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Wardrobe Players … and … LifeStyle Blogging

 Even though I often post my outfits here on my blog
I will never consider myself a 
' fashion blogger '
but instead
what I think is much more interesting
I consider myself a 
LifeStyle Blogger
because my interest is 
living a beautiful and well rounded life.

So here when I share outfit posts
you will always see my various
Wardrobe Players
the happier  and more excited I am with the pieces
the more often I use them!

I prefer each season to add to my wardrobe collections
in order to find  new and fresh ways
to mix and match my favorites.

I love working new pieces into what I already own and love.
I make sure I keep abreast of new trends and fashions
but I am more interested in personal style
and what makes my heart happy to wear!

This week I added a new piece to my cream players.
I mixed in a new Free People tunic slip in with some of my favorites …

my Coach shoes that have appeared here and here

my Anthropologie pajama pants are the same ones in my profile photo and appear with
my sequined jacket  here

 my favorite piece for spring yet my
 floral headband
that I designed  last summer 
has played HERE HERE and HERE

with an easy
 floral headband  DIY HERE.

I know I am going to love
adding this tunic slip,  sold here,
It is marketed as a dress,
but for my purposes
I am using it as a tunic length layer
and adding it in to
 my cream wardrobe players.

This tunic slip adds another layer  to so many looks

It  is a perfect go to for a relaxed night out
as well as a 
perfect lounging piece when paired with
a cozy knit  pant
and wrap sweater.
This piece is so wonderfully versatile
it's barely spent anytime  in the closet since it's purchase!

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
 as you style your life


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  1. I love the pajama pants!! And the styling is beautiful as always! Have a great start to your week, Tamera!!

  2. You look especially terrific in cream! I love how you style and restyle your pieces. Each one is so creative. I adore that you share your lifestyle with us. You inspire us all. Enjoy you Sunday friend! xoJennifer

  3. You always look so good in your creams, so pretty. I enjoy seeing how you restyle new pieces into your existing wardrobe because this is real, how most of us dress every day, a little new mixed in with our favourites. Enjoy your stylish week, Tamera. x

  4. You are very creative and your freedom to choose and re-mix is delightful. It lets us all feel a little braver.

  5. Dearest Tamera your wonderful way of pulling together pieces you already own and adding a new accessory or item here and there to create a new look is a great inspiration to live life on our terms and what truly brings us happiness. Wishing you a beautiful week..xo C. (HHL)

  6. You always look so stunning & stylish. Love how you work these pieces

  7. Such a gorgeous tunic, you look glorious in the sunshine, Tamera. Mixing the new in with the old is such a joy. xxx

  8. You are so correct, there is a difference between fashion, and lifestyle blogging, and believe me, this is what I love most about you. Your unique way of styling your lifestyle. Last month when I was out shopping with Tori, we say this gorgeous lacy vest and at the same time we both said, this is so Tamera. Isn't it wonderful when your lifestyle can reflect just who you are. Thank you for being YOU!

  9. Every once in awhile I fall hard for a piece of clothing for what I've realized is my "fantasy life." And then they never get worn. How nice to see that you do live that life and how lovely you look in my fantasy garb!

  10. very beautiful in such lovely light colors, and your headband is wonderful.

  11. I LOVE that jacket! you look fab x

  12. You look beautiful! I love the way you left your outfit monochromatic and allowed the shapes and textures to speak for themselves. Truly a feast for the eyes. The pleasure you take in assembling (and appreciating) a beautiful life is really very contagious. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  13. OH OH OH………..MY headband looks NOthing Like Yours!Those DAHLIA fleurs…….and that RANACULLA in the back!I WANT ONE!!So, as you know I made your "HEADBANDS" as party favors for a few friends who I knew wouldn't "GET IT!"I used your TUTORIAL and went to work………I loved them as I canNOT make anything!I can visualize but canNOT make things!I was pleasantly happy with the outcome!I want you to know we played shuffleboard this weekend and when I "DONNED" my headband I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second,I buy dresses as TUNICS TOO!Bought one this weekend at a consignment shop in Scottsdale!LOVE THE LAYERED LOOK!
    SENSATIONAL!Another thing to add to my list of things we have in common!XXX

  14. Love how these pieces all work together. I think you have a great eye for textures and shapes.
    Your sequinned jacket is very elegant yet fun, I'd be interested in finding one like it. Do you remember where you bought it?

    1. Thank you dear hostess for the kind words. The jacket is a purchase from the Zara Women's collection … bought several years ago :))

  15. You know how to put it all together. Yes you are definitely a lifestyle blogger. The whole package, thoughts on living day to day, ideology, style, fashion and design. Thats why I love to visit.

  16. That floral crown is amazing, and many thanks for the tutorial which I hadn't seen before: I'd love to give it a go. You look utterly beautiful my dear.

  17. Love that pretty flowy top! You are gorgeous!

  18. Perfect. You look so lovely. Timeless And a wonderful way to wear your facorites.. I've worn some much loved pieces a lot this winter, and I don't know if it makes me happy or not. I began wearing them more often because I loved them so much I saved them for special times only. But that rather got spoiled for me as the more I wore them, the less special they were. And now they don't work for special times. I'm so fickle. But at least I "got the good out of them."