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Taking My Adora Bag Out for The Day

Jeff and I had a busy Saturday planned this weekend
so it was the perfect time to take my new 
Adora bag out for a  spin!

Adora bags are made in Vinci Italy
in the same town that gave birth to Leonardo Da Vinci.
They are made by skilled artisans in the Tuscan countryside
out of the finest Italian leathers.

I was in love with the history of the bag
even before I opened the box!
Any company that revels in craftsmanship of the individual maker
even numbers each bag 
gets my heart strings for sure!

I love the feel of the leather
 the size of the bag.
When Jeff and I go out for the day
I like to be prepared for anything the day might bring
 that usually means a change of shoes.

I usually travel for the day
with a dressy 'looks good' kind of shoe
then also a shoe I can walk for miles exploring new areas.

My fabulous Adora handled my needs beautifully!
I simply wrapped my walking shoe in a cotton scarf
was set for what ever we chose to do!

My Supra tennies  tucked perfectly into this generous bag
with plenty of room left for my camera
other necessities!

Once our first appointments were finished
I made a quick shoe change
 was off to see what we could see!

Our busy day consisted of
breakfast  in beautiful Downtown Disney …

A scheduled meeting at another wedding venue for this lovely couple.
This time it was at  the Colony House in the historic side of Anaheim.
The building was originally part of SoCal's citrus history
now has been revitalized into a new event space.

After business was done
it was an afternoon discovering new quaint places in Downtown Anaheim
like this tiny free library on the street.
Take a book … leave a book were the only rules.

Right next door was the cutest coffee house I have ever seen!
Taking it's style cue from the Airstream library
there were even books hanging from above.

We walked a couple of blocks to the refurbished
 Anaheim Packing House
home to many unique restaurants inside.
I am always charmed with their regard to the origins of the building
 the time way back when
 it was literally a citrus packing plant.

The Packing House is such a new hot spot these days
it's way to busy and chaotic for my taste
so we found a new lovely place for lunch at
Good Food 
on Center Street.

I was completely set for our busy day of appointments, meetings 
sightseeing and lunch
with my new bag the color of  SoCal winter sunshine!

Another  of my favorite things about this beautiful bag
is the inner clutch that comes inside!

Anyone who loves big bags the way I do
knows that the down side is sometimes the small things can get lost inside.
The genius  designers at Adora have solved this dilemma
with a small  clutch  to keep all the small together!

The clutch comes clipped in  the bag so finding things is a breeze.

Just as good
it can unclip and be a beautiful clutch all on it's own
for nights I just have to bring a few necessities!

You can learn more about these beautiful
Italian bags at

If your in the market for a new high quality bag
at an affordable price
 want a bit of the Tuscan hillsides
to carry your essentials
I can honestly say 
Adora is a bag that I can recommend!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I LOVE BIG BAGS! And I was not familiar with is gorgeous. Thanks for keeping us informed, Tamera!

    1. You are quite welcome my dear! You know I don't review many products here … only ones I am truly taken with! This one is definitely on my list … even the feel of the leather … just says luxury!

      Thank you for dropping by my dear!


  2. Nice. A black bag is going on my wish list. As my father-in-law would say, "Came straight from Italy!"

    1. Jan … Adora has a beautiful one … "straight from Italy". Thank you so much for stopping by my dear!


  3. The bag is a gorgeous color and the leather looks very supple. I always enjoy seeing the places you visit on your jaunts!

    1. Thank you my dear femme! Yes, the leather is quite supple! Supple is exactly the word I nada been searching for … you absolutely nailed it!

      As always, thanks so for stopping by my dear!


  4. Gorgeous bag, stunning colour and one very stylish lady...the perfect combination!
    Enjoy your week, Tamera xx

    1. Catherine thank you so for your kind words! I enjoyed your post today … ever so much. I took the words to heart on my hike today. thank you for the light and love you add to the world.


  5. I stopped by after seeing this gorgeous bag (and you) on Instagram. It looks very lush and in one of my favorite colors. As a lover of large bags, this one is a stunner. Looks beautiful with white and black!

    Thanks for taking us along on your Saturday adventure. Always a pleasure to visit your enchanting world.

    1. Judith it always so lovely to have you visit my dear! Thank you my dear for your generous words!

      I am still reeling from the beauty in your post today. It reminded me just how long I have been following along on the adventure that is your life … and how much you have inspired mine.


  6. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear! I so enjoy your fashion illustrations!


  7. I love your outfit Tamera, those are my favorite colors to wear. And what a fun exciting to be looking for the right wedding venue. (maybe a little stressful too?) they make such a cute couple. Ellis is so lucky to have such a talented Mom when it comes to helping with all those wedding details. :)

  8. VINCI...........a beautiful quaint village. I lived close by 23 years ago!What a gorgeous bag to tote along..................
    Hope you had some success in finding a spot for the up coming ceremony!
    Is that a TOM FORD lipstick I do you like it may I inquire?

  9. Gorgeous. Orange is so underrated (except by Hermes!) Amazing vertical garden and lovely couple.

    Enjoy the sunshine x

  10. How generous of you to share such beautiful pictures of your intriguing life! I know it's not all sunshine and roses at times, but your lovely photos allow me to pretend it is! Thank you, Tamera!

  11. Just the last letter (a) doesn't fit to the bag. I adorE it as you do. Chic, practical..what more can you expect ....and the colour is an eye catcher.

  12. Wow! Affordable by me. I have a birthday before we head to Whistler, BC ! I could build the journey around this bag!
    You make a task and errand day seem so divine dear Tamera B!

  13. Fabulous photos, you look stunning Tamera! I envy your weather, we are freezing in Toronto area brrrrrr. Thankfully, I'm going to Seattle tomorrow to visit my daughter!

    ♥ carmen