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Finishing Touches … A Little Mother's Day Fluffing

Like most of us
I have felt being pulled in various directions lately
trying to stay on top of everything.

For the first time in a very long time
my little house
hasn't been fully accessorized.
Her spring clothes are on
but she was missing the final fluff
that makes my heart sing when I walk into the room.

So when I saw these roses at the market
their perfect color 
they did make my heart sing 
so home they came!

I simply cut the dozen  short
 placed them in a recycled jar.

They made my heart so happy
as I sat
 mapped out my week on Monday.

The roses made me so happy
I moved them from room to room 
with me as I worked during the day ...

until my creative wheels began to turn
I thought how perfect adding 
pink to my 
scaled back 
blue and white decor
would be!

Plus with Mother's Day 
soon approaching
I decided 
I wanted to enjoy my house
fully fluffed!

Knowing I didn't have a lot of time to 
devote to the much desired
finishing touches
I decidec to use primarily
what I had on hand.

I pulled out

~ one of my mirrored trays
~ an artful cake stand
~ a vintage key from a Paris gate
~ my jar of roses
~ a few collected beach rocks
and finished with
~ two lemons from the garden

I had a perfect 
Mother's Day centerpiece 
in minutes!

 I can't explain how 
such  simple additions
make it just 
so much more fun to walk into the room

to watch the afternoon light
spill into the room
changing spotlights 
as it passes through

washing over textures and textiles. 

The succulents I planted in my mantle urns
are thriving
to such an extent
I have opted to keep the chalk board behind them
so that the succulents
act as living sculptures.

Since I was at the market again anyway
I did pick up some fresh gladiolas
cut them to fit in a mason jar
which I placed in a silver bucket.

I finished off the arrangement
with a jar of living basil that I already had in the kitchen.

I can feel summers approach
as the living room
is flooded daily 
with dancing light and soft breezes.

On the dining room side
I have also placed
succulents in urns
on our narrow buffet.

I am having some major succulent moments
these days!
I so enjoy not only the easy care
of succulents
but the clean sculptural lines as well.

While at the market
I also picked up some lilies 
for the dining table.
(Because of Mother's Day this week
selections are bountiful).
This shade of pink 
was the perfect way 
to bring in a little pink to the dining side of the room.

Keeping with the same feeling
of the living room centerpiece
I simply pulled out another mirrored tray.

I added a watermelon I had on hand
some more lemons.

i am most happy with
the vibrancy 
the arrangement adds to the room.

To finish off this side of the room
 I added a vintage mattress spring
vintage paintings to my shelves.
I am keeping 
my mannequin 
crowned as usual.

Already very happy with my
tranquil courtyard …

 I simply added 
a few pink plants 
to the shelf that sits outside 
the living room window
tying in the pink color
not only outside
but inside again
as well.

With Mother's Day
just around the corner
I am so enjoying 
my finishing touches
I owe my quickly done fluffing
to these 
sweet roses.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. T your home is STUNNING! I have a photo of you on my blog xxx

  2. PS I LOVE succulents, they are so expensive to buy here x

  3. Simply beautiful!!

  4. I always love the pictures Tamera!

  5. I love how you have pulled your sofas right up close to the table…makes it so inviting. The succulents look brilliant all lined up like that, and they are obediently growing in unison!

  6. SO< tell me how often do you water the succulents?I too bought some for outside containers the other day to try.......I think they will be deer proof which I need.Your arrangement is magical.I especially like the SUCCULENTS in front of the chalkboard..........and NO I do not have the old mattress springs inside but I did have one at the shop which I sold for a wedding!They were going to stick the table seatings on it for people to take their names and table number!Looks like your prepared.............My Boys are cooking me dinner!Should be a HOOT!

  7. I love those roses they look so full more like home grown than the usual florists have on offer. You have as usual inspired me to fluff up our nest so I walked out into the garden and picked a big bouquet of mug rut de bois.
    Happy Mother's Day Tamera!

  8. Gorgeous and inspiring, as always. I love how you're able to create these stunning arrangements with simple items. I'm also coveting the casual perfect slipcovers on your sofas. This was what I was going for with the one I ordered... and it so isn't. Are you able to share where you got yours?

  9. Dear Tamera, I found your lovely blog and photos recently and wanted to connect with you as we share a love of beauty, order, travel, and SoCal; I live in San Diego and am a bestselling book author and blogger who has been writing about beauty and order and lifestyle for many years. Your home and style are truly unique Tamera so here's a little "thank you" for adding such grand and glam yet real-world decor and style ideas and gorgeous photos too to the blog world! I love your small(er) home and you truly capture our wonderful SoCal lifestyle too on your blog--especially our fab outdoor living. I wrote a blog post today about creativity so you get my award for being over-the-top creative! Blessings for a beautiful Mother's Day!

  10. Flowers always add that perfect touch , just more so with your creative touch. Enjoy your Mothers Day, Tamera!

  11. Lovely. I will once again borrow some of your ideas. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  12. All your arrangements are so very lovely and fresh!! A very Happy Mother's Day to you... I hope it is blessed with the family you love so dearly! :)

  13. Hi, these roses are so lovely with the blue and white. I think it's the perfect Mother's Day, Spring centerpiece!!
    I wish you a beautiful day on Sunday surrounded by those you love and adore!

  14. Just beautiful! I love how you have decorated your home. It looks so warm and inviting. Happy mother's day!

  15. your home looks so beautiful. I love all your stylish touches and the way you took a theme and used it to connect the different areas, each styled in their own way but with a coherent and flowing look throughout. it looks like it would be very peaceful and welcoming to be in your home x