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Rain Rain

 It actually rained here in Southern California last weekend!
We are having an unprecedented drought this year
so the rain was a joyous event
that had been predicted for a week
I was ready!

 I tucked my hair up under my beret
for a fun weather proof style.

Wore my Ralph Lauren toggle slicker
celebrated the cool temperatures with
double scarfing.
 I saw this  for the very first time
in Italy done by the most dapper man I have ever seen.

My Dooney and Burke bag was the perfect pop of cheery color
as were  my red boots
paired with white jeans and nautical stripes.

I was over the moon 
being able to actually use an umbrella!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy 
as you style your life


  1. This is so much fun, Tamera! I love the styling, the colors...from beret to umbrella! Great job!

  2. WE finally got some rain too up NORTH!It poured the night before last!THE GARDEN needs it I keep telling myself!The hills are finally turning green and the wild mustard has arrived!A B E A U T I F U L sight.Just like YOU in your double scarf ensemble!Lets hope for MORE rain as we so need here in California but if I have my way only at night!As I am a gal who needs sun and light!XX

  3. I love rainy days and have for as long as I can remember. What else can make you appreciate having a roof over your head as much. Your colorful rain outfit is lovely.

  4. Tamera, we get a lot of rain here in Vancouver, and your post is a reminder that, no matter the weather, we can step out looking fresh and fashion forward. Nothing beats those red boots and bright umbrella! Well done!

  5. I have that Albert Hammond song in my head now! It never rains in California but, girl, don't they warn ya, it pours, man it pours!" Love reading your blog. X

  6. The double scarf is such a clever idea, and you've executed it beautifully! Love the umbrella too. Now, we just need more of that rain...

  7. You look gorgeous Tamera. Your style would brighten any rainy day (I think we have had your share of rain here in the UK this year ;-)

  8. Oh we have been getting so much rain that I am weary of it...but I do love how you have styled your rainy day wear. I particularly like how fabulous you look in that cheery red beret....great double scarf trick and BTW you look glamourous as always!
    I am so happy when your posts pop up because I get to read your everyday joys.

  9. Love the colors, my nautically clad friend! We'd dress our children for the rain and celebrate with boot stomping in the street. Now's our turn, too!