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Hello Gratitude … Hello to Moving On

 This week I turned 55 
 I am always grateful to start a new birthday year!

I decided last year for my birthday this year
 I would get a new car.
I know that sounds like something to be very excited about …
but for me
it is something I have been putting off
for years.

It wasn't until last week it hit me why
when I realized my car was the last tangible to my
years as a full time Mother
I still love how very familiar  and safe my car feels to me.

When I look at my car
I don't see the fading paint
lights so old they have gone opaque 
brake lights that have turned pink.

When I see the outside
the paint job is a veritable family scrapbook
as my kids not only grew up in the car
but learned to drive in it as well.
There are scratches 
that came 
from surf boards
when rules were broken
 off roading was done by boys.
Something at the time seemed so serious 
 now with
years behind it's more of a chuckle
 remember when.

My three all
passed from childhood
to licensed drivers
inside my car.

Inside   my car I remember family trips
with everybody cozy and safely together
off on new adventures ...

but luckily I can  also remember
incessant driving
the years before my three could drive.
One year I literally spent six hours a day
driving my children to where they needed to be.
that's why
we finally bought a third car.
I am so happy I can remember enough of the past
not to over romanticize it.
There was an awful lot of work involved!
Somedays I am particularly grateful 
to be at this juncture of my road!

I could have down sized my car years
but I just wasn't ready.
But now when I look back and see
the empty rows of seats
I know it's time.

Just like when my oldest son moved out
 the alarm clock he left behind
still went off every morning
every morning I went to shut off
the haunting reminder of his departure
I gave myself time.
Time to make peace in my heart with the transition.
Until one day
I knew I was OK
to move on
I did.

This time too,
I have given myself time.

I have acknowledged the passage of 
a time in my life
by doing so have
 realized there are  so many times in 
life when we must learn 
to transition with grace and courage.
For me reflecting the past with
a grateful heart
the moving forward
more grounded.

So this week I am grateful
for the past
excited with the continual moving along
to my new future.

I recognize now
transitions and change
are something of a challenge for me.
I remember it was  hard for me to 
go from a career women with my own business
to a full time mother of 3 under 4
But I did
 I did it well.

So I realize I  may be slower to embrace change
but I have no doubt when I do
I can always do it well ...
it might just take me a little longer.

So this post is a loving ode to my old car
You served us so very well the past twelve years
keeping us safe
 getting us where we needed to go in life
with fun adventures along the way.
For that I am so very grateful!

As always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. This is just what I needed today, thank you for being so open and honest. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you Linda! I'm so glad it helped!


  3. Happy Birthday Tamera! Wishing you the very brightest of birthday blessings!

    1. Thank you Sue … you are always just the sweetest!!


    2. Happy Birthday!
      This is such a lovely birthday post, I greatly enjoyed reading it!

      Stop by again and kisses from London,
      Alena | meet me stylish

    3. Alena, how very sweet of you to visit! I love following along on your London adventures my dear!


  4. happy birthday! I put you on my blog yesterday. You do not look 55 at all!

    I get emotional about my kid turning 3 because I was so into him being a newborn and baby and I get sentimental about how fast it goes…have a great day x

    1. Faux … you would love the sequin trousers!

      Yep … it is always so sentimental saying good by to each of the phases … but that just means you are so invested in savoring each part of the journey! Happy Weekend my dear! I always feel so behind hear in the US :))


  5. Happy Birthday Tamera!
    You are an inspiration to your readers :)

  6. Happy Birthday Tamera. You're just a kid. I just turned 60! Yoiks! I am EXACTLY where you are, just a little older. Gave up the career to raise the kiddos. The career(PR) changed so much with the advent of technology that it is virtually impossible for me to go back to it. So I am at the point of trying to reinvent myself. So scary and confusing. You have such an honest attitude, not to mention a real talent for finding beauty. I wish you a very Happy Birthday and the Best of Luck with your fabulous jewelry business. I know how it is with the car. I had to give up the old Volvo station wagon when it finally died. Practically every kid in the neighborhood had taken a ride in that car at least once. Both kids learned to drive in it. Such history.

  7. Happy Birthday, dearest Tamera! Enjoy all that life offers in this new phase , may your days be filled with peace and happiness.xx

  8. Happy, happy birthday,'s to moving forward with penache!!

  9. I love this post as with many of your post it resonates with me. I cried when my "Mom car" died. We are not "car people" We drive ours till they drop. And 3 years ago (the week of my 50th B-day) my car died. We went that night and bought a new version of the same car (because we loved the lasting quality of my "little white bus") I sobbed, sobbed like a fool leaving that beat up, mileage ridden ol' girl. To me she held some of the best talks I had shared with my children. She had mud caked into the carpet from soccer cleats, she may have had some serious food items tucked into the back seat cushions from a dinner on the move on the way to some school function She logged hours on short road trip or a ski adventure. She no longer had a CD player that operated with any regularity, but her doors rang out with memories of singing teenagers and kids. Those songs always t played in my head bringing me joy. I did not see her worn leather seats, but giggling cheerleaders, goofy, brace-faced, nervous teen boys combing hair on the way to the dance , tearful girl with sore feet and blisters from ballet class. So many memories! Dear Tamera, here is to your birthday, I hope it was filled with celebration, reflection and joy! And here is to your new wheels and creating new memories, memories of your new life, still a mother, but also a woman with adventures of her own! xoxoxox B

  10. A belated Happy Birthday to you! A very lovely and heartfelt post as always. It's funny how the most utilitarian items can hold such memories.

  11. Happy Birthday Tamera, and you look wonderful for 55! Lovely photos and sentiments. I kept the car my children grew up in for nearly 20 years, and it was an emotional farewell when I moved on.

  12. Tamera, birthdays are always special no matter what number it is. Sure hope you enjoyed yours and now...go pick out a car!

  13. Happy Birthday Tamera. When I turned 55 my four year old grandson called me "double nickels" I loved it. Your post was poignant... I can relate to every step and I'm glad you are on your way. Never thought I would love being on my own but it is kind of fun. I'm 65,suddenly single and actually enjoying life. With that said... I will always miss those young family days. Wish I could tuck them all in bed one more time...

  14. Happy Birthday my dear Tamara! My car is 3 and a half years old, the same age as my son. So many memories in those years. Who knows what it will see in the next 10. x

  15. I think I'm going to have to mourn the passing of your car, too. Such a visual for so much of my life, seeing it across the street. I'm still in love with mine. It never got to be filled up as expected. But it's held our life. I love my SUV. I've no desire for anything other.

    I'll miss yours, but I know whatever you choose will suit you!

  16. I, too, can relate to this beautiful story. For me, it was a van that was very close to being a part of the family. It's such a good thing when you come to know yourself so well, as you do, and use that to move forward. Hope this is a wonderful year for you.

  17. Ah Tamera!! Happy Beautiful Birthday to you. I hope you continue to have a lovely weekend?
    This post is beautiful and nearly brought me to tears. Our oldest is 13 and will be in high school in the fall. I know I have a little bit of time left, yet I feel the clock ticking every day. There is a little letting go that occurs daily in our home and it's tangible.

    Enjoy your new "wheels"!! wink, wink

  18. I'm hoping you had a fabulous birthday. I love that note from Jeff. Ahhhhh!! This is a touching post about moving on and transitions of life. A new car sounds like a perfectly lovely birthday gift to yourself. It will represent this shiny new phase of life for you.
    Have a wonderful weekend girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

  19. You have no idea how your words have touched me. Just the thing at just the right moment. I linked to your post on my blog today as one of the inspiring posts I read this week. I am turning 57 in a few weeks and have been struggling with the whole age thing and life in general. Spring is bringing me out of the blahs, but your post really lifted me.
    Thank you.
    Happy Birthday Tamera!

  20. Happy birthday, Tamera. I think we let go of things and move on when we are good and ready. What memories your old car held. But you have them in your heart too, you don't need the car to remember.
    Stunning photos, as always. xxx

  21. Since, I knew it was your birthday from FB the day before the BIG EVENT I was up in NAPA and found you a little SPARKLE at an outlet store on your day.I made the purchase two is always better then one but had you in mind as I think you have a few other SPARKLES from this designer……….may I send you a small belated birthday box?I will need a mailing address!

  22. I forgot to mention I LOVE ASTI………The MARTINI sparkling wine you showed!Tis one of my favorites and so cheap too!!!!
    Another item for MY List of what we have in COMMON!

  23. Happy belated birthday Tamera! What a gorgeous, tender reflection on your family car. I remember our van during the little boy years and later the car we had during their teens and I'm so happy that you have such wonderful memories. Funny ones too I'm sure with boys. But you'll love getting a new and different car. I'm learning that we take all those memories and images with us and I've been surprised by my good spirits regarding our recent departure from our family home. Maybe I was ready for a change of scenery? Or maybe the reality of a fixer upper has not hit me yet hahaha but so far it's good. As soon as life settles down I would Love to meet up with you!! Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful comment. I don't think it's hit me yet ...where I am.