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Weekend Wear … and the Side Door

Our Friday night date night 
found us at the 
Side Door 
in Corona Del Mar.

Feeling inspired for fall
over my summer wardrobe to be sure
I pulled out my black maxi and leather jacket.

Pairing them with my favorite fashion piece right now
an ankle boot!
I find this fresh boot can add an instant update to any ensemble
especially when paired with my Iris inspired
Tom Ford spectacles
 my hand woven clutch
from Oaxaca Mexico.

To finish of my ensemble perfectly
I wore my 
four strand wrapped pearl necklace
from Tamera Beardsley Design.

Oh the power of some well chosen accessories not only to complete a look
but to upgrade inexpensive wardrobe pieces!

Both my dress and jacket are from Target!
But paired with high end accessories
the whole ensemble looks upscale!

For our date night 
Jeff and I had Ellis and Elliot 
meet us at the Side Door
just off of the  Five Crowns restaurant.

The first time Jeff and I went into the Side Door
we knew we wanted to bring 
Ellis and Elliot back
because it reminded us so of 
when the four of us met up in London
 they played tour guides for us
before we all flew back to Torino
Ellis and her boyfriend were studying abroad.

Drinks were ordered all around in Friday night celebration
of our double date here in SoCal!

My favorite part …
the cheese and charcuterie station!

Its always a favorite of mine to go out and try new cheeses and pairings!

And it's simply perfect when the company is so great!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. You look fabulous and the Side Door looks like a great place!! I hope you will come over and register to win the $1000 gift card giveaway for Lafayette 148 New would look so awesome in their clothes! I meant to tell you the other day how fun your glasses are!!

  2. Thank you darling! I will be right over to enter your fabulous giveaway! i adore Lafayette 148!


  3. Tamera, send me your address, please. I would love to send you a gift of some of my jewelry if you would like to feature it on one of your posts. BTW, I love this outfit, top-to-bottom. Come see me, I'm featuring what I think are the top 10 trends for Fall. xx's

  4. Great pics and loads of fun!! That little clutch purse is inspiring me...

  5. Your "Back to Fall" look is perfect!
    The wrapped pearls...magnifique!
    The plated charcuterie...divine!
    I rose to pour a half glass of Mad Duck "Zin" to finish tonight's visit with you, dearest Tamera!
    Such a sweet and savory celebration you share!
    To date night SoCal fashion...éclat...étincellement...vivacité!

  6. What a great post. I took the ensemble to be from elsewhere until you disclosed. Absolutely right.. accessories make the look work, and look incredible. Your Chanel inspired necklace is delightful, and a feminine pairing with the biker jacket. It is so nice to be able to share special places with the ones you love! You always know how to make Friday evenings special!

  7. What a stunning necklace. I love the contrast.

    Like Billy Crystal used to say, " You look fabulous dahling!"


  8. You always look fabulous for date night! Tamera you are the best!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. I know FIVE CROWNS!Sounds like the perfect eve..........

  10. Tamera, I just bought a Target mini dress on clearance...Does your dress have splits on the side or did you sew them?...I love your look and the way you combine designer and Target...Totally lovely...

    1. Annie, my dress has no slits. I also wore a thin knit skirt underneath, to help it move better … with out the cling factor. I hope you enjoy your new dress!

  11. A black maxi dress from Target not a for the mis-speak...

  12. Tamera, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. When I saw the picture of you in black with your black glasses put a smile on my face. Thank you for being real:-)

  13. The Queen of accessories speaks again! And oh so lovely and elegant was the speech. I'm a true fan of any necklace you put together but I'm especially drawn to the tapestry clutch you chose for the evening. And, as we both know the very best part of the entire evening was the company.