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Hello Gratitude … Hello to the Magic of Blogging Connections

Hello to another week full of gratitude!

I am still processing my fabulous  trip to Napa!
I can't wait to share our amazing day of
chauffeured wine tasting next week.

I was so happy to make it back home 
in the nick of time to pull together 
an Easter Brunch for our family!

I left my home already changed to my spring summer palette
as I knew it would be a push 
to bring Easter together quickly this year!

So even more than usual
I wanted the most  decorating impact for my time!

I was so happy with my Easter centerpieces!

I made a quick run to the nursery
 picked up two flats of baby tears.
I simply cut them to  size 
 placed them inside a vintage wooden box.
I tossed on some faux Easter eggs
I had a perfect Easter centerpiece for my courtyard!
I also did another for the backyard sitting area.

The best part about this Easter centerpiece
is afterwards
I simply removed the eggs
I have a spring centerpiece 
that will last me quite a while
as long as I keep it moist!

For the living room I repeated the process
this time 
cutting the baby tears for my large soapstone dish
then trimming the sides with more eggs.
I am happy to report 
this centerpiece is still thriving inside!

I was able to pull together some beautiful Easter decor
with a couple of trips to Whole Foods
for some  simple standout pretties!

Lucky for me
both my husband and darling daughter 
enjoy doing the real cooking
so after I pull the look together I'm done!

This year I also did oval galvanized Easter baskets
for the 'kids'
who are all seniors in both high school and college.
I was absolutely tickled
with the happy response I received form all of them
it truly touched my heart!
Just goes to show there is still some beautiful
child like appreciation
left in even the most ambitious and successful young adults!

Even with what felt like 
last minute prep
it ended up to be one of the loveliest family Easter's!

I am so grateful this week
to have the good fortune to have lunch with
theses lovely ladies!

My friendship
with Dorie on the left
and Sue on the right
goes right back to
the connectedness that can come out of blogging!
Something that sometimes
seems to be almost magical in it's power!

You see Dorie
is dear Heather from
Style Mind Chic

When I invited the  beautiful Heather
to brunch last fall
she thought Dorie  and I would enjoy meeting
because Dorie is also a designer
who was with the incredible St. John
for over 20 years.

Dorie and I indeed hit it off
I was honored to be invited to Dorie's
birthday party on New Years Eve!
Not only did I get to spend more time with dear Heather
but I also had the privlege of meeting the amazing Sue!

So when I write in my series

Write the Blog You Want to Read ...
it can help you find the life you want to live

in part 4 I talk about
the power of connecting through blogging
it is just so true!

Another story this week
on the connectedness of blogging

I received this
gift in the mail this week from a dear reader!

Her comment on this post
had me in tears of appreciation!

She said she had been reading my blog for years
was in her own process of
recreating her life
after putting her fashion illustration career on hold
to raise her family.

She told me she has just begun her own blog
as part of her strategy
for reigniting her career!

So you know if you follow my series
Writing The Blog You Want To Read

just how happy to hear
this makes my heart!

You can check out this wildly talented women
Beth Briggs

Not only is she such an artistic talent
who  also does wonderful commissioned work as well
(check out the glamorous La Contessa of the
Vintage Hen House
she has already added two of Beth's illustrations to her side bar!)

but Beth is an inspiration as well!

Thank you Beth
for reaching out
 adding to this magical
supportive blogging community!
Biggest of welcomes to You my dear!

To be completely honest

My heart is still on overwhelm
for what I feel for these women.

I am still processing what a
magical and transformative trip we had.

My heart is so full of immense gratitude
for this blogging community.
It has truly changed my life.

When I think of how much I have changed over the course of this
 the connectedness it has provided
I am humbled beyond words.

One thing I absolutely know
after out blogging trip
friendships made in blogging
can be some of the truest connections.
They are true friendships.

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

PS ~ I found the lovely quote I used in the collage
on @thetruthfulwords on instagram
check them out it you enjoy some inspirational words :))


  1. Ok, you look younger than anyone there, we need a make up/beauty post, STAT!

    1. Oh Tabitha … you are sweet my dear! But i am ever so happy with my new Chanel sheer illuminating base and Chanel's Lift Lumiere … I have never been as impressed with any foundations … and I have a good doctor :))


  2. Tamera, I agree with Tabitha! I need your beauty secrets!! This post was so sweet and I just loved the collage! Oh I feel the same way about you all. Truly transformative trip for me and I still am feeling the good vibes from it all a week later!

    Your home is lovely. So like your style and how cute the boxes of baby tears are. That's genius with the eggs and I like being able to keep them after. I have to try that. My big boys got Easter baskets too and I have to say they still love it. I am so glad to see hear that the older ones still do too. You are the best mommy.

    Enjoy your weekend dear friend. xoxo Kim

  3. Tamera dear-I absolutely adore the beauty of the post. From your delightful Easter decor (I don't know how you pulled it off so close to returning home!) to your loving comments about our bloggers trip and the transformative power of our connection to meeting with my gorgeous sister, Dorie and Sue. When you invited me to your home last fall, I just knew you and Dorie would hit it off. This story is even more touching for me since Dorie and I (full siblings) met just 16 years ago since I was adopted at 3 days old. Tamera, you are now part of our story and I love that. It makes me tear up a bit as you know. Thank you for sharing this beauty. Kindred spirits always seem to find each other don't they?
    Here's to next time girlfriend.
    xx, Heath

  4. Oh Tamera! Thank you so much for this kind gesture! I truly have been empowered by your story, your blog, your ability to show your vulnerability and great strength are a class act!

  5. Beautiful from beginning to end dear friend! Your decorating talents are so inspiring and chic!! I had no doubt that your Easter celebration would be gorgeous...but it surpassed my expectations...and they were very high! How you create such magic while looking so glamorous is a true testament to your talent. Missing you very much.

  6. Wow! Beth is so talented! I love her illustrations.
    I had such a wonderful time with all of you last week. It really was a life changing experience. And now I have four very dear friends who I hope to have forever!
    I will always cherish our afternoon together - just one on one. It was very special for me. I'll never look at the Napa Valley sign the same way again!
    Big, big hugs to you!

  7. OVAL GALVANIZED BUCKETS for the kids.............DITTO!
    BETH BRIGGS, I think I found her from your posts.................DITTO!
    HUSBAND who cooks...........DITTO!

  8. Lovely post! Those are such creative ways to bring nature into decorating-love the tears! You're so incredibly inspiring and generous in your graces.

  9. love this post! isn't it good when bloggers come together?

  10. What a joyful post...full of so much! You always bring a smile, Tamera!

  11. Such a beautiful post! I love your Easter decor! I have a husband who cooks as well! Have a blessed week!

  12. What a lovely post...from your stunning Easter decorations to your heartfelt sharing of the joy of bloggers connecting, each and every topic brought a smile! Have a delightful Sunday! xoxo

  13. This posting was so much fun. It was like a charming newsletter on so many lovely subjects. Thanks!

  14. What an uplifting and, once again, inspiring post. I still can't believe you were able to pull off such an incredible Easter Brunch after being gone all week, talk about organized!!! Love the galvanized basket idea, and I don't think they ever outgrow Easter Baskets, do they?
    That little place you had lunch with Dorie and Sue is absolutely adorable, I need to put that on my list, just to see the decor. (how is the food?) Although when your with good friends and incredible surrounding, who really cares about the food, right?
    What a great tribute you gave to Beth, and what an incredible talent she has. As for your trip to Napa Valley, I simply can't get enough of it, your photo's are splendid and every place you take us is incredible, but the best part is seeing the beautiful friendship that was formed over these few days, talk about a lovely group of women. Just warms my heart, dear friend.

  15. Baby's tears... so sweet. I would have never thought of them as a centerpiece, but you had such a wonderful idea in showcasing them!

    I'm so glad you had such a special time on your Napa trip! I hope the special friendships you have formed are a great source of joy for you! :)