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Styling MY Core Uniform

 I have recently been spending so much time in the studio
that I have been a little …  shall we say 
off my mark when it comes to
 getting dressed for the day.
IE ... I spend most all my day in workout wear.
So I knew it was time today to pull together another version of 
a daily uniform.

We haven't had much winter here in Southern California
so a simple denim tunic and jeans fit the bill.
I can again … get done what I need to at home in my studio
and then
with the power of accessories 
go out in style.

For this first look  I have added in  my very favorite Tamera Beardsley Design howlite bracelets
 one of my original pendant necklaces
with my newest Antique market find … 
my basket purse.

 For the second look I added my favorite shawl
 that I still love to pull out
for instant style and drama.
Pairing it with my Panama hat 
finishes off the look perfectly.

 I pulled out my Chanel meets Anthropologie jacket
last seen HERE
 paired the jacket with my leopard turban
 my collected antique necklaces.

For this last look
I pulled out my latest Chinatown find
 paired the kimono with my
turquoise howlite necklaces and bracelets
finishing the ensemble off
with the same basket purse.

Now I have four solid looks 
for my core working uniform
for my week in the studio.
 now I know I can still dash out 
quick as can be 
by just pulling on some well chosen  accessories.

I already feel better about working this next week
knowing I won't be trapping myself at home 
with the  ….
I don't know what to wear
for a quick dash out.

I now know exactly what I can wear!

This week to celebrate my new blog series

Write The Blog You Want To Read
it can help you find the life you want to live

I am giving away one of my favorite items in
 my shop
a  howlite turquoise bracelet
 set off perfectly  with a rhodium plated crystal bead.

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter widget below to either
leave a comment


Like my Tamera Beardsley Design page on Facebook.

Make sure to enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below so that your entry is counted! You can enter up to two times if you both leave a comment and like my Tamera Beardsley Design page.

The giveaway will close Saturday February 15th at 12:00 am.
Winner will be announced on February 17th.

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life

part 2 
Write the blog You Want to Read
will be here Wednesday.
You can find part 1 HERE

linking up today
with the lovely Patti at
Visible Monday


  1. Thank you for the give away. I already liked you on FB a while ago.

  2. Love your jewelry! And the top necklace is so are very talented Tamera! Would love to win and wear one of your pieces! Keep smiling!

  3. I apologize but I missed to become a FB fan earlier... with or without a giveaway, I should have done that a lot earlier!
    Your bracelet is beautiful and I have entered.
    I love the basic navy blue tunic+jeans but your styling versions are amazing. I cannot even decide which is my favourite.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. What a great giveaway! I think I was already a fan on FB…but I entered twice anyhow ; )

    I'm really loving that extra long pendant necklace from the first photos. Very unique.


  5. Hi Tamara! Love your 4 renditions of your basic outfit--all look so different. Its's amazing what you can do with basics like denim. Love your giveaway! xoxo

  6. Hi, I think I like the base outfit the best, it really shows off your gorgeous jewell

  7. Oh my goodness your "uniform" makes for some fabulous looks, Tamera! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox

  8. You look FABULOUS! I love the first outfit with the long necklace and doubled up turquoise bracelets. LOVE IT!

  9. That necklace you are wearing with your tunic - WOW!!! It is stunning!! Great photos of all the outfits and as usual, lovely style.
    xo ~kim & chloe

  10. The bag that appears in all the outfits is just amazing! You look fantastic dear Tamera :) hugs, Beata xxx

  11. Great Giveaway!
    I'm a new reader that found you when you announced your new series. I believe that there are no coincidences. I'm looking forward to your next installment as well as getting to know you as I meander through your blog. I will like you on FB, too!

  12. This is a great give away. I read your blog and liked you on Facebook. LOVE everything you create. Would love to win.


  13. Okay, you've just raised the bar AGAIN!! First of all, I need your uniform!! This post was a BRILLIANT tutorial on the art of accessorizing. Clear, concise, artistic and do-able. It's been on my mind as well, this uniform thing. Secondly, I love the idea about writing the blog you want to read as a vehicle for transformation. Definitely food for thought!!

    Keep spreading the joy. :-) Your beautiful artistry is such a pleasure and inspiration. XXXOOO

  14. I believe it is important to look somewhat put together when leaving the house, and you pull it off beautifully. Spent way too much time perusing your blog this weekend and really enjoyed. Looking forward to the next installment.

  15. You, my dear friend, make it look so easy, and you look like the front page model. Every look is spectacular, elegant, glamorous, and says, this is Tamera! Your accessories are To. Die. For.
    I have yet to wear my (ever precious) howlite turquoise bracelet without getting compliments to no end. I'm definitely entering to share one with Tori. (although I plan on purchasing one for her birthday).

  16. What a perfect uniform that lends itself to so many fabulous looks! The bracelet is stunning.

  17. I love how creative you are with your base outfit! I am enamoured with your designs and the way your carry yourself in photos. The turquoise colour is really so beautiful and really connects with me emotionally (in the sense that it evokes memories of a favourite aunt). Isn't that funny that colour and style can be like that?

  18. LOVE the tunic outfit with the jacket- stunning! x

  19. Love, love, love your pairings! The bucket bag is some character and you pulled it off perfectly!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  20. I'm swooning over the kimono with the turquoise! Brilliant! I would never have considered the combo, but the push/pull between the two is art!

  21. Love all your looks...every one so different. Accesories are a girls best friend and used as only you can. Thankyou for the giveaway. x

  22. I'm already a fan on FB. Thank you always for your inspiration. I love it. I miss the days when people dressed up to "go to town". Life is so much busier/fastpaced in these modern times...but who says you can't take your every day uniform and dress it up a little. LOVE all the looks you've come up with with yours. Thanks! crapo(at)shaw(dot)ca

  23. hi Tamera! where did you get denim tunic? I love it, I purchased a knit denim dress from Old Navy last week, they have an awesome Nautical selection at this time! I can use some of your accessorizing ideas! my favorite is the outfit with the leopard turban! Stay elegant always! Christy

  24. Good Morning!
    You spend most of your day in "WORK-OUT WEAR", so do I!
    You have a cow tag necklace around your neck……..what number is yours?I cannot read it!I adore your looks……….I think its amazing how you transform yourself!You look so different to me with a hat and sunglasses on compared to no hat and no glasses!YOU travel the spectrum of a young college aged gal to a GLAMOROUS creature of the HIGH SOCIETY!Love the accessorizes.And the basket handbag is the perfect touch!TRA………LA……..when you go out how many compliments do you get in a day?I would imagine a FEW!!
    Ps.I had a SON down at SLO!
    PSS.In an older post I saw you have a brown wall………..did you do that yourself?I think its close to the living room.My hallway from my front door to my bedroom is done in the same color and the same way which I did a few years ago!!!

  25. I'm enjoying your story, I like your accessories and I wish your business well! I'll play!

  26. Loved your Write the Blog you want to Read post. I'm searching to find myself, too. Also, love the turquoise bracelets stacked in the top and bottoms photos. You're so great at accessorizing, Tamera.

  27. I love your blog and love anything turquoise. Thanks for making this available.

  28. You know how to add style to a simple outfit
    The bracelet is so so gorgeous!
    I think i alredy like you on FB?


  29. I advocate a uniform as well and love being able to dress this way since retiring. There are so many versions and I love all the changes you have done to yours. I have entered for the bracelet. Turquoise is my all-time go-to accessory.

  30. I'm entering the giveaway! What a gorgeous bracelet! I'm loving your style, Tamera. What a great idea to use your at home basics to build some outfits for going out. I could definitely use that system on the weekends, where I enjoy a lot of at home time, punctuated with quick trips here and there!

  31. I love how you have mixed up the accessories and layers over your simple work outfit to create such colourful and chic looks.
    And the bracelet is beautiful, I 'd love to enter the giveaway. xxxx

  32. A jeans and a tunic can be so simple but you look maximum good dear Tamera! I like dark blue and it makes a wonderful silhouette and looks very elegant. Your necklace has such a nice color and fits perfectly. Love also your glasses on the first pictures.
    AND your gorgeous smile.. wonderful!

    wish you a wonderful week
    and many greetings from Germany

    Dana :)

  33. Love, love, love your basic outfit! As one who also designs jewelry I can appreciate your creativity and use of stones, tassles, beads etc. What fun you are having my friend, I can tell by your creations. I have also entered your giveaway and would love to show off one of your designs! I am keeping positive!
    XoXo Joanne

  34. Again, beautiful basic outfit and glamorous, interesting outfits using accessories. Your Howlite jewelry is wonderful. I would like a close up look at the necklaces. I especially love the one with the basic outfit, but also like the vintage array of necklaces. I love your talent for mixing and accessorizing. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  35. You are a fashion inspiration! That bucket purse was a great find!

  36. What you have, you can't teach: unlimited creativity, a beautiful face, mind and heart and a bangin' bod! What a treat to watch you go through your own styling paces. I learn something new every time I pop by.

  37. Love having a daily uniform, it's just so much easier to accessorise rather than build up a full outfit from scratch each day.

  38. I love me a daily uniform as well - makes life sooo much easier - and yours are so glam, I hesitate to call it a uniform. I loved all of them!!

  39. I love you blog and pictures! You look very chic!

  40. Great outfit. You style it perfectly!

  41. Hi Tamera! I want to thank you for doing your part to UP THE STYLE of Southern California because as both you and I know it's pretty much just workout gear and beach wear! You are forever a source of beautiful inspiration and I am taking your blogging series Quite Seriously! Thank you. I'd love to take part in the give-away!

  42. You have such great style-love your blog :)

  43. If howlite lowers stress, I'd better enter your giveaway. Do you make anything like a whole howlite suit of armor?
    Loving the pre-planned accessories to Diva the errands.

  44. I would love to win one of your bracelets. I admired Adrienne's when she wore it after meeting you. With Spring and Summer coming up I love to wear turquoise jewelry. I have earrings but no bracelet and I think this would go with most of my wardrobe!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  45. Beautiful bracelet! Love your honesty and amazing style! Kaye

  46. Your blog is lovely, your photographs are inspiring, and your style is rockin'! Thanks for the chance to win the bracelet.

  47. Just found your blog and love your style and your heart. Love your beach photos! You've got me thinking about starting my own blog as a creative outlet xo