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Archetype … A Stylish Gem In Napa Valley

I wanted to share some interior  styling inspiration
I found at 

located in the ever quaint town of
Saint Helena
in the Napa Valley.

Literally everywhere I looked
I saw styling inspiration
from the

~ perfectly plated pears set out for color

~ wine bottles lined up in graphic stripes

~ water set out and poured from crystal clear carafes

~ iron teapots lined up … making them 
functional sculptures … all perfectly lit

~ white bowls set out as homey decor

I also was charmed by the use of repetition in decorating 
the walls of Archetype.
I find this repetition to be a calming style
especially when the objects are repeated
and only one color used as well.

I have used this repetition styling
in my home
with urns on my mantle
urns on our buffet.

Another must have for me in a calming design
is the use of nature.
They did it wonderfully at the Archetype
with not only 
miniature olive trees layered
in terra cotta pots, inside metal pots
 joined then together in a wire basket.
I am one to get  absolutely giddy 
for well executed details!

Archetype's styling 
made it beautifully to the food presentation as well.
The wooden plates and platters
are an idea I'm bringing home.
I loved the juxtaposition of the 
crisp white dishes with the rustic woods.

Archetype's styling was brought
all the way home with
the long coarse weave aprons
worn by the staff.

The enclosed terrace is fresh and airy
with a feeling of crispness throughout.

The stripe ticking was just the right touch of pattern play
in an otherwise neutral field.

I think I was most excited with their use of natural elements
on the patio.

Each table had a potted ivy.
Bamboo was growing inside.
My favorite was the window wall
with shelves stretching across
laden with glass jars 
 filled to the brim with colorful citrus.

The mixing together of 
ivies, lavender, miniature olive trees
and herbs
was the perfect natural accompaniment
to the colorful citrus.

So if you find yourself in Saint Helena
and love stylish interiors
I would highly recommend
a lunch at Archetype.

By the way the food was wonderful as well.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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