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Hello Gratitude

Hello Gratitude
for time spent at the beach this week.

Hello for gratitude
for a trip to
 Palm Springs next week
the ensuing excitement in planning my travel wardrobe for the desert!

Hello to much gratitude
for simple arrangements.
I have gotten so much joy from
my simple spring centerpiece!

Made up of a 

~mirrored tray
~a small cake stand
~a small vase
~a candle
~one small goblet

It is a simple arrangement
that keeps on giving!
By simply changing out 
the flowers
it is such a joy to update
 keeps my living room space
feeling fresh!

With busy lives
I highly recommend 
at least one small space
to keep organized
filled with joy.
Just walking into the room
makes my heart happy 
when there is fresh beauty!

The tray and stand
 are also the perfect place to add
rocks and shells from memorable  walks.
Up grading pedestrian finds
to objects of art..

Hello for gratitude this week
for hikes in nature
with dear friends.

A happy heart for 
a surprise card in the mail
from an always 
glamorous friend!

Can it really be time 
to plan a trip for 
this girl graduation  in three weeks!
Not only is the memory of
dropping her off for college so fresh
but I can remember
taking her to kindergarten the first day
like it was yesterday!

Ellis is not only graduating with honors
she finished in four years
even with studying in Italy!

I am so excited to travel to
San Luis Obispo 
for her graduation!

Hello to a full heart
celebrating my youngest 
turning 18 today!
I am so proud of the man that
Hunter is becoming!
It will be a family party this weekend
to celebrate this milestone!

It has been a full week 
of counting my blessings
with a very 
thankful heart!
I have so much to be grateful for!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. Beautiful children...celebrating moments, I love that! Have a joyous start to your summer, Tamera.

  2. Your daughter is your double. What an area you live in, there is beauty everywhere.

  3. I just read yesterday LIMES are in short supply!There you have a bowl of them!I adore LIMES...............especially in a GIN & TONIC!I know you only do CHARRDANY!I can't even it spell it and spell check does not get what I'm trying to say!Does that ever happen to anyone else!Spelling was not my GIFT!
    What a week...........a lot of THANKFULNESS!I'm as excited for you as YOU are!HUNTER looks like a very lovable kid!Have I told you I adore your children's names........I DO!
    I'm off to have more tablecloths made as I cannot find the ones I had made before!!!!!!!DRIVING ME INSANE!I need for the REMNANTS OF THE PAST SHOW!
    A lovely GAL who I follow on INSTAGRAM did your HAIR UP-DO today!What a small world again!How did I miss that post?!!Must have been before I found you thanks to that JENNIFER Over there at A WELL STYLED LIFE!
    You enjoy your BIRTHING DAY!Treat yourself to something FAB!YOU DESERVE IT!

  4. Tamera, I'm so happy for you, I can't think of anything more joyful than celebrating the success of our kids. Congratulations to Ellis and Hunter!

  5. What a wonderful week and so much to be grateful for. I can't think of any happier moments than celebrating with and for our children. I'm truly loving your simple arrangement, it may be simple but it speaks volumes and volume of beauty. I bet your home smells delightful with those open peonies. Have a joyous week celebrating with those incredible kids of yours.

  6. Tamera, I look forward to seeing what fun places you share in Palm Springs. My hubby and I go there to our timeshare and inns and I blog about fun places we've visited there/eaten at etc., so I'm always looking for new places to try too. I don't know how well you know that area, but if you also want ideas, search Palm Springs on my blog right side search box for all my PS posts. I wrote a wedding magazine article about some beautiful resorts/restaurants/spas there too and I think you'd like those places. A couple were quite glam. I loved your posts about Napa; we have that on our list as a possible anniversary trip so it's nice to see some fun places a blogger has liked/recommends!

  7. you write so warmhearted and honestly. It's just joy to read your blog. Enjoy birthday weekend and your trip to the desert.

  8. And that is life. Ebbing from disconnected writing to moments of being grateful. One and the other make each other deep and meaningful. Lovely musings as usual. Thank you for helping me more grateful, too.

  9. Tamera what a lovely post. So happy for you. You must be so proud of Ellis graduating already! It must be hard to believe your youngest is 18! He seems like such a great young guy. Much happiness to them both and you too. Enjoy every moment my dear friend. I know you will. You should be proud mom. You are reaping all you sowed! Also so happy for you and your trip to Palm Springs!! What an exciting time. I can't wait to see what you share! xxoo Kim

  10. I just love your work! These pieces are so gorgeous for summer! Thank you for offering this giveaway!