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Easy Summer Date Night Ensemble

The summer is warming up here in Southern California
so my date night pieces need to be cool and easy.

I chose wide legged linen pants
and paired them with a 
high low cotton T shirt
just tucking the front in a bit 
for some waist detail
letting the back free fall.

It was the simple addition of accessories 
that brought the outfit to life.
Piling bangles on both arms
a large floral 'corsage'
finished with feathers
my new sunglasses
 from Free People.
Topping it all  off with one of my favorite summer accessories 
a turban.
This one I made out of stretch velour.

Turbans offer not only a fresh look for summer
but make for a perfectly quick and finished look
for almost any look.

My vintage bag came along 
to carry the simple necessities for date night
as did my always favorite silk piano shawl.

This outfit was so easy to wear
as well as finished off to perfection.

Just another example of the 
transformative power of accessories
why accessories are  always a love of mine!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
ay you style your life


  1. You are the queen of accessories, Tamera...lovely as always. I really like your shawl and always know the right balance to bring to an outfit. Have a sunny week!

  2. Wow that shawl is a fantastic piece.


  3. Love the bag! and the shawl is TO DIE FOR. XOXO

  4. Love those wide legged linen trousers, and what gorgeous jewelry, as always. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. Hi Tamera, I thought of you so much- I want you to know
    Every time I see your pics and backdrop I say to myself, wow she lives in such a awesome place, look at the moutains, My God!
    Wanting to tell you that my daughter and I speak, finally, it's not the best yet but it's a start - Don't give up, I didn't


  6. Totally agree, you are the queen of accessories as well as style. You can make even two of the most simple pieces become elegant, stylish and magical. So much better to throw on that incredible shawl than your average jacket (which I usually do). Jeff is one lucky man to get to have you by his side on these magical date-nights.

  7. I love, love, love this outfit! And you are right...the accessories are what bring it to life...such a glamorous look for date night! Your photographs are amazing. Have a good week! Debbie @

  8. Tamera you look lovely. Love your shawl and bag. xoxo

  9. Great pix. You look cool, wonderful and breezy! And I know that is not quite how it feels in July in Southern CA! Wonderful outfit.

  10. Styled to perfection as only you can , your accessories utter perfection.

  11. Tamera, Love your whole look! Especially the piano shawl and vintage bag! And, of course, your wonderful, bigger than life jewelry.
    Cherie at

  12. FANTASTIC!I take it this was the ensemble for the SUPER MOON!Wasn't it delicious??
    Next I must copy your TURBAN LOOK........!!!
    I'm back from my little holiday and sent you some pics on the TEXT but something tells me you did not receive?
    Back to the groove I go!

  13. Stunning, Tamera! I love your stylish diva look, it is just perfect.
    Your photos are fantastic - the view is breathtaking!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  14. Such wonderful majestic chic,my dear friend

  15. so stylish! the bag is so cool!

  16. I love your idea of tucking in the front of your long tee-shirt.....something I'll have to try, also. I'm only 5'3" and I sometimes get overwhelmed with too much your "tip" works for me. Thank you! look luminous and beautiful, Tamara

  17. So elegant! I just LOVE that piano shawl!!

  18. You accessorize with talent and artistic skill. The turban adds much to the 'chic' factor and I love the addition of the silk piano scarf. Very elegant, as always!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous. This is probably one of my favorite posts I've seen this week - this screams California romantic to me...

  20. Wow, gorgeous Tamera!
    I love the bangles, the shawl, the turban and all these creamy colors. The bag is so charming and what a find!! You inspire me to do more mixing it up with my wardrobe and accessories too. xxoo Kim

  21. Simply elegant in such a classic monochromatic palette. Stunning!

  22. Your look is very stylish and extra ordinary -I like it very much.Best :)