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Sharing the Mrs. Band

I recently have written often about
self care. 

Realizing more and more some simple investments in
self care
 can reap 
large rewards in an overall quality of life.

One very important component in
self care
for me
is learning to change my internal voice
the critical shrew
who is never satisfied with anything I do

to a kinder, gentler internal voice of gratitude and love.
I realized a while ago
if I could identify myself with my 
five year old child self
 learn to nurture her 
in the loving manner
which I spoke to my own children
not only would my self esteem  be a lot better off
my life would be so much the happier for it.
There is so much to be said
for learning self nurturing kindness. 

Learning a  voice
 internal narration that realizes
that at times life is hard on us all
 we are all doing the best we can
with what we know at the time.

A nurturing voice
that ends the day head on pillow
going through the days events
 lists the positives
no matter how large or small.

A voice that is learning to focus on life's beauty
as a coping skill to combat

It is a new internal voice I am cultivating
on a daily …  hourly basis.

I have found my new voice so much more appealing than the shrew
we are able to accomplish so much more together!
I don't think anyone really moves forward in life
from berating and fear
not even our own selves.

My learning to cultivate a new internal voice
is exactly
why I am so very taken with
The Mrs. 

 their message of

You Are Enough!
The Mrs. band was the opener
at Blogher 2014 for Kerry Washington.
Although I love their upbeat message in the song
I'm Enough

it was their exhibit at the show
with a positive talking mirror
that had me in gulping back tears.

My words don't do the experience justice…
Watch the video below
see just how moving and empowering nurturing self talk can truly be!


If you are as taken with the process
as much as I was
the video below
is all about the making of the video
the Mrs.
You Are Enough

My greatest take away from Blogher 2014
was wanting to add my voice
to a larger voice that is  about
helping us all
to see and treat ourselves
with dignity, respect
kindness and love.

The more we can do that for ourselves
the ripple effect is
the more we are able to do it for others.
I have realized
when I can quiet my own self criticism
my need to criticize any one else is also released.

Self compassion
others compassion.

I want to develop both of these traits
not only
for myself
to be a  better role model
for the marvelous young women
who are coming up behind me.

We can all do so much more to change the world
when we are united together in love and kindness
not only
love and kindness for others
but our selves as well.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. On Thursdays. I call my posts I is for the same reason. We just allow too many voices to convince us we don't matter or we are not enough...we put ourselves on the back burners. I came out of it and my blog exists to help and inspire other women to come out of it...thank you for what you are doing, Tamera. They are right...if we all keep encouraging and inspiring other women to stop believing so many negative messages, we can truly change the dialogue.

  2. Pam, your I MATTER segments … are one of my favorite segments on your blog! Actually when I cam across the Mrs's campaign … I though of yours! I think ... I matter and I'm enough … are both such powerful mantras! I also have come to realize how important it is, not only for me to realize I matter … but to pass on this life changing view to others as well!

    Thank you Pam … for being an inspiring voice … in such a needed conversation!


  3. This is so in sync with my present state of mind. I am searching for a way to make myself feel better as I am very aware that I have to do it now, before I get older. Your post made me think that I can be such a nice person to others, I am for example a strict but very benevolent teacher with my students and yet I am not a kind person to myself. Very very interesting post, thank you !

    1. You are most welcome my dear! I have been most surprised in my journey of self acceptance and self care … that the repercussions have been strong in my ability to accept others … where that are … on their own journey.

      I am so happy you are back blogging from a new home! Your latest post … was beautiful and educational. I had never even imagined the amount of destruction done during the war. Thank you for broadening my perspective my dear!


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear Faux Fuchsia! The book came! It is every bit as good as you said! Thanks again for the recommendation!


  5. Tamera THANK YOU...for sharing the video. Smiles here..I just shared it with my 21y old daughter and 9y old son. I read your blog faithfully, and am never disappointed. Your perspective on life is refreshing and inspiring. Eleanore

    1. Eleanore, thank you ever so much for your kind words my dear! Isn't the video so impactful, I still tear up watching it! So happy to hear you shared it with your children! That is quite an age split between them! Lucky you! I was just telling my daughter, who is 22, that although child rearing was a lot of work and effort … I do miss the definiteness of purpose … in nurturing another soul full time!

      Thank you for visiting … and your heartfelt words!


  6. Love the MIRROR...........can understand why you wanted to share!

    1. It was such a well executed and impactful event! I had never even thought to focus on other personal attributes, when looking in the mirror! It certainly broadened my self view … when scanning my reflection!


  7. It's so true...the way we treat ourselves is related to the way we treat others. We are raised to be so hard on ourselves, to feel we always need "improvement" when really we are just fine. Flawed, yes. Human, yes. But we each have a gift to share. You are sharing yours beautifully, Tamera!

    1. Oh Susan … I love your comment! So very true … especially in the area of "improvement"! We do speak the same language my dear! I love … "when we are really just fine. Flawed, yes. Human, yes. But we each have a gift to share."

      I will hold these words in my heart. Thank you for this gift!


  8. Thank you so much for sharing these videos! We all are enough, always......

    1. Mary, you are most welcome! I am so happy you enjoyed them! And yes, we are enough, always!

      Thank you so much for visiting and you sweet words!


  9. Thank you for this inspiring post! Love the videos and have shared tenfold already this it!

    1. Trudye, you are most welcome my dear! I am happy it resonated with you! I just love the videos … so happy to hear you are sharing the Mrs's message!


  10. Thank you Tamera for sharing this thought provoking video, its message certainly resonated with me. As you say we are so often our own harshest critics, so unkind to ourselves. Something I too need to work on, always an ongoing process self assessment I find.

  11. Just a heartfelt, thought provoking and beautiful post! words really don't do it justice.