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What I Wore … the Antique Market

The first Sunday of every month in Irvine is 
The Antique Market.

The market is held in 
the Great Park.

 We leave early
so I always plan what I'm going to wear the night before.

The Antique Market  is a destination here in Orange County 
where I have seen some of the most  wonderful and creative fashions
worn by the dealers and the shoppers alike!
In an area that tends to follow trends rather than create them
the Irvine Antique Market 
is a true draw for creative souls.

 So my choices for the market are always based 
not only on a fun and creative outfit
but true function as well.
A great walking shoe
a comfortable ensemble
a jacket as it always starts off chilly
a hat and sunglasses because the early morning sun meets you 
right at eye level
 of course
I never leave home without 
 my wicker cart to carry 
the treasures.

 The highlight of this months market
besides all of the wonderful scores 
was having one last outing 
with my wonderful daughter
before her return to college!

as always my friends

I wish you love and joy
as you style your life


  1. How much fun is this outfit! You and your daughter look perfect for a fun day of shopping...hope you found some wonderful treasures!

  2. Oh you look wonderful! And I am jealous of all that winter sun you are having...Georgia is in a cold freeze right now. Hope it was a blast and that you and your daughter enjoyed some bonding time. :)

  3. You both look gorgeous, as always! And how funny, I almost went to that antique market yesterday myself! ;) What a small world! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. So bright and sunny. Didn't know about this market. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I love going to the antique market here. The treasures are so fun to find. Love your stripes with the yellow. Happy outfit colors. xoxo

  6. Did you fill up that basket? How cute is that outfit? I always say you can't go wrong with a good stripe shirt and white pants. Love the yellow and red to give it verve. And the hat- perfect. I know you enjoyed your day with your lovely daughter. Carry on.

  7. I think I just came up with a new motto - Dress smartly and Carry on.

  8. Great nautical style, love the Yellow!

  9. I want to go to that market!

    You look very preppy in that outfit.

    Did you find any treasures to bring home? Do share!

    Happy New Year!


  10. So did you find anything to put in that basket of yours, Tamera? You look bright and colourful and gorgeous, as always, and it's good to know you had a lovely time with your daughter. xxx