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Hello Gratitude … Hello Spring

Hello to a whole lot of gratitude this week!

First off
I am so grateful for this 
about me and my transitioning life
If you ever get an opportunity 
to work with Krista
who part of their PR department
I highly recommend not only the experience
but stylish and affordable glasses as well!

Hello to SPRING gratitude!

Hello to a spring break visit from 
my darling daughter!

Hello to much gratitude for new vehicle transitions!

As I wrote here last week
after 12 years with my 'mom' car it was time to down size
get a new car that fit my lifestyle today.
I pushed myself through the discomfort of change ….
this week I can happily report
I am so very glad  and grateful I did!

After I got used to driving my crossover
I set out to quickly personalize my car and make it mine!
I was so happy  in the back, my trusty hiking stick is a perfect fit
as are my
 wicker baskets
that have been in the back of my cars since
my kids were tiny!
 they fit perfectly inside my new car
as if  this vehicle was made especially for 
these sentimental baskets filled with memories!

These baskets
have been home in three cars now
form diaper days
to days  being filled with
waters and snacks for our daily hikes
when we homeschooled.

Today they are still filled with waters 
for my daily workouts
what ever they may be.
I  also have my shopping bags as I try to train myself 
to bring them into the stores when I shop.
Sunblock, lotion, lipgloss
 a facial cleansing set for 
post surfing
a blanket for alfresco dining
also reside inside.

I also keep a back pack
with a canvas sun hat and flip flops
for impromptu walks on the beach
which joyfully
I know have more time for!

One of the very first things I added to my new car was
a hitch for my bike rack.
Even having a car for a couple of days 
with no rack 
made me appreciate so much more
the pure joy that can come
being out in nature mountain biking!

I had one of my most enjoyable rides ever this week
when I set out for my ride with playful anticipation 
for the exhilaration
of the ride!

What a tremendous difference it makes
changing something in my head
I need to work out for this long…
I can't wait to go play on my bike!
That is a shift in consciousness
I hope I can remember!

Especially next week 
when my surf racks are installed!
It's been far too long since I've been out!

With spring literally in the air
I made it down to Crystal Cove
to my all time  favorite store
for some spring decorating inspiration!
And it worked!
I now have my living/dining room edited  down to neutral
waiting for it's newest incarnation!

Things are progressing nicely in the studio
with my newest
Coastal Inspiration Collection!
I must admit I'm having some major beach anklet love right now!

Remember in my latest installment of 

It can help you find the life you want to live

I wrote about 
beautiful connections 
that can come out of blogging.

Well this week I am most grateful to be joining some of my 
favorite bloggers
who I am now also lucky enough
to call friends

It is my first ever sponsored trip 
 I couldn't be more excited that one of our sponsors is the

absolutely hip hotel
Andaz Napa
located in the newly revitalized downtown Napa

Our other sponsor is Napa's  highly regarded

Napa Valley Tours and Transportation
who will be providing our blogging group with a limo
 for a day of wineries and tastings!!

I am so grateful to be joining

Adrienne who is an expert on all things
Napa wine country
has for the most part
single handedly made all the arrangements
for this wonderful trip!

I am also so grateful to be joining

Heather of Style Mind Chic
Jennifer of A Well Styled Life

So now you know when I write about 
the power of blogging building 
true connections
with wonderful people
you can see it really is true.

And on that note
I want to thank you my wonderfully
loving readers

without you
this blog would be just
words and pictures

because it is you
 my readers
who have been there in support 
when I needed it most

It is through our exchanges
that I have been able to grow

for that 
my heart is full of so much


As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. It looks and sounds like you've had a lovely week! Enjoy your visit to Napa!!

  2. Thank you my dear … it truly is a banner week!


  3. Oh lilacs! You just made my day.

  4. Love, love, love this post! And I'm pinning your first collage right this moment, what an incredibly beautiful collage. So grateful to know you, my dear friend. Sounds like you're in for a wonderful week with your lovely daughter. Riley (our son) is flying in tonight to spend his spring break home. Isn't it wonderful they still want to travel home for their breaks? Although he and Par have tee times set for every day and a Jazz game so I'm thinking its a man vacation since I'm usually not seen on the golf course.

  5. Tamera dear-you did it! New wheels, insightful interviews, family time and back to biking-it has been a big week! Thank you for the kind words about blogging friendship. From the loveliest brunch, to a fab New Year's Eve party, to our upcoming spring in the wine country, I feel truly blessed to call you friend. You inspire me.
    Happy weekend! xx, Heath

  6. You are right, Tamera...much to be thankful for! So much to smile about! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Um...surfer chic? That is soooo coool Tamera! This little post really helped us get to know you better! Your blogging getaway sounds like the best time! Look forward to reading about it!

  8. YOU SURF???Of course, YOU do……… that is something we doNOT share in common!I'am a bit jealous of your biking adventures…… are so close to the water and gorgeous terrain!I had a small chuckle about the bags for the grocery store as I just bought two cause they were"PRETTY".I thought since they spoke to me maybe I WILL REMEMBER TO CARRY THEM INSIDE THE
    STORE WITH ME!Haven't remember once!!!!!!!!!When we lived in ITALY 20 years ago they charged for plastic bags then!It was like 10 cents but everyone remembered to bring the bags back!!!!!!!KInda sad how far behind we are………..glad your LOVING your NEW car!

  9. Thank you for the kind words Tamera! The pleasure was all mine. You were such a delight to work with and I truly enjoyed interviewing you!

  10. Dear Tamera, Don't know how I missed this. So exciting about the new car and the interview! Very cool. Also congrats on mountain bike riding! Love that. I too feel so grateful about the upcoming trip and excited to be with you and all these great gals.
    p.s. Juxtaposition is my favorite store in all of California!!! You are so fortunate to have it by you. Everything they have is gorgeous!

  11. Wow! So many great things going on for you! I love that you are mountain biking and surfing! Great job on the interview. I love your poignant words. :)