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Palm Springs Prep

I am spending today prepping for my
Palm Springs trip.
Since we are driving
it is a no holds barred packing situation 
my biggest sun hats
sunglasses for each outfit
 a slew of accessories
all making the trip!

I am pool ready to be sure!

I will be traveling out there
and lunching in my
'white suit'
comprised of my white Vince Burmuda shorts
Tory Burch blazer.
I will be veering away form my normal neutrals
 instead popping my whites 
with the brightest brights
for a true ode to Palm Springs!

The only new piece I got for the trip
is a crocheted caftan
as I want to channel some 
old school Palm Springs glamour.
I did buy this in my customary neutral cream
so it would be just as much of a delight back home in the backyard
 sunset cocktails at the beach.
Since I bought it in a color I already have plenty of
the accessories are already plentiful
from a huge sun hat
to turbans
my flower crown!

I am very invested in
growing my wardrobe
in a way to maximize 
as many options for styling as possible!

My beloved off the shoulder silk maxi
will also be making the trip
this time paired with my
J Crew short sleeve sweat shirt 
to throw over
to change up the look one more time.

Since it is a road trip
my vintage cocktail travel kit
will have it's first outing in the hotel!

I found it several months ago 
at the Irvine Antique fair 
for a song!
It just sang Old School Palm Springs 
to me!

Loving the look of vintage cocktails
but only being a chard girl myself
my traveling wine set up will also
be along for the trip!

My final travel case
is a vintage train case
that I keep packed with
hotel room picnic essentials
which include
a cheese board and knives
a vintage linen tablecloth
vintage bottles
for hotel room flowers.

I might not travel light
I certainly
have all the comforts of home …
well at least 
quite a few :))

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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The Style Crone's
Hat Attack


  1. You are such a cover girl, Tamera! That top photo is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your Palm Springs pictures...I know whatever you take will look fabulous!

  2. Beautiful photo of you!! Looks like you have everything you'll need for a FABULOUS time in Palm Springs!

    1. Thank you so much! I sure enjoyed you Paris street fashion!

  3. I am in love with all the colour you've shown here. So NOT your normal self. As a colour junkie it is really up my alley.

    That hat and the sequinned top have really caught my eyes. And the SHOES!!! Pucci or what?

    So jealous of your fabulous vintage finds.


    1. Suzanne … the shoes are definitely Pucci inspired … they are by Nine West … and they have been waiting a long while for a proper outing! You are So right about my veering from my neutral palette for the trip … it's actually quite refreshing … for a week :))

  4. I am in love with those shoes! I can't wait to see pictures of Palm Springs. We're heading there in long from right now. I can live vicariously through you:)

    1. Holli, lucky you! November is such a great time to do Palm Springs! How long will you be there!

  5. I just love the beauty you bring to everything you do- so, so inspiring. Have a wonderful time in Palm Springs.

    1. Thank you my dear for your kind words and sentiment!

  6. Ahhh Tamera, This is just a visual feast-your colors, your textures....those pucci-esque kicks! Like I said on FB Palm Springs had better prepare themselves for more glamour than it's seen ever. I can't wait to see pics and will be following you on IG of course. I have two vintage bar sets (one that was from my Grandpa that Dorie and I share). You've inspired me to do more styling. Enjoy the creature comforts of being able to drive and pack at whim. Your blog is a gift (as is your dear friendship).
    Our best to Jeff too!

    1. Oh Heather I would love to see your vintage bar sets … please share pictures!

      I think we should plan a Bloggers getaway to Palm Springs … wouldn't that be so fun!

      Best of weekend fun to you and Scott!


  7. YOUR you go!!!!!

  8. You are so in your element....glamour and a desert getaway.
    Wish I was going....

  9. Fabulous photos, Tamera!

    Enjoy your trip!

  10. Tamera You are so ready for your Pam Springs trip! Have a fabulous time!
    See you very soon!

    The Arts by Karena

  11. Total glamour! The first photo is spectacular. Magazine cover material for sure. Thank you for sharing you talent and beauty with Hat Attack.

  12. I am madly in love with your colorful hat! It would be perfect for the summer picnic wedding I am attending. Do you mind sharing where I could find one?

    1. I got it a couple of years ago at Forever 21. They often have a large hat selection in the summer. I have also purchased a somewhat similar one at Anthropologie. hope this helps in your search my dear!

    2. Thank you. I will check them both out. My biggest problem is that I have a problem finding hats to fit my over sized head and hair lol Thanks