
who had been a designer for Saint John  for almost twenty years.

Heather thought Dorie and I would hit it off
she couldn't have been more right!

Then it was through Dorie
that I met the fabulous Sue Chambers
Beautiful new friendships
all because I blog.

Dorie brought her amazing tea cup collection
for the party.

Cups and saucers that were really
art pieces that she has collected
on her trips to Europe.

Dorie now has a florist and plant design company
so cups and saucers were paired with 
the most perfect cut flowers
for the tables centerpieces.

Other sets were used for the drinking of tea.
I was most fond or mine
 the fact that the artwork in the cup
showed thru the tea.

The tea was rounded out with some mimosas.

Dorie made each glass feel so special
by the perfect addition of
 small flowers tied on with  ribbon.

Another fabulous arrangement was the gift for the birthday girl!

My very favorite part of this
surprise tea
(well maybe it was tied with the chic table styling)
was the friendship and love that was at the table
most especially the exuberance
dear Sue
 has for turning

Big birthday hugs Sue
Your joy in life is always inspiring!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. How fun is this! Looks like such a lovely time, Tamera!

    1. Thank you Pam! It was such a lovely time! Thank you for visiting my dear! xox

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday!! I love all the attention to detail and wow what a tea cup collection! A very happy birthday to Sue!

    1. It was such a fun way to celebrate! I thought you would appreciate the details my dear! Can't wait to have tea with you today! xox

  3. What a lovely party! Thanks for the heads-up on that bakery/tea shop. Looks explore worthy.

    1. Maria it is explore worthy. It's located off the beaten path in Costa Mesa … but the interior is so fun and all the baked goods are gluten and dairy free … but you would never know by how delicious they are! They have my favorite scones ever!

  4. Absolutely magical! I happen to have a small trinket box that matches the tea cup set with the little cherubs on it. I found it at an antique stop years ago.
    My daughter's wedding shower will be a tea. I hope I can find 30 tea cups!

  5. You certainly have some stunning spots in your neck of the woods, Tamera, this one is just wonderful. A fantastic idea for a special birthday, what could be better, tea and friends.

  6. Tamera you have such a gift of making the simplest of items look so chic and artsy my I've had my teacup collection for 12 years and this was their debut. The day was lovely! It's so important to take time out to celebrate the friendships we cultivate. Thank you for being such an important, chic part of the celebration my friend xo Dorie

  7. A beautiful tea party in a magical setting, Tamera. Oh, and the tea cup collection is Divine! A lovely, special birthday - who would not love such a day. xo

  8. A lovely tea set with such pretty China teacups and flowers. You all look so happy....and a fitting tribute to a wonderful friend.

  9. Hi Tamera,

    wow this looks really awesome. I never see this...really lovely

  10. What a fun group of women Tamera. I love how we meet the most fascinating friends through blogging!! (including you)
    This is the perfect spot for a birthday luncheon!!

    The Arts by Karena
    A New Gallery in Town!

  11. Well, that last photo reminds me of the MAD HATTER TEA PARTY...............why did those other DAMES Not DON a HAT for the occasion!!!!Beautiful photo for a lovely occasion..................HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE!!!YOU are entering a NEW CHAPTER...................WELCOME!!!!I do believe SUE was the one who gave you the PARTY on the BEACH??I like HER ALREADY!!!!!!!THAT was D I V I N E!

  12. What fun! I love a good tea party : )

    Blogging provides some unique gifts.


  13. Beautiful images for a most memorable moment!, I notice that the last image reminds me of the Last Supper, (in the best way possible) very Rennaissance-ish...greetings!

  14. You captured this party so beautifully, Tamera. My sister, always chic and creative, has created some floral masterpieces in teacups. She is such a talent (and her background as a fashion designer doesn't hurt;). What a memorable party for Sue! I just knew you and Dorie would have a creative connection. The connections we make through blogging are indeed unique. I'll never forget that lovely autumn afternoon at your home darling friend. Love this post!
    xx, Heather

  15. This looks like such a wonderful day! I would love to have a tea party for my birthday! Happy Birthday to your dear friend and how blessed you are to have her as well as all of the other lovely ladies for friends

  16. What a lovely tea party - the cups and saucers are magical! You and Sue look marvelous in your hats.

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