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Old Town San Juan … and the Ramos Cafe

Sunday was a drizzly day here 
in Socal
so it was the perfect opportunity
to wear one of my favorite outfits to
Old Town San Juan Capistrano
for lunch at the iconic Ramos Cafe.

I love everything about this outfit
down to my cowboy boots 
that were a perfect fit for Old Town.

I have been collecting the pieces for this outfit for years
the ultra wide legged pants by Walter
are still one of my favorites.

I look for every opportunity when it's chilly
to wear my
Alpaca fedora
from my favorite hat store in Napa
The Montetcristi Panama Hat Shop
It's a favorite of mine
because I can get a hat in the right size
the right size is where
hat attitude can come in!

My Persol works as well for rain
as it does sun protection
 is always such a beautiful accessory to pull out!

We went for brunch at the iconic 
where every detail is styled to perfection!
Sitting right up against the train tracks in San Juan Capistrano
it is one of my top brunch picks for South Orange County
this time not only for the ambiance
but definitely for the food as well!

We were lucky enough to wait for our table on the porch
with drinks.
The Ramos House bloody Mary
is almost urban legend by now
my pomegranate orange mimosa
was mixed perfectly!

Fresh citrus salad
with baratta and cinnamon.

Beef stew on
bleu cheese mash and root vegetables.

I was out still hoping for rain …
 by nightfall it finally poured
 was the perfect backdrop
for a cozy night in
watching the Oscars!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera, you look stunning as always, and I'm bookmarking this restaurant for future reference, so very charming!

  2. Gorgeous...each component of the outfit...the restaurant...and the images....You look lovely as always!

  3. Fabulous pants! Such an elegant drape.

  4. You look fabulous! I love how you spend years completing a look, it is such a fun idea! No words! Peace! Cheryl

  5. Great layers and textures. Looks like a wonderful spot.


  6. What a perfect day.
    Is that a bangle you have around your umbrella to hold it together?
    I saw this post today and thought of you:
    Prof. Tim Entwisle - Director and Chief Exec of Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne
    writes about the Panama Hat Plant.

  7. Tamera there's nothing cooler than those cowboy boots. I used to have red ones that expressed a certain mood of mine. :)
    wish I could've had a Margarita there with you. (don't Margaritas go well with cowboy boots?) It looks like such a fun way to spend a drizzly weather day.

  8. Tamera this looks like another gem in San Juan. Love that area. Your outfit is beautiful and reminds me of Ralph Lauren, but with a Tamera twist! The hat is so perfect on you too. Thanks for all the kind notes lately. xo Kim

  9. What a nice place to visit. Love that photo by the railroad track: you look like one very, very chic and elegant cowgirl! xo

  10. Tamera you are ready for anything and this outfit is perfection for a rainy day out and about!!
    Lunch looks delish as well!
    The Arts by Karena

  11. Wonderful way to spent a drizzly day,such an interesting looking area.I love you in these brown tones from your hat to those cowboy boots.Perfection as always.

  12. What a beautiful outfit, Tamera. I love all the brown tones - they are so rich and warm. Love the fur, the umbrella, the leopard, the wide-leg trousers and the cowboy boots! Oh, and the hat! I love it all.


  13. You of everything with such style and grace. What a lovely day out you had. Hugs

  14. Ah, one of my most favorite places in the whole world. I'm sure, my dear, every head in the restaurant turned to admire you when you walked through those doors! YEAH RAIN!!!!

  15. I was thrilled to see your gorgeous face and hat pop up on Hat Attack! Thank you for sharing! I adore your brown ensemble and the accompanying leopard print. You amaze with each and every post!

  16. How DO you make an outfit look so perfectly 221B Baker Street without looking costumey? So chic.