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Neighborhood Gatherings

It was once again time for our annual
Pre Trick or Treat Gathering
This year marking our 15th year hosting
this neighborhood event.

I have come to really look forward to this simple party
as it is a lovely low key way to entertain
 reconnect with neighbors old and new.

I have been doing this
front yard neighborhood  event so long now
I had no trouble pulling it together 
after returning from Cancun days before
 so much of the styling has been done before hand
added to each year.
Like the vintage baskets I use for lifts and levels
down to the easy  use of pumpkins and flowers!

My styling addition this year is 
a beautiful  hand torn cotton bunting
that I finished this month.
I simply took a wide jute rope
 tied and knotted hand ripped cotton strips all the way across
making sure to have no space left in between 
to ensure a luxurious full effect.

I simply worked last year's bunting into the mix
a perfect backdrop for the table was made!

The whole backdrop began with hanging cotton panels 
across the garage door.
Our house is a small tract home
so I have learned  over the last twenty years here
how to make the very most of every square inch
inside and out!

That is exactly how our annual front yard gathering began …
I wanted to invite 
 having a small space inside
using the driveway and front yard
became the perfect place to 
host everyone that wanted to come!

I decided years ago
never to let the size of my house
dictate the size of my entertaining
there can always be enough room for everyone
no matter the size!

My little pumpkin seeding from the lovely
had a place of honor on my table.
I asked my husband before I left for Cancun
if he would take care of it for me
 he did such a marvelous job
the sweet thing bloomed just in time for the party!

It nestled in nicely with the simple tablescape.

Our neighborhood gathering 
is always a simple yet welcoming affair.

Fall breads and donuts are served along with
apple cider
waters for those leaving after to go trick or treating.

The drinks station is set up on a vintage flea market cart.

I keep needed paper products organized in a straw baskets
that stores in my pantry as is
making it convenient every year to pull out.

The front terrace was dressed in it's fall colors
although they weren't captured in the photo
we keep market lights up
out front and in the courtyards
all year long
so come the fall/winter season here in SoCal
we are always ready for impromptu parties
or simply sitting outside to enjoy the crisp cool season.

With the flip of a light switch
the courtyard can be perfectly lit with the market lights
that we keep on dimmers so we can adjust the lighting for any occasion.

Now that are children are gone for the most part
I have it on my list
to share and gather in these spaces all the more.

To everything there is a season.
I plan on welcoming this next one 
arms wide open.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Savvy Southern Style


  1. How extraordinarily beautiful! And how welcome your neighbors must feel - like they had stepped into the pages of a magazine spread being staged just for them.

    1. Thank you very much Charade … for your kind words!


  2. Magnificent, Tamera! Your home is a masterpiece inside and out!

  3. Tamera I am sure everyone who attended had a great time with your offerings and hospitality!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. you are so creative & inspiring! I was born and raised in SoCal and love your pictures of "home". when you marry a man from Texas you never get out.


    1. Becky thank you so much for your sweet words! You must have married a really wonderful man … to leave SoCal!

      thank you for your visit my dear!


    2. As always, you made the Halloween evening a celebration of community. Thank you, to both you and Jeff, for hosting. We always appreciate the effort you invest into making celebrations and gatherings both beautiful and special. My treasure box glistens with memories, because so many are with you. <3, dp

  5. What a charming setup! I'm sure your neighbors really enjoy getting together each year. I love that tradition :)

    1. Thank you Julia! It has become such a lovely tradition … so many neighbors who have moved … still come back for the gathering … and that always makes my heart warm!


    2. Lovely ... lovely ... lovely as always.

  6. Dear Tamera, I was wondering if you were going to host this again. I always look forward to seeing your creativity flow at Halloween. I love your hand torn cotton bunting too, how clever you are. It adds such stunning texture to your Halloween backdrop. What a stylish halloween party, your neighbors are so lucky to have this lovely tradition.