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My Latest Find … and a Giveaway

For all of you who follow my blog regularly
you have come to know my strong love for all things accessories
whether they are oversized sunglasses
 now the necessary for me readers.

For me no outfit is complete
without my glasses.
Now before I leave the house
not only do I pull a pair of sunglasses
to complement my outfit 
but now readers are also a must have
not only as a style accessory
but to  perform their necessary task as well.

 That's why I am so excited to have found
I have never reviewed products on my blog before
but this line is just too fabulous not to share
so I consider this more  of a good girlfriend share! offers an exceptional selection of glasses
with  the largest strength selection 
I have seen anywhere.
And the real kicker to the company's offering
is that the glasses are offered at prices so low
they make for the perfect opportunity 
to invest in some new looks to complement any ensemble!
The majority of the glasses are under 20 dollars!
I  must admit the quality is reflective in the price
I knowI will still continue to add to my
Tom Ford collection
but at these prices 
I am able to try out glasses and styles
before investing in the high end statement pieces.
Now I am definitely
getting readers  to complement
all of my outfits
 pair them with my sunglasses
for a quick out the door 
outfit polishing!

I was also so excited to find sunglass readers!
For me this is a huge find …
no more taking off my sunglasses outside
to switch to readers
just to check my phone!

The pair I'm wearing in the photo above is
one of my favorites 
the Wabash Oversized Aviator.

The Architect that I'm wearing above is definitely one of my favorites readers right now! has an extensive selection
 I admit I had to spend some time on their site to find 
some real gems
but at the prices offered it was definitely time well spent!

Some of my favorites from the company are

-the Iris sun readers (shown in the opening shot)
-the Architect
-the Wabash
-the Dean
-the Cleveland
-the Red Bluff

I was giddy to not only find these fashion forward offering
but in the strength I needed
 they were at my house in just  a couple of days!

I am so excited to share my functional fashion find with you
and to celebrate
I am doing a giveaway for a 

 50 dollar  gift card to!

At this site
$ 50 dollars can get you several 
new styles to add to your own
fashion collection! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As Always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

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Visible Monday
and the
Pleated Poppy


  1. I've been wearing specs since I was 15, now I need bifocals - weep!
    You look supercool.

    1. Thank you Tabitha my dear! I am also onto progressives myself! But I am actually enjoying wearing glasses … just another way to add in more age appropriate and entertaining accessories … now that I have to wear them … all the more reason to collect!

  2. The aviators are a break from your signature sunnies Tamera, and you look fantastic in them. I love your Potter glasses too! I lost count of my collection of sunglasses...I know I have more than ten and counting.

    1. Thank you Sue! Yes … I have been scouting for a pair of oversized aviators … I love the new punch of style they add!

  3. I love those Harry Potter ones. I have moved on to progressives, but still prefer cheaters when I sit to read for any length of time. These look fab on you!! As always, glamorous and tres chic!! Enjoy your Sunday. xoxo

    1. Thank You dear Jennifer! I am right there with you regarding progressives! It took me months to get used to my Tom Ford pair … and I still prefer to read and work on my blog with readers! Wishing you a great week ahead!

  4. A women needs more then one pair of glasses. I think I have easily 30 pairs, reading and sun. Tamera love your oversize glasses they remind me of my prada pair. Great post.

    1. Thank you my dear! Yes, I too so enjoy collecting glasses, especially now they are a need as well as a want!

  5. I LOVE this site too. My dog groomers told me about them a few months ago, and I've ordered twice now, both times for multiple pairs. A really great find, Tamera. And, so nice of you to share this. I hardly wear my contacts now these glasses are wonderful, especially the sunglasses. xx's

    1. Marsha I am so happy to hear you already know the fun and function of this site! I didn't even know you could get readers in a sun glass form before I found! I have had so much fun trying out new styles! Thank you so much for visiting my dear … it is always such a pleasure to hear from you!

  6. Wonderful photos and gorgeous look. I love your pants.

  7. Oh, what fun. I have prescription glasses but will throw on a pair of readers now and then. Some great stylish pics on this site. (I would expect nothing less of you, than to find a great site with wonderful items!) It photo # 3 the close up of your wrists... dying over that pearl bracket! Please tell me you are adding that to your new collection! I LOVE it! xo Barb

  8. Your aviators are great. I love this classic wardrobe staple. And WOW to the fabulous jewelry. I especially admire the pearl 3-strand bracelet with the floral detail. Heavenly.

  9. I always marvel at your accessories, everything here and the great jacket!!

  10. I love! I've got several pair. You look fabulous in these, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xox

  11. I would love to win this giveaway! Your aviators are so gorgeous on you and I love your outfit.

  12. Fabulous location for your photo shoot! The juxtaposition of sequins against the SJCMission is editorial. Always in appreciation of your tips bringing fashion to function, nicely done, Tamera! My motto: A hat and sunglasses.. all else is negotiable!

  13. Love the aviators on you! And thank you for introducing us to I am always looking for a great pair of readers!

  14. Now, I know where you are from another comment!The BACKDROP is STUNNING!
    I cannot use readers……….but will definitely keep it in mind when the time comes!
    Are any of your braclets for sale????!!!!

  15. I love it Tamera. I love the way you juxtapose sequins with army green and casual with formal and ALWAYS with a touch of glamour. You always surprise me. I want to be like you but fail miserably. Happy Day and week.

    Judy Adair

  16. Just as I expected, another wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring post. That background is beyond awesome and those pants, wow! Yes, you are the queen of accessories, nobody does it quite like you. You look fabulous in those aviators but I tend to think you look fabulous in any type of glasses.

  17. You look fab. Why not see fab too. Stop wearing glasses to heal your eyes the natural way with the Bates Method. Free, on-line proven eyesight improvement by training your eye muscles to relax and focus. There's nothing to buy. Wearing glasses will result in stronger and stronger prescriptions over time and deterioration of your eyesight. Your eye doctor will not approve because it works and goes against everything doctors are taught to do.

  18. I love all the choices & the glasses look great on you.
    It is very kind to have a giveaway & I am glad I found your blog.
    All the best!

  19. I love the style of the glasses and love the photos! Those pants are amazing!! <3

  20. Looks like a great find! Love the round pair :)

  21. Cute selection! I, too, love having a variety of readers to choose from.

  22. Those pants are amazing. Ahhhhmazing,

  23. You look fabulous! I love the textures and these pictures are captivating. Cool shape on the glasses and the pants are spectacular!

    blue hue wonderland

  24. I'll really digging those pants! They are awesome! :) :) x

  25. Great glasses, they all look great on you. As usual so stylishly put together, sparkles for every day as only you can. Lovely indeed. x

  26. I need progressives now and have yet to buy sunnies with my prescription....I am saving up for them as they cost the earth!
    Love the Harry Potter specs...

  27. Fabulous look! I have readers in every room and carry them with me also. Can't see without them.

  28. You do look fabulous! Glasses are my accessory of choice, for a slightly different reason - I am embarrassed to say. I am 67 and there are times when I don't fell like "making up." I wear bifocals and I have about 13 pairs of great bifocal sunglasses. This alternative will definitely be more affordable than a bifocal. I love the site. Thank you Tamera.

  29. Oh my dear friend what a fabulous find you are sharing .... sunglasses with readers - that is priceless!!! for reading while enjoying the warmth of the sun at the beach or relaxing with a fashion magazine taking in the rays at a cafe. Your choices are brilliant - wishing you a fabulous week! hugs, C. (HHL)

  30. Sunglasses readers! Yes, pretty please. xoxo martha......

  31. Hello gorgeous girl! I just love these peeps on you. I saw the image with the Tom Ford and #swoon. I've been crushing on a particular pair for awhile now. Great selections here and what a fantastic giveaway. I love how you approach your accessories-with such intention. Lovely!

  32. Tamera...You and the glasses are gorgeous....I visited the Readers website..It was great. Tx Eleanore

  33. Now that I can't do without readers, I would love to win the gift card! The only pair I own at present, are the ones my dad used to wear. I treasure them! Looking forward to a new pair!

  34. Most importantly, you look wonderful and your jewelry is as fabulous as usual. Then ... the readers/sunnies are a great idea. I'm looking at those infrared "sunnies' that you wear at night to help with headlight glare. The huz is beginning to need them!

  35. Beautiful glasses Tamera, and such a bargain 😊
    i love your blog, im struggling a little with my identity since i became a mother 7 years ago- i find your lovely blog an inspiration so thank you
    Anita x

  36. The aviators are FAB!! But moreover where are those GORGEOUS pants from?!?!

  37. Aren't you fabulous! Amazing style! So happy to have discovered your blog!

  38. Just finding your blog and it's fantastic! Love it and the giveaway!

  39. OMG the pants!! So crazy and fun! Love them all and love your look. Way to step outside the box - it's so refreshing!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  40. I've always loved glasses like this! Great choice :)

  41. I'm always looking for cool readers -- thanks!

  42. Great glasses!

  43. I have tons of reading glasses around the house, but none I really care to wear in public. I just checked the site and was impressed by the huge selection of attractive frames, along with the inexpensive prices.