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Coastal Inspirations … My Bliss Sea Glass Pieces Are In The Shop

I am so happy to announce today
that my new 
Coastal Inspirations Collection
is now in my 

This collection is truly inspired from
my walks on the beach.

My go to place for
soulful comfort
to something
much larger than myself.

My new collection
is made up of 
recycled glass beads
imported from Africa.
These beads have all of the 
irregularities and textures
found in beach glass washed up on the shore.

I have mixed these translucent beads
with some of my 
beach combing finds
sometimes mixing in pearls 
for the perfect touch of beach glamour.

Be sure to check the shop regularly
to see the weekly additions to my
Bliss Sea Glass Collection.

This week I even have a giveaway
so you can enter
for your chance to win
this soulful beauty
which is one of my very favorite
 Bliss  Sea Glass bracelets!

Anklets are one of my 
new favorite accessories these days
especially when they are perfectly combined
in my 
Bliss Sea Glass Collection.

In addition,
 there is also
a giveaway

 for  one of my favorite bracelets in my new Bliss Sea Glass Collection

 the Bliss Sea Glass Bracelet

  made up of a pave crystal rhodium plated bead
set among recycled glass beads from Africa.

To enter
just use Rafflecopter below to either:

Leave a comment on the blog
Like Tamera Beardsley Design on Facebook
Tweet the prescribed message
or do all three
for three chances to win!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. I love this collection, Tamera! I am entering to win this lovely giveaway because I know how gorgeous they are (even more so in person) and made from high quality materials. Plus I know how much love goes into making each and every one....and it may sound corny, but I feel more calm and even empowered when I wear mine.
    Off to check out the new additions to your store! And I will definitely spread the word about your generous 20% off sale and the giveaway.
    xo, A

  2. This collection is beautiful. I love the ocean, even though I couldn't be farther away from it (Minnesota). You are a very talented designer!! Love your stuff.

  3. This is gorgeous. I love the rugged earthly quality of the sea glass mixed with the pearls. What a contrast.


  4. Breathtaking! Every piece is simply beautiful beyond words. Now, to decide which item I want the most. I will help spread this sale around as well.

  5. What a beautiful way to start the summer! I've always loved sea glass.

  6. This is a beautiful collection of jewelry. I tried before to find your shop, and couldn't . Even if I don't win, I can now view all your fabulous things.

  7. Although I live far from the sea, I love the beauty of nature at it's most powerful. I could walk for hours on the beach and have found some amazing things. If I lived near the ocean I would have a huge collection of sea glass. Your jewelry is gorgeous and you wear it so well. It is an inspiration.


  9. These are beautiful- I think I'm obsessed with sea glass lately. There's something so ethereal and enchanting about it. And those photos are wall-worthy.

  10. So unique and beautiful!! I could definitely see myself wearing that, so I'm going to enter the Bliss Bracelet Giveaway!

    Lovely! Xx, Tiffany

  11. First order from this collection - done! This is a stunning array of jewelry, Tamera! I've long enjoyed your blog, your style, and your spirit. And now I must have one of your pieces. Thank you for sharing your vision and talent with the world!

  12. Beautiful. Would love that bracelet. Melanie

  13. So beautiful. The combination of the glass with the pearls is inspired. Gorgeous and just my style. Big wants!

  14. Love this bracelet, it is the perfect summer accessory.

  15. Lovely, this is THE summer bracelet: )

  16. Gorgeous!! You have such great style. Eleanore

  17. Love the ocean,sea glass and your beautiful collection :)

  18. Love your sea glass collection and very excited to enter your giveaway. Now off to browse in your shop!

  19. Since I live in the middle of the country sea glass is a rare commodity. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely and unique bracelet.

  20. This is a beautiful collection and a great giveaway. Please do include me in the giveaway.

  21. Gorgeous glass bead collection!! Simply beautiful!

  22. Brilliant design ! Simple but harmonious and balanced. Imspires to me serenity ! . Thank you for the opputinity to participate in this give away. .

  23. This is my favorite of your collections and I have been waiting for them to be in your shop. So YES I would love the chance to win one. Your photos of your coast are breathtaking...wish I could go for a morning walk with you. xxo Kerrie

  24. Hi Tamera~ I took a peek and wanted to come back by to ohh and ahh over your latest creations. The sea glass is extraordinarily beautiful with your artistic touches. Your images are like a getaway to the seaside. Pure magic!
    Miss you darling friend. xx, Heather

  25. this collection is simply stunning. So beautiful and yet so natural. Wish you all the success with it.

  26. CONGRATS on getting the collection posted! I ADORE your style!!

  27. Lovely creations! Hope I win.

  28. Seriously Tamera, I would love any of the pieces in your fabulous line of jewelry!!
    Fingers are crossed!

    The Arts by Karena