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Exploring LA's Little Tokyo

I decided I wanted to try working
 a red kimono into my 4th of July attire.
So Jeff and I 
went in  search of one in 
Los Angeles's Little Tokyo
this past weekend. 

I love a reason to search new areas
was quite delighted with the offerings in 
Little Tokyo.

Playing with some 
4th of July styling
I chose and all white outfit
to make my boater 
vintage brooch necklace the focal point.

My Craft Made bag by Levi
is always a perfect choice for shopping excursions
because not only does it have generous leather  handles
but the  back pack straps make for
perfect hands free shopping!

When ever Jeff and I go out exploring
I always pack not only heels and flats
but …

always have a dressed down version
of the outfit
for real exploring of new areas.
Certainly not as fashionable
but so much better for searching out hidden treasures!

Which we usually always find with enough effort.
For lunch  in Little Tokyo 
we wanted to find a place with a true feel of the area.
And we did just that when we spotted 
this quaint alley way
on our walk in one of the older sections of 
Little Tokyo.

It turned out to be the
 Far Bar.
A restaurant is composed of several interior rooms
as well as the sweetest alley garden
that comes alive at night with twinkling lights.

We sat inside at one of their long community tables
and met a large group
that had taken the train into downtown
to go the the Dodger game.
I am most impressed with LA's mass transit
that has improved so over the last decade!

Jeff ordered a whiskey drink which came with 
the ever popular bacon
which this time was much more show than flavor.
But I was completely smitten with the use of 
just one extra large cube of  ice.
I'm wondering how I can reproduce this at home.

Exploring new cultural areas 
wouldn't be complete 
without exploring new foods.
Our waitress at the Far Bar
recommended a Japanese bakery
where we took some new to us goodies home.

We also tried the iced Vietnamese coffee
(which was very strong and sweet)
as well as the 
Hong Kong milk tea.

I enjoyed the green tea donut
the next morning at home.

My favorite LA find this weekend

Jeff and I always drive some unknown streets
while in new areas.
I have seen the reverse side of this smokestack for years
form the freeway.
It boldly says The Brewery
 having had just come from 
I thought checking out
a brewery would be fun.

Imagine our surprise 
when upon driving in
we realized it wasn't a working brewery
but instead
"the worlds largest 
Artist in Residence Art Complex!

Opened in 1987
in what was once the factory for
Pabst Blue Ribbon
it has more than 100 artists living in
work/live lofts!

The really exciting part is
they open 1600 acre campus 
to the public twice a year
with the next opening
October 25th and 26th
from 11 to 6.
The artists open up their studios
are present to meet
sell their works direct to the public
during the event!

My calendar is definitely marked for the occasion!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Tamera I love hearing about your date outings with Jeff! How great and most exciting to me is the amazing Artists in Residence in the Old Brewery, how very cool!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Karena … with you love of all things art … you would absolutely enjoy The Brewery! I can't believe I never even heard of it before! For living so close to LA … I have so much to learn and explore in the city! Our days for two decades were consumed with activities for the kids … now I feel like there is a great big world out there to explore!

  2. Having moved to Smallville, I'm so happy to have just lived vicariously through your fun city experience. BTW, I make large ice cubes using little 4-ounce plastic Gladware (by Glad) take-along storage cups. I don't normally buy plastic, but these work perfectly for freezing ice to carry with you - and they are the perfect size for a double-rocks glass.

    1. Charade … thank you so much for the ice tip! Ii will be adding these to my market list today!

  3. Love your outfit and getting to see an area I've never traveled to before.

  4. You and Jeff know how to explore and have adventures. So interesting seeing this area through your story. The Artists event will definitely be something to check out and report to your readers. I have to admit - my eyes were drawn to the pastries. I love taking things like that home to enjoy at another time.

  5. Loved the tour...and your vintage brooch necklace is FABULOUS! Happy 4th Tamera!

  6. How wonderful! We definitely need to spend more time exploring downtown.

  7. No luck with a kimono though? I've been wearing a cotton blue/white kimono from Uniqlo (old) this summer and I love it.

    1. GK I actually found a a great one that I will soon be sharing!

  8. Love to explore new areas of town...especially with a goal in mind. Your lunch spot looks inviting and those community tables lend themselves to meeting people. We don't have many places like that here...but our Chinatown is packed with treasures to buy and great restaurants.
    I was wondering if those heels might be a bit much for walking far but then I cannot wear them as others do.
    Did you find a red kimono?

    1. You are quite right about the heels my dear … they made it mainly to lunch … and then were quickly changed for real walking! I am mystified how some women can navigate them with such elegance … even with distances involved!

      I did find a perfect red kimono … and will be wearing it this fourth! I
      will have pictures of my styling choices soon!

  9. No heels for this CONTESSA!I just received a pair of ballerina flats in the mail.............OMG!Comfort and pretty..
    BACK TO YOU..........what fun to be exploring LA with the HUBBY!I really do like that building!I would love to make a house in it!I assume its not a wonderful neighborhood however?Happy 4th to is my SAINT DAY TOO.........ST. ELIZABETH.I really need to find out what she did.Off I go to google HER!Enjoy your picnic.........and what LAKE do you go to?I do not recall any LAKES!!!!
    PS>Found some table runner paper today...........and bought a few your off the HOOK!NOT FLEUR DE LYES however!