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An Easy Breezy Picnic Look

On Friday's I really enjoy getting dressed for our date night.
but come Saturday
it's usually all about comfort and ease.

I packed my basket with drinks and a blanket
Jeff and I stopped at a little iconic
beach deli  in Corona Del Mar for sandwiches
headed to China Cove
for a sunset picnic.

I was ever so happy with this outfit.
It was  so comfortable
but still pulled together
with my trusty Birkenstock sandals
I could  even walk for miles
as well as sit comfortably at our picnic.

My sweatshirt top is from Target this spring season
as are my skirts.

And yes I do mean skirts
as I bought two in neighboring sizes
used the smaller as a slip underneath.
This gave the skirt a beautiful movement and drape.

My skirts were also from Target this spring season
so buying one as a slip
was no problem.

Finishing off the outfit
with perfect summer ease
my Montecristo Panama I bought in Napa.

Jeff and I are lucky enough to go to some really great
bars and restaurants
but our little simple picnic
on the beach
 in the harbor
watching the boats as the sky gave a show
rivaled the best of them.

I think we might just have a new 
Saturday night tradition.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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  1. I love these date night ideas. We are just 5 minutes from downtown Seattle and just had a discussion about how little we take advantage of all it has to offer. So, starting this week we'll be starting a date night ritual. Now I think I'll add another outing, a picnic! We live just 2 miles up the hill from a beach and honestly because of the crowds we stay away for most of the summer. But I know of a much more quiet area around the corner I'll give a try. I'm inspired!

    1. Joni, you live in such a vibrant area! Both my husband and I have your city on our travel wish list! I have found taking the time for weekly and even bi-weekly date nights, in our own back yard … not only fun … but have greatly improved our marriage … after many child centered decades. I will look forward to following along on your blog … to see your adventures!

    2. Well, today I started out my Tamera Inspirations by hitting World Market for decorating things. Also made a stop by the bead store so I could make myself a new wood bead necklace for our day date tomorrow, ending at a happy hour. You really do brighten and inspire Tamera! I thought about you today a few times. ;) And, a 16 year marriage can always use some improvement. ha!

      Oh, I wanted to buy your medium beach glass bracelet yesterday but after I put it into the cart and entered my address, won't take me to the next page. Do you think the site is stuck? I can check again today.

    3. Yay, it worked!

  2. So easy...yet, so elegant at the same time! You know how to make a small event really special and large!

    1. Thank you Pam! I was particularly excited to find … dressing casually … and packing the most simple of picnics could be so fun … sometimes I have a tendency to 'over do' … and be tired of the whole idea before I finish :)). I think we will be having weekly Simple picnics this summer!

  3. O my gosh - you are so wonderfully smart!! 2 same skirts - did you get one in a smaller size (to act as your slip?)....I'm so going to do this!! LOVE this idea - Pam Atk

    1. Thank you Pam … the double skirts are so fun to wear! I answered your message I hope it helps my dear!

  4. I love your idea of smaller skirt inside outer skirt. I see lots of women with see-through maxis and wonder if they know they're see-through and don't care or if they are simply not aware. And a good drape not only feels great but looks great. Wonderful ritual you've got going here.

    1. Hello dear Melanie! So lovely to have you visit! you are so right … a good draoe is so much more fun to wear!

      I am definitely rattling my brain … to come up with a creative contribution to your fabulous Vogueoff! Such a splendid creation you have once again in the works my dear!

  5. What a romantic post: a delightful summer outfit (I love my Birkenstocks for the beach), a spectacular view of the ocean and a glorious sunset!!

    I ♥ picnics!

    ♥ carmen

    1. Thank you Carmen! I so enjoyed your trip to the 'castle'!

  6. I'm loving this look - so light and free - this absolutely reminds me of the California coast and makes me miss my santa monica home!

    1. Thank you Madeline! Your life now in Rome looks very intriguing my dear! I look forward to reading more about it!

  7. Love this! So perfect for summer. Maxis are the best! I found you through Pleated Poppy. If you get a chance, I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Love all the summer outfit and destination posts you've shown us lately. Just wanted to pop in and tell you that last night I wore a double-skirted maxi from your inspiration. As I was dressing, I realized my skirt needed something underneath. Your idea about layering two skirts occurred to me and I tried it. It worked great and I loved wearing it this way. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Isn't that smart of you with the skirt?

    Gorgeous photos.


  10. Tamara now I see what your message meant, very smart getting two skirts. You look fab as always!

    The Arts by Karena
    Interview with Raji

  11. Tamera, Super- the 2 skirts idea. Brilliant. You look so chic here with the long skirt and Birks. Love! I agree it's the simple things that are even more special than the fancier dinners sometimes. I am just so excited to see you next week!! xx Kim