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Summer Decor Reflections

With fall around the corner
I wanted to reflect on my favorite summer decorating this year.
Luckily here in Southern California
we still have at least another month of summer weather
because I still have some 
backyard summer projects to finish.
But I wanted to make my summer notes for next year
before I got into my fall decorating plans.

This season I intentionally simplified my decor
have found it to be so calming and refreshing.

Instead of my usual couch filled sofas
I opted for just two pillows in each corner
A huge bit of  editing for me!

I also drop clothed both couches this season
with two painters drop cloths
using extra large drops for a draped and tucked finish.

I edited out some smaller furniture pieces
but I  did add in a striped puff piece for some graphic impact.

As I  have mentioned before our  lovely little house 
is comfortably small
so everything I add into the exchange must have a purpose of either 
function or beauty
ever more so in the hot months of summer.

Our living and dining rooms 
are truly just one room
so the furniture arrangement 
is  key to having two distinct spaces.

This is also the reason there must be color and decor continuity 
not only in both spaces
but my outdoor spaces as well.
There are sight lines through the spaces 
no matter where you are 
inside or out.

I always have my backyard living areas
my courtyard and front terrace
styled in the same colorations
to provide a calming tranquil feel
as well as making our small spaces appear larger and more inviting.

The result are spaces that are 
cozy. intiment and inviting.

To divide the living and dining areas
I chose to use a custom  buffet
that this season I filled with succulents.

My vintage mannequin atop a cast iron pot
helps further visually divide the space.

We have gotten plenty of use of our dining room this summer
as we have implemented family dinners on Monday nights.

I am in the process of draping each chair with drop cloth
and tying them each with a hand frayed ribbon
and puddled and tucked underneath.

I approach my home decor
with a similar aesthetic as my wardrobe.
I like a base neutral background
where to I can add 
in seasonal accessories.

This past month
the dahlias that I have planted in my backyard
have exploded in a most prolific blooming season!
This is the first time I have had such an abundance of flowers
that I have been fine harvesting them for inside!

It has been such a treat to be able to just step out back
and have flowers at the ready!
I already have plans for next year
to put in a true cutting garden on the side!

These dinner plate dahlias
catch the summer light so magically
whether the light be from the rising sun
or an afternoons setting.

This summer season
i even simplified my pacesetting
opting for a minimal appeal.

I have been happy this season to simplify
my table settings
inorder to let the beauty of the food take center stage.

This has definitely been a summer
of time spent
creating heathy homemade meals
with bounty collected at many a farmers market.

It was also the season
our kitchen was completed 
with the arrival of our farm sink!

I redid some counters
so now the kitchen is alive with 
off setting color
to bring out the very best in ingredients!

My organic plantings are thriving as well!
I have found if I keep most of my edible growing out front
in pots
they are remembered daily
benefit with the daily love and care.

Stepping out front for herbs
is itself such a treat!
I have been leaning towards growing things I can actually use
as this is such a happy treat come harvest time!

During the hot summer months
my front courtyard is my favorite
morning retreat
as it is protected from the glaring sun in the early hours.

I am still just as taken with my faux zebra chair
as I was with it's first delivery!

I am enjoying it so in the courtyard
but know come wetter days
it will be moved inside.

But right now
it is the decorating exclamation mark I have been yearning for!
An unexpected visitor into the scene.

My seasonal vignettes do best
when  I let them come together over time.

It is not unusual for all of my decorating
to finally come together
at the end of the season
after much happy fluffing and changing things along the way.

I had no idea when I planted these baby tears
on a quick whim for Easter
That they would make it to September!

I have loved the calm, cool centerpiece of the courtyard
all season long.

It was my trip to Palm Springs and the Viceroy here,
that had me yearning for a striped umbrella.
I was able to satisfy the yearn
with an umbrella from Pottery Barn this summer.

Sitting out front with a glass of wine
is a perfect way to catch up the neighbors.

I am quite content with the little center table 
I fashioned from
a block of wood
a soap stone platter
for a table reminiscent of a day at the beach.

Now to make some headway on some
summer finishing touches out back
before it's time to celebrate the arrival of my most favorite season


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as your style your life


  1. You do everything with style! Your ensembles are as inviting as your home. Visiting your blog is always a pleasure.

    1. Judith, thank you so very much for your kind words! Your sweet visit has reminded me … I must do an entry for your Hat Attack on Monday!


  2. Completely gorgeous and completely Tamera! Painter's drop cloth is a wonderful idea. I love that canvas fabric. Loved having a look around your sweet home. And those kitchen counter tops I love!!
    I thought of you a couple of times this summer while searching for decorative changes here and there for my house. I think I even made things better in 3 rooms because of you. ;) But I do like change, so it's always evolving. I've never really tried changing with the seasons but I do love the idea. I think my colors are always fall and winter seasons naturally so maybe next summer I can lighten things up a bit and add some fresh flowers or more plants. And I promise to myself that next summer I'll make my own pillows and cushions for the outdoor chairs. I just don't like waiting in line to have the yardage cut. Especially when I just want to get creative, those errands can be a real pain!

    1. I hear you Joni … when creative inspirations strike … I too want to jump right in quickly … before it leaves! Your comment about not wanting to wait in line for fabric cuts … has me thinking … couldn't some great pillows and cushions be made from thrifted finds … including clothes? :)) I think you have given me an idea for my next pillow adventures … I have some ideas to simplify my Christmas decor … hmmm ….


    2. Good idea Tamera, I actually have my eye on a dress at a local thrift shop that would make beautiful pillow covers!

  3. Oh my dear friend, every single living space is so inviting. It seems to welcome us with open and loving arms, which, in my opinion, is the most priceless gift a decorator could give. Your attention to detail, the thoughtful way you arrange each piece of furniture and accessory speaks volumes. What an incredible gift you have. I must add that the best gift you have is the way you so graciously open your home to friends at a moments notice. Thank you dearly for sharing with me.

    1. Oh my sweet, sweet friend … thank you for such lovely and loving words! I look forward to your next visit my dear!


  4. Such a beautiful place...but I would be surprised if it was anything else. You have such exquisite tastes!

  5. Thank you my dear! I appreciate your kind words!


  6. Do you have a place where you store your out of season home decor/accessories?
    You seem to have such a nice variety of things to choose from!

    1. Yes Jami, I do! Since our house is small … we have a storage unit a few miles away … where I neatly have all of my seasonal decor boxed, labeled and stored. Great question … I couldn't stay organized without an area for storage!

  7. I LOVE your house and garden so much!! It is just lovely.Mine looks so scrappy in comparison. Must get planting! Plants here are so expensive though which is annoying x

  8. I Love seeing images of your home...the color in the kitchen and the dahlias in a row on the beautiful table....have a beautiful Monday~ xxoo

  9. so lovely! What a beautiful space you have. I love all the plants and the tranquil aesthetic. You're definitely converting me to neutrals and calm tones.