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Hello Monday … Hello Gratitude

We are having a beautiful November 
here in Southern California!
I have given up wishing for weather we don't have
instead I  am going
 to celebrate
the weather we do have
for all it's worth.

Actually I have decided to adopt this idea 
as a life motto these days!
To truly focus on the good in my life
letting go of 
how I think my life 'should' look.

After some down contemplative time
I am back 
even more invested in 
all the good and beautiful in my life.

I am grateful 
I have had time to organize and fluff 
my closets and treasured accessories.
Nothing like getting my home in order
to feel my life is in order.

I am grateful I have been able to  restock some needed 
basics in my life.
I really don't like to have to shop
so when I do
I go in with a list 
just get it done.

I much prefer using my time
creating in my studio
but there are 
some things
I just can't create :))

Hello to a grateful heart
for a beautiful weekend with my husband.
I am  excited to celebrate his big 50 tomorrow!
I am most grateful
we have been able to make it through some tough times
years past
now have a new chapter of marriage before us.

Hello to a grateful heart
for quality time spent with great friends this week!

Hello for gratitude for  a very cool C.
that showed me Starbucks has better cups tha  red!
Best latte I ever had there!

Hello for gratitude and excitement
that I get to take the train down the coast this week
to go visit my darling daughter in San Diego!
We have a work meeting scheduled
then it's off to work on plans
for her up coming engagement party next month!

Hello to gratitude for a magnificent hike in El Morro
with an old friend and new.
The best part
doing heart opening yoga at the top.
I pressed that sacred moment of gratitude
 saying yes to life 
deep in my heart.

Nothing like seeing the ocean
to be reminded of the majesty of life
here and beyond.

Wishing you all a beautiful new week
full of gratitude.

Sending  some
SoCal sunshine your way!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


  1. I am so jealous of your weather. I know it goes against everything you've written here...but it is snowing non-stop and just looking at these photos I about want to cry.


    1. Oh my Suzanne … you are right … not at all the response I was going for :)) . I only decided to embrace our warm, rainless weather … since I tiered of hoping for something else.

      I send you warm sunny hugs … this too shall pass for you my dear!


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much my dearest Faux Fuchsia!


  3. Great outlook and post! I just started a bible study on gratitude today. It seems to be a theme around me which must mean I have something to learn!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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  5. as always a wonderful instructive post Tamera. I have also learned to accept things that I can't change in a positive way and be grateful for that experience. ...and it is gratitude what makes us happy and satisfied.

  6. You always give us sunshine...