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Sunday Gratitude

A simple Sunday post
to share some weekend 

I think one of the easiest ways to
Crown Ourselves
is to 
take the time for intentional

Too often I follow my thoughts
of worry and anxiety
just plain melancholy
so I realize
I must put more energy into
on the beauty
that is in my life
be grateful.

I was most grateful for getting out this weekend 
with my wonderful husband.

He brought me the most 
'Friday Flowers'
they always make my heart melt.

We went down to the beach Friday night to
a new to us destination
in Crystal Cove
that opened in October.

They serve some of the most 
beautiful hand crafted cocktails I have seen.

From inside
it was a wonderful view to watch the drapes 
wafting in the wind 
as the sun declined in the sky
with the fresh ocean air settling in.

I received a most beautiful Friday present
from my love,
This little pitcher 
will be making it into 
my morning ritual of coffee and candles
before sunrise.

As a lover of stylish places
I am always drawn to a restaurants ambiance
before the food
are always a place 
to see just how well attention to detail
carries through ….
Babettes gets an A for sure!

I love the luxurious simplicity 
interplay of texture and tone.

Saturday I was back at 
French Food Camp
which is what Andrea's cooking classes have 
morphed into.
So much more than a class
Andrea aptly describes the camp as
"a book club about food … minus the books".

I appreciate Andrea's food
but it is her attention to detail
generous spirit
collector of fabulous women
that has me returning 
month after month.

I have realized at this time in my life
I am not so much into cooking
as it takes me out of my studio for too long …
but boy do I relish 
appreciate people whose art form
creative outlet it is!

One of my favorite parts of classes in Laguna is
sunset cocktails
with my husband afterwards.

One of our favorite places to do this is
in Laguna.

Not seen from the street
you really need to know where it is …
once you do …
You will be so glad you found this little gem!

We had a perfect table up front
with enough time
to slow down
take in the wonder
that is always to be 
at the beach
for sunset.

I press these moments
deep into my heart
as a reminder
of the spectacular beauty
to be found
the simple moments
in life.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Oh my goodness, what a lovely place. Really enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Gorgeous! You and the photos and the lifestyle and the sentiments.

  3. It's so wonderful to see the lovely details and scenery you've captured here. Taking a few moments to just notice and feel gratitude is such a mood lifter.

  4. On this beautiful Sunday afternoon as I was reflecting over the past week, I couldn't have asked for a better post to read. Thank you dear lady for always being able to capture and share just soul confirming words and memories.
    I appreciate your sincere desire to love the simple things in life and the simple and small details which make the whole of anything truly remarkable. I'm always amazed that you are up before sunrise, I don't know if I'll ever gain that ability,even if Par does it. Jeff sure did a fantastic job of showing his love this weekend with those gorgeous flowers and that lovely pitcher. Hope your day is filled with Joy!

  5. Tamera, as I was so fortunate to live in San Diego for thirteen years with my late husband, seeing the water and the sunsets of Southern California just make my heart sing with gratitude for that time we had together. I know that somewhere out there he is on the lookout for another great man and partner for me! So glad you are experiencing these times with you super husband and with our girlfriends!

    The Arts by Karena

  6. Tamera,thank you for sharing your beautiful weekend with us,your photos are always stunning,showing the beauty in every little detail.Your date nights are always special and this new location seems just perfect.Enjoy your week.

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts and lovely photos! An attitude of gratitude is always the way to go ...

    Dawn Lucy

  8. Babette's looks divine! Love the jug, love the photos, take care x

  9. Thank you for sharing your gratitude, and your lovely photos. Babette's cocktails are so pretty, and your Friday Flowers as beautiful as your picture! x

  10. I love looking/reading your posts. You are so talented with photography and a true wordsmith. I seem to fall into worry, anxiety and "just plain melancholy" myself...and I don't like it....Your posting has truly helped me to push past those moments and instead to concentrate on all the wonderful blessings of my life. Thank you sweet lady for taking the time to put yourself out there as a "real" soul. I appreciate that more than anything! ~ Pam Atkinson

  11. Ah what a beautiful post to read on a Monday morning!!! I love to read and savor the details of your weekend, and was honored that you could make it to Bistro Camp on Saturday, and I share your love of Babettes....and yes, don't we and shouldn't we feel gratitude to be with our loved ones (both human and furry) to be able to watch that gorgeous sunset each day..... wishing you a week that is as beautiful as the weekend was, and ps let's do tea at Zinc this week for sure~ xxooA