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Sprinkling In Some Quick and Easy Valentine Decor

I have been sprinkling in some 
Valentine Decor
here in my home the last couple of weeks.

I was in the mood this year for some  really easy 
light nods
towards the holiday
using fresh flowers 
is always my first choice.

For my dining table
I used my block candle holder
replacing the candles with mini Kalanchoe plants
in the palest of pinks.

Because I used tiny plants 
instead of cut flowers
this arrangement will last least a month
with the most minimal of care.

I used the same mini Kalanchoes
for my centerpiece in my living room
where I place the plants in the tiniest of terra-cotta pots.

To make the centerpiece
I simply used a large wooden box tray
with my collection of well used candles.
To finish off the arrangement
I simply added in dry white rice.

This makes for a perfect centerpiece
for  a winter to spring transition.

My favorite Valentine decor piece
that I use in different places
 each year is my
 soft sculpture heart 
that I made out of
 aluminum tubing and yards and yards of tulle
finished with 
embroidery floss.

For me I love the aesthetic of one bold Valentine piece
backed up with an array of pink flowers and plants.

Not only do I love how it looks
but in makes for the simplest of 
in and out
 holiday decor.
I simply replace the heart with more pink flowers
 this decor takes me right into spring
when I just add in other  varieties and colors of spring flowers.

I am so enjoying keeping everything else in my decor
neutral this year.
I am loving the mixture of textures in monotones.

The monotone textures play out 
throughout my decor
on both soft and hard surfaces
letting the introductions of 
live color
have center stage.

Dropping in flowers in functional spaces
raises function
to artful vignettes.

For my exterior rooms
I use the same principals.

But in the courtyard
all the 'walls'
are made of the live green variety
so dropping a little live color
can make a large statement
backed by the inclusion 
of just a couple 
spring pillows!

I am ever so happy this season
with my quick and simple
Valentine decor
that will take me right into spring.

Fluffing my space
is just another way 
I choose to crown myself
it makes my heart ever so happy to see!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. So lovely Tamera!
    I love the pale pink avalanches and your brighter violets and roses with you gorgeous hand-made heart!
    Have a great week!

    Featuring The HighBoy

  2. Thank you ever so much dear friend!


  3. You are so inspirational, Tamera. Pink is my favourite colour, and you have inspired me to go forth and create a pink Valentine in my house too! Thank you, you have lifted my spirits with this post. x

  4. Patricia thank you for your wonderful words! I always say, to hear I have inspired someone … is always the best compliment ever! I hope the Valentine in your house brings you much joy!

  5. So lovely, Tamera. I like the urns and how you change what's in them all the time. Brilliant! Your courtyard is a dream space to ...dream in!

    1. Thank you my dear! You and I both have big appreciation of small spaces! xo

  6. I just love how colour stands out on a background of neutral! As always your home is beautiful and your decorating touches divine! I take inspiration!!!